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Today I attended the IMBA, Independent Mortgage Brokers Association of Ontario, conference. I wanted to learn about this industry so that I can bring my empowerment workshops focussing on growth, development and life skills to this group in a way that will serve them best. I was fortunate to hear the main speaker, Arlene Dickinson, a judge for CBC’s Dragons’ Den; a television show that has ignited a national conversation about entrepreneurs in Canada. She is the marketing expert on the show. I completely aligned with her words and wanted to share some of her messages to the entrepreneur.

Arlene is a women to be reckoned with… with no formal education and much life lessons she has been able to create a very successful business plus so much more. She is rated as one of the wealthiest and most powerful woman in Canada. Listening to her speak, she came across very humble and brought a good amount of humour to her stories.


* Learn to be in the moment… This is a lesson that she learned travelling for the first time across the ocean from South Africa to Canada. She was in London, England and her father asked her what she saw out the window. She said she didn’t see much she was thinking about coming to Canada for the first time and was excited. He turned her around and then said, take another look and this time notice what you see for you are here: BE IN THE MOMENT and enjoy this moment.

As an entrepreneur there are highs and lows, much like a roller coaster. By learning to be in the moment you can enjoy that moment, deal with things at that time, and deal with whatever “perceived obstacles” you are facing. Also learn to celebrate the successes and not worry about, what’s next.

Also remember that life is a journey and that everything that we learn along the way is valuable — what we do want and what we do not want. LIFE LESSONS!

Being in the moment allows you to be 100% present and give all to that moment and time.

* The lessons of life are the lessons of the Entrepreneur – Arlene does not distinguish between the lessons of life and business for to her they are one. I agree and in fact this what my corporate workshops are about – brining in our life skills and lessons into our every day work life.
For Arlene, then, it is about taking our life lessons into business in every facet.

* We are short-handing ourselves with Technology – It is great to use twitter, facebook, msn, and email to communicate with our friends and colleagues. What has happened (and I totally agree with this) is that we have confused the intention of techonoloy. These different forms of communicating is to be used to provide CONTENT NOT INTENT . In otherwords, it does not replace the face-to-face communication that is needed to build that relationship. You want to understand what a person is saying. What is their intent, what is the tone of their message, what is their body language. This can never be caputured through techonology. In fact, if the success of our long-term business is dependent on the strenght of our relationships, than you must NOT confuse the purpose of technology. Pick up the phone, have a lunch meeting, play a round of golf — this is where the relationships are built. Then use technology (email, msn, etc.) to send the follow up, or content, that is requested or required.

Me & Arlene Dickinson, the judge of CBC's Dragons' Den

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