Sharing words about a great leader: Nelson Mandela

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Words from an organization that looks to bring awareness and change:

Dear lovely people that I feel honoured to change the world with,

Today we mourn a truly great man. One of the greatest. Mandela’s life was a shining light through a dark time, and the world is a better place because of him. I am deeply grateful.

The truth is I find I can’t quite say goodbye. Somehow I want to cling onto his spirit, his laughter, his joy, his fearlessness, his hope. We haven’t seen many heroes like him lately and his passing makes me afraid to let go. But as his flame goes out in this world I feel a candle lit in my belly — a passing of the torch, and a deep sense of responsibility to do my part to uphold his legacy and his principles.

He sacrificed his freedom for the freedom of millions, and he fought fiercely for his dreams of equality and justice. Let’s celebrate this noble legend together and pledge to use our kinship and power to uphold his memory. Avaaz is setting up a ‘Madiba we will honour you!’ wall outside his home in Johannesburg right now, where all of us from everywhere can share words of love and gratitude. Send your message now:

With love and hope,

Alice, Emma, Ricken, Sam, Mia, Pascal and the whole Avaaz team

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