I was listening to a radio show and they had callers calling in to comment on this question: Should P.Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, who recently received a scholarship for UCLA college, give it up because his father is worth $550 million.

Most of the callers said YES because he doesn’t really need it and this scholarship should go to someone else and their family who cannot afford it.

Here is my response. I believe that P. Diddy’s son worked his butt off and deserves to receive this scholarship based on his merits just like any other child who received one. He is not his father, he is not worth $550 million and even if he was, so what. This is about his son, his son’s worth and what he accomplished. He does not nor is he required to give up something that he earned every pennny of.

There are many families who are worth as much or more than P. Diddy and their child received a scholarship and used it. P.Diddy does pay a price for being in the public eye, however, he is smart and has created his empire for his family. He gets up every day, just like you and me, and does what he does to earn his living. Why should he and his family be penalized for his good business decisions.

I also want to say that his son is creating his path and this scholarship is part of what is opening up his path. He is worthy of receiving this scholarhsip, as much as you and me.

Now here is the other side of what I want to suggest. Because of the extreme wealth of P. Diddy and yes this family really doesn’t need this scholarship it would be nice if P.Diddy, on behalf of his son, made a donation in the exact amount of the scholarship so that another child can receive benefit while still honouring his son and the hard work he put in. The donation is likely a full tax write-off.

That is my two cents worth.

As parents, I believe it is part of our role to stand behind and support the worth of our children. I believe that my children are entitled to receive what is their worth as human beings – same as for me. I want to teach my children from a young age that they are worthy of receiving – NOT ENTITLED – worthy. That means if they take a job or position they are worthy of receiving what their value is and the market bears – no more, no less. People take advantage of the young because they don’t always have the voice to speak up and declare their worth. I will teach them otherwise.

Saying that, I do not support this entitlement that kids, including my own, that they will come out of school expecting a 6 figure income with little to no experience.

People may read this and not agree with me and I am ok with that. I stand behind my words and say to P.Diddy’s son — good for you! Stand up, and stand proud of your accomplishments.

Maybe you will want to read my handbook for youth that I am nearly finished – teaching you to speak you truth, set boundaries, learn life skills and apply them to life.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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