As I work with a team of 2 other people for the Aviva Community Contest, we are up against ideas that are supported by 100s if not 1000s of families. Since it all based on votes then we really need to bust our butts to compete. So what is the hard job – calling people and not having them confirm, calling them back and making them confirm their emails so that we can vote for a cause that they support. For me calling a good friend, friend or even acquaintance is not hard – even calling them back, calling them back again and yes maybe even driving them a little crazy. For I am the person that is making things happen – change – so I know that this all has a method to the madness. If you want something then you just need to keep ploughing ahead and make it happen! I also don’t get stuck on a few people I just move along and go back to them.

Sure, but what’s the hard part?

Every project (product, play, event, company, venture, non profit) has a million tasks that need to be done, thousands of decisions, predictions, bits of effort, conversations and plans.

Got that.

But what’s the hard part?

The CEO spends ten minutes discussing the layout of the office with the office manager. Why? Was that a difficult task that could only be done by her? Unlikely.

The founder of a restaurant spends hours at the cash register, taking orders and hurrying the line along… important, vital, emotional, but hard? Not if we think of hard as the chasm, the dividing line between success and failure. No, the hard part is raising two million dollars to build more stores. Hard is hiring someone better than you to do this part of the job.

Hard is not about sweat or time, hard is about finishing the rare, valuable, risky task that few complete.

Don’t tell me you want to launch a line of spices but don’t want to make sales calls to supermarket buyers. That’s the hard part.

Don’t tell me you are a great chef but can’t deal with cranky customers. That’s the hard part.

Don’t tell me you have a good heart but don’t want to raise money. That’s the hard part.

Identifying which part of your project is hard is, paradoxically, not so easy, because we work to hide the hard parts. They frighten us.

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