Setting My Clear Intentions for 2010

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WHAT ABOUT MY GOALS AND RESOLUTIONS… Whenever the end of December and beginning of January comes about I just sit back and listen to people talk about their goals and resolutions only to see them go by the wayside within days, weeks and if you are lucky months.


I want to share a story. I was just at the hairdresser getting my highlites done and this woman was sitting beside me having her colour done. She was talking to her hairdresser saying that she and her girl friends (she is mid-50s/early 60s) have decided to put in $10 each every week to see who can lose the most weight and whomever does so will win the pot.

In my mind I am thinking this will not last long — someone will get frustrated, will go on a binge and feel guilty or just does not have enough awareness of why they are holding onto their weight which is very much tied into our emotional state as well as how will they begin to lose this weight.

When the women sit down each one may declare their goal:

I want to lose 10 pounds in the next two months OR I want to be in a size 6 or 8 dress by the time I go away on my trip in March OR I want to be skinny like that model in the picture.

The goal is specific, has a time frame for the most part and in their mind is achievable.

The resolution for some is “I want to be thin, I am determined to see my waistline again, and/or I want to be in that size 6 or 8 dress again.”

There are a couple of issues that I have with this, first off the goal and resolution, while specific is really about the DESTINATION and it is the JOURNEY that will bring about their awareness of potentially why they are holding on to the weight, what are their core beliefs around the weight, perhaps it was something in their childhood – a belief that they had to finish everything on their plate even when they were not hungry for they were told there are starving children in the world – and this belief has been so ingrained in them that they subconsciously eat. Perhaps the person finds out they are emotionally eating because they are not happy with things in their life, and so on.

When we are STUCK in going from point A to point B we can become tunnel vision and just do everything in our power and belief to get there. It may mean that the person loses the weight however does it in a way that is not healthy, has compromised their health, and/or loses the weight only to find within 6 months they have put back on the weight plus more.

I look at INTENTIONS as the journey. I sat down in December and wrote out my intentions: what I want to achieve this year and broke it into three areas. In this, I specifically wrote out what I want.

For example if one of my INTENTIONS is to lose weight I may write it this way:

INTENTION: To learn to love and honour my body and accept it where it is. By doing so I can begin to look from within and discover what I am holding onto that is no longer serving me and then begin to release and let go. As a result of this I am letting go of weight that has been sitting with me for years.

To do this I will begin to eat healthy and make good choices for my body. I will exercise 2 to 3 times per week for 30 minutes or I will walk in my day as much as I can. I will choose water and allow myself 1 coffee a day. I will go to bed so that I can get 7-8 hours per night. I realize that my body is my temple and I will treat it as such. When I eat I will enjoy the moment. I learn that everything is about moderation and learn to enjoy the sweets that I love in smaller quantities. For the days that I “feel out of control” I will accept it, embrace it and honour it and then FORGIVE AND LET GO. What happens in the past cannot be changed I only have the moment – in that moment I will continue to make good choices.

By looking within I am journaling how I am feeling. I realize that I am an emotional eater so I track my emotions. As I let go of certain things I begin to be in the moment and be happy and enjoy my life. I can look in the mirror and see an incredible woman who is about love and nurturing – starting with herself and then others (family, friends, co-workers).

This is an example of something I may write. I can go on .. What I share is someone who also wants to lose 10 pounds however by using this method it is baby steps and it is a process of awareness that allows you to learn to love and honour yourself, know who you are and why you have made certain choices. It allows you to take responsibility and accountability for your choices and outcome. I can tell you that the result will likely be that you grow, become happy with who you are and as a result begin to lose the weight that you have held onto all these years. So here is the question – what really had the most impact, the journey of awareness that allowed you to remember your greatness and shift your beliefs and paradigms or the destination: losing the 10 pounds?

You can decide for yourself. I am only making a suggestion. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

May all your dreams come true for you – – you deserve it.

All my love,


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