Seth Godin: The Merchant Of Average

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I share a lot of Seth Godin’s work as I often align with his thinking. I will share this thought and then comment:

The merchants of average

They will push you to fit in, to dress alike, to use the same tools, to fit the format.

They are the high school English teacher in love with his rubric and the book editor who needs you to fit in with the program. “That’s the way we do things around here.” They are the well-meaning productivity guru who wants you to get faster, not better, and the social media consultant who is driving with his rear-view mirror.

The safest thing you can do, it seems, is to fit in. Total deniability. Hey, I’m just doing what the masses do.

The masses are average. And by definition, we have a surplus of average.

Don’t be different just to be different. Be different to be better.


I will say rather than being different to be better, be authentic to be you. In this way you are unique to yourself; walking your talk. I do agree that just going along with the masses to fit in is not the answer. Don’t worry about those who just want to fit in… only be concerned with you and being true to you.

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