Seth Godin: Who has a seat at the table

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Who has a seat at the table?
When designing a new product or program, it’s pretty clear that a successful organization will invite:

The lawyer, so you don’t break any laws.

The CFO, so that you’ll understand how much this thing will cost and how well it will pay off.

The CTO/Tech folks, so you’ll spec something that can actually be built and will work.

And probably designers, marketers and lobbyists–all the people you need to bring the thing into the world.

But where’s the person in charge of magic?

In our quest to get it done, to survive the project, to avoid blame, to figure out a solution, it’s magic that gets thrown under the bus every time.

Who is obsessed with creating delight, with building in remarkability, with pushing the envelope (every envelope–money, tech, policy) to get to the point where you’ve created something that people will be proud of, that will change things for the better, that will make a dent in the universe?

It won’t happen on its own. It never does.
Interestingly enough I just returned from a conference on Career Development – attended by educators, researchers, employers, employment centres, and me – the person who wants to change our education system and ultimately the way we integrate our youth into the workforce.

When you read above what we think we need to bring to the table – all the people in charge – what came out from those who focus on leadership is that companies, countries, individuals need to bring to the table a level of creativity, imagination, innovation and possibilites. Then the people ‘in charge’ can execute.

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