Setting Intentions for 2011

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With the end of a year and beginning of another many people take the time to set their goals. It has been proven that those that write down their goals have a higher percentage of achieving them than those that just state or think them.

Instead of calling them goals many call them resolutions – My resolution for this year is to …. lose weight, stop smoking, get another job, earn more money, find a boyfriend/girlfriend and so on. I was watching the news yesterday and they had on Bob Proctor, author and motivational speaker. He was very involved with The Secret (if you remember that). I have heard him speak many times and he talks about our greatness within and how we all have a purpose and once we find our purpose we tend to flourish. In this broadcast they also talked about goals and again it was mentioned about people writing them down. One of the key differences to the examples I gave above regarding goals is that the goals above are not specific.

Before I get into setting goals I really want to shift your focus to SETTING INTENTIONS. There is a difference between setting intentions and goals. I did write about this last year. To refresh your memory goals tend to be written down, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic**, and time sensitive. For instance, I want to lose 10 pounds in 2 months (from a specific date). Assuming that it is “realistic” and attainable the larger question I have is once the goal is achieved is your life going to change – did you lose the weight under supervision – trainer, doctor, or someone who can guide you OR did you just minimize your food, cut out ALL foods that you know once you reach your goal you will return to? Are you happier than you were before?

Often the goal becomes the focus and we forget about the journey to get there – it has been bypassed. When you get to your goal what then?

I want to strongly suggest that you shift from goal setting first and step back and set your Intentions and THEN your goals. For instance if you do want to lose weight, rather than making that the focus look at the larger picture which is being more healthy, making better choices, making wellness a larger part of your life and finally a desire to be happier and healthier and more abundant in this area of your life. Once you know the path you want to go on then you can set the goals to help you along that route. To become more healthy and make better choices your first goal may be to find a buddy to do this with – support and encouragement and someone who can relate to your highs and lows, success and minor set backs. Another goal is to decide that you will increase the times of week you eat fish, salad/greens, that you will walk three times a week (or whatever the activity is), you may choose to bring pilates or yoga into your life to deal with more balance in your life. Sleep is critical to health and wellness as well as drinking water – you may decide that to improve your overall health you will drink 3 glasses of water a day (the Mayo clinic says to take you body weight and divide it in half and that is how many ounces of water you need to drink) and finally sleep 7 hours minimum per night.

When you write your intention it may sound something like this:

I awake each day grateful for this moment. I am surrounded by unconditionally loving people, including the love of myself. I choose to be kind to my body and mind and treat it with the utmost respect. I put nourishing food, thoughts and feelings into my body and soul and for this I full of health and wellness. I am walking/running/spinning 3 times a week and this makes me feel vibrant and healthy. I make sure that I sleep a minimum of 7 hours per night and drink plenty of water and this too makes me feel good. My body is able to repair and replenish where it needs. The times that I move away from this I am kind and be in the moment. I know that I will return to this place of health and wellness.”

This is just an example and can be fine tuned to reflect your life and desires. As for the goals you can use the SMART method. My only word of caution is what is REALISTIC. I have always had a problem with that word. To be “realistic” is relative and may be attainable and achievable for one and not for another. So, when setting your goal push yourself a little. Bob Proctor says, your goal is to scare you a bit – if it doesn’t scare you than it is not big enough. As well, once you set the intention and goal then let go of it. What does that mean? It means that you are on a journey and the path may take you in a totally different direction of what you initially thought. It is the journey that is much more important than the destination for it is the day-to-day/being in the moment that will bring that feeling of joy, happiness, peace, and so on.

I want to wish you a year filled with your intentions and desires. 2011 is a year of truth and authenticity. Be honest with yourself this year. Take a good look within and find what you really want.

Enjoy this journey …

All my love,


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