Silence never brings change….

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One of my objectives is to give people the tools so they can empower themselves to bring change to their lives and even more important on a collective or bigger level. I want to clarify this right here and now that the change I talk about is about bettering yourself and ultimately those in your life and is not about feeding the ego or power.

So I do not support the terrorists around the world who look to bring destruction and chaos in the name of religion. For that matter I do not support any bully who exists who uses their manipulative and destructive ways to bring others down.

One of the worse things I see in Canada is apathy and acceptance for what is not working and is impacting the lives of so many. Why don’t we speak up?

This brings me to two stories this week that I want to share based on discussions and articles that I read.

The first is about Robin Williams and his death. We are all aware of his brilliance as a comedic actor/presenter as well as the incredible roles he took on in Dead Poets Society and Goodwill Hunting – two of my favourite movies of all time — and how he delighted so many people around the world with his talent. Yet few really understood or knew the depths of his demons. When he died it allowed the topic of mental health and depression to come to the forefront once again. My friends and I were hanging out and one friend read an article posted about the fact it takes a famous person to die to address and bring to light the impact of mental health.

Mental health issues exist with so many people and it needs to be a constant discussion on how to best deal with it. Just looking at the millennial youth post-recession the rise in anxiety, depression and even suicide has seen a dramatic increase because of the perils our young people face today: underemployment, lack of opportunity, for some lack of employment, high student debt (that many feel upon graduation was not worth it) and wondering where they fit into this world; for some demoralizing and demotivating.

The second is an article written by Raheel Raza entitled: In the Muslim World, silence falls. This article was published in the National Post on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. Here is what the article said:

“In Saturday’s National Post, Rex Murphy asks why there’s so much outrage over Israel’s response to Hamas rocket fire, but the same activists fall silent about attrocities committed in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. In the same eddition, letter-writer Al Lando argues that the people who are “attacking Jewish citizens, firebombing synagogues and launching protests against all things Jewish, in the name of solidarity with Palestinian victims” seem to have no objection to the “200,000 innocent non combatants [who] are in danger of genocide” at the hands of ISIS.

Indeed, today’s global events seem surreal and fictional in their evilness. The Yazidis of Iraq are facing genocide. Boko Haram and the Taliban continue their reign of terror: Horrifying, brutal, cruel and inhuman terror from beheadings to rape. Where is the outrage in the Muslim world over these atrocities?

I ask as a Muslim activist who’s exhausted, not from defending my faith, but from asking the same question over and over again for the past two decades. When I asked this question in the aftermath of 9/11, I was criticized for being a “fear-monger”. Following the 7/7 terrorist attacks in the U.K., I called on the larger Muslim community to “wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.” For this I was labelled a traitor. Later – as I uncovered and exposed the subversive agendas of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah – I was labelled a heretic.

Today, ISIS is indiscriminately killing women and children in Iraq. These terrorists want women to undergo female genital mutilation and cover their faces – essentially they want to push them back into the dark ages. At the same time, Yazidi women in Iraq are being kept as slaves, while their men are killed. In Pakistan, my country of birth, minorities are being persecuted with no accountability and the movement to eradicate them has been given a religious justification, so the perpetrators are celebrated as champions.

Yet, much of the so-called “civilized world” is frozen by either political correctness or ignorance. U.S. President Barack Obama would rather play golf than address the crisis unfolding all over the Muslim world. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau apparently sees no problem visiting a Wahhabi mosque with strong links to terrorism. And protesters at the Ontario legislature continue to focus their rage on Israel, rather than address their heinous crimes committed by Muslims.

So it falls upon the communities where these atrocities are happening to take action. And rightly so.

The world is once again asking “where are the moderate Muslim voices to counter the evil of ISIS and other terrorist organizations?”

Let me respond by saying that I’m completely revolted by what’s happening in Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Arab world. I wish I could say the same for my larger community. When a recent documentary exposed the crimes perpetuated against women in many Muslim countries was released, so-called “moderate and progressive” Muslim women opposed the cause.

I ask all Canadians to please stop asking where the moderate Mulsims are. Our voices have been subsumed by the din of the mercenaries vying for power and hegemony in the Muslim world; we have become pawns in the games played by Saudia Arabia and Iran; we are shouted down by those who would lobby for political causes over human rights; and most importantly, our communities still bask in the belief that all is well.”

Silence never brings change. When we ‘accept’ something that is not good for us as a person, country or world, we are allowing bad behaviour to continue. Putting the Israel/Arab issue aside because it is a volatile topic, even just looking at what is going on in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine is enough to speak up against the evils against humanity.

Silence never changes anything.

I cannot fathom or understand any person or group that wants to bring down, demise and destroy another.

Granted, these are large issues however we need to continue to speak up. Of course to do so means being educated and aware and doing so in a way that will bring positive change for our world. Speaking up with the intent to spread hatred, malice and destruction is not what I am talking about.

Choose a cause or issue that is bothering you because you know it is not in the best interest of human kind and speak up. Maybe it is something happening in your community, or family, or country. Don’t remain silent for to do so will allow this evil or bad behaviour to continue.

With mental health there are so many advocates out there looking to bring positive change. Find them and see what you can do.

Baby steps to change. I know because I am looking to bring on big changes.

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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