I have deciphered some tips and
other words of wisdom
from your stories and my own
experience that I wanted to share.

I hope you find encouragement in
them as you go out and deliver your
message to the world! People need
you more than ever, and it would be
a great loss to let your fears, failures
or mistakes hold you back.

They are:

1. Humor is the perfect remedy.
Use humor to lighten uncomfortable situations.
It is perfect for neutralizing a situation.
2. People are empathetic.
When things go awry, people will almost always be empathetic
and understanding.
3. People want to see you succeed.
People are rooting for you, not against you. They want to
see you succeed. Your flubs make them root for you more.
4. Perfection is a pipe dream.
No one expects you to be perfect, so
you shouldn’t expect yourself to either
or you’ll never take risks.
5. Authenticity is attractive.
When we are being truly authentic, we will make mistakes.
It shows you are real, and people attract to that.
6. Keep calm.
As a leader if you ‘keep it together’,
others will follow your lead.
7. What’s the worst that can happen?
In an episode of Friends, Rachel was continuously
messing up with this young fellow she was
getting to know. She finally did so many silly things
that he broke it off with her. I was struck
by her attitude of, “Oh, well. Next!”
If we make a mistake in a live or online training,
or in any aspect of our business,
will that have a devastating impact?
In almost every case the answer is no.
So keeping a realistic perspective is critical.
8. Don’t let your fear keep you from your passion.
It is naive to think we won’t have a foul-up.
And it is tragic to let our fears hold us back from
sharing our message with the world. We will
succeed far more than not, and the impact
we make on others will far out weigh any mistakes.
We MUST pursue our passions in
spite of all obstacles.

Thanks again for sharing your stories.
They were fun to read.

Kim Clausen, Ready2GoMarketingSolutions, Inc.

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