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It seems like so much is happening yet very little. I am not sure that this makes any sense. I have had so much awareness in the last few weeks that it is astounding. I recognize that we are all at where we need and choose to be and that is ok. For me, I have been working “so hard” to strip away the layers of the story I have bought into for so long. I am creating the story and life that I want and choose to live. Sometimes my “work” goes against the grain and it is a matter of just trusting and beleiving as I do my work.

I have learned a new term that is relevant for 11 11 11 & 2012+ and that is existing as multidimensional beings. This is about the ability to live in many dimensions simultaneously. From my understanding we exist in many realities at the same time. In fact, if we are currently working on something or looking to create something or become truer to ourselves and be that person, we actually already exist as that person and/or have already created the work now. This is pronounced now more than ever.

For the younger kids, this does not seem to phase them, almost like it is second nature. I look at kids on their computers and they have 5 screens open at one time and somehow can devote their time and energy to all 5 without compromising one. When I am speaking to the older generations, I try and explain it and give them the visual picture that I just described. That the holograms that we exist in are like screens and there may be 3 or 5 open at one time and depending on our thoughts and feelings at that moment and time (are we being negative and questioning or being open and trusting and positive) will determine the path that we go down.

Understanding what I know now is that for me to create the Youth development and mentor program for anyone but me would be handing it away and not honouring me nor my worth. I am grateful for the “awakening” that allowed me to realize that I have great ideas and just need to expand on them. When I couple this with my new found knowledge and understanding of multi-dimensional existence, I realize that my work already exists in another dimension and that I just need to tap into it. This excites me. I have opened up the channels, the creativity, and intuition to begin bringing my work to fruition – in this existence.

I finished 2 youth programs that I put forward to our school curriculum and am waiting to hear their interest and thoughts. I feel that the time is right for both of them. I have put it out to the universe and it will come to the market one way or another. If this is not the right connection then I will find the person/group/institution who beleives what I believe and bring it forward through them.

I began my youth handbook that provides the tools to bring about change in this world. I am excited about this for I see it coinciding with my youth development program I am developing. I have spoken to some of the youth about the concept and their interest is great. I am working on this as we speak. From this work will come my corporate and business program/workshops to bridge the gap between the baby boomers that run the corporate world and the millennials. I know my work exists and I am tapping into this as well!

The time is right for you to create the world you want. Just think, feel and know that the world you want already exists in another dimension. SLow down and listen to your heart energy, not your head, and let it guide you to greater awareness, choices — all that bring you closer to who you are and the life you want to live.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Between 11 11 11 and 2012 – Jan. 20th (somewhere around there) is a tremendous time for energy shifts, paragdim shifts, and awareness. Embrace this time.

I saw a woman at the gym today and she is a bit older than me, suffered a stroke and has recovered so well. She said to me she is so grateful to be alive and doing so well. Fill up your “happiness/grateful bank account” and draw from it every day and more than once a day! Know that the life you want already exists and go for it.

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