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I was intrigued by this article, Something for Something, written by Rebecca Tucker, National Post, February 20, 2016. Let me share…

Bartering goes way back to 6000 B.C. We are seeing the 21st century evolution of bartering. Trading sites like BUNZ goes beyond Craiglist or Kijiji where people are simply making transactions. According to Emily Frances Bitze, Bunz’ mastermind and chief administrator states, “We are a community, all connected around the idea of finding value in things we no longer need. Supporting each other is at the core. When money is not part of the equation, it leaves room for more goodwill.”

The popularity sits well with the Millennial, sharing, “we generation”. With its hint of disruptive and easy online facilitation, bartering goods is a natural extension of the existing sharing economy, in so far as it bends the rules of the traditional marketplace. It’s also especially suited to a generation that is, statistically, super short on cash.

Here are a list of bartering/trading sites… check them out:

1. Bunz Trading Zone (BTZ) – — see what you can trade: unwanted for wanted

2. Bondsy (app) – allowing users to trade their unwanted goods for unwanted goods of others. (google it there are a few)

3. – startup based in Los Angeles

4. Simbi – individuals can trade their skills – from plumbing and woodworking to tattooing and childcare- for the skills of others

5. SharedEarth – Landowners can loan plots to prospective gardeners, in exchange for part of their crop yield.

On BTZ the group is largely comprised of people in their 20s and 30s. One shift in the bartering process is the human interaction. You may find yourself sitting down for tea with someone after making a trade.

The only rule when it comes to Bunz is there is no money exchange.

If this suits you go for it…


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