Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada — This is an organization that you can turn to in order to get some of your questions answered — where the medical system is not. This organization is a not-for-profit organization that offers free peer support, personalized information packages, translation and a variety of other resources for anyone affected by breast cancer. This is a place that cares and shares!

Soup’s On — This site caught my attention. This is about people in Detroit coming together to be inventive and discuss problem and solutions. What better way than creating a supper club.
Two philanthropists, Kate Daughdrill and a friend co-founded Detroit Soup. Each month four local groups present ideas to diners who pay $5 to attend; the crowd then discusses the ideas over soup, salad, bread and pie and decides which project will receive the evening’s proceeds. Love it! $700-$1000 per dinner has been raised for more than 20 community projects.

Crowdrise — Edward Norton found out that raising money cost a lot of money. With his producer fiancé, Shauna Robertson, Jeffro and Robert Wolfe, they created Crowdrise. This site allows anyone from teens to celebs to set up a free profile to solicit donations for worthy causes. For every dollar raised, users earn bragging rights on the Crowdrise leaderboard and points they can swap for prizes like a Macbook, kindle or video message from Norton himself.

Respect Group Inc. — Sheldon Kennedy is the hockey player who brought to light child abuse in the sports arena. This stemmed from his own abuse from a well known and well-respected coach. Seven years ago he co-founded Respect Group Inc., in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross and its internationally recognized experts in the prevention of child abuse. They launched an on-line training program for sports leaders called “Respect In Sports”. It focuses on educating all adult youth leaders on abuse, bullying and harassment prevention including a sound understanding of your legal and moral responsibilities. The idea is to empower the 99% of well-intentioned adults working with our youth to help reduce this.

Online resources to help Canadians get more info on volunteering and giving back – This is Canada’s top site for information on volunteering opportunities in Canada – This is the website for Youth in Philanthropy Canada. Check it out to find out how to find out how to join or start a local chapter.

Peace Tree Day, June 1, 2011

Their Opportunity — President & CEO, Randy Gill says, “Their Opportunity” – Minor Sports Corporation, exists to provide families who cannot afford to enrol their children in local sports programs the means to do so. Learn more and go to their site This is still local to the GTA area.

P.R.O. Kids — This stands for Positive Recreational Opportunities for Kids. There are different P.R.O charities set up around Canada. I suggest you google P.R.O and find one in your area (St. John’s, Quebec, Kinston,ON, and so on). It is another organization that helps underprivileged children to be able to participate in recreational activities.

Blessings in a Backpack Canada — Hunger does not take weekends off. The organization works with local grocers to provide less-advantaged children with healthy, non-perishable food to take home from school on Friday afternoons. During the week, these kids’ families might rely on food banks or government programs, which can be harder to access on weekends.

The Rebecca Project for Human Rights — Saada Saar and Walker started the Rebecca Project, which advocates women and girls who have faced abuse, addiction, or incarceration for non-violent (usually drug-related) offenses. Their next goal is to save 20,000 girls from trafficking by 2012. Let’s help them!

Global Sound Lodge: Bringing music around the world to kids in need – started by Matt Sorum and Lanny Cordola Music Relief Program for kids

Giving Music To Children In Need and Making a Difference — See this YouTube and support this cause!

Self – Love
We are approaching Valentines Day and this is a day to show others we love them. This site begins with showing the most important person you love them – YOUR SELF – before you can begin to share this with others.

The Year Of the Rabbit: Learn more

The Soul Art Tv: Creative Spiritual Revolution
Laura Hollick is starting a new show that will inspire others with her own knowledge as well as her guests. She has been described by Jill Hewlett, an inspiration in her own right, as a highly creative spirit, artist and teacher who ignites the inspiration of soul in the work she does.

“Giving It All Away” – Doris Buffet

Embrace — I read about this nonprofit organization in my Oprah magazine and was so inspired by what they are doing that I wanted to bring attention to  their site and see if you want to support this. Jane Chen, a Stanford graduate  of the class of 2007,  and she 4 others teamed up to come up with an idea to help premature babies in India that is low cost – incubators are too prohibitive.  After interviewing  the moms, midwives and doctors they came up with something that was portable and didn’t require energy. What they developed was a miniature, waterproof sleeping bag with a outside pocket that consists of a wax-like substance capable of storing heat at a human body temperature for a long time! 

What Makes Life Beautiful — this is a very interesting and informative video – I have posted it elsewhere. I feel we have a lot to learn.

A New Vision Of Aging For Canada — CARP is Canada’s largest non-profit , non-partisan advocacy association for 45 plus. It has a membership that exceeds 350,000 members nation wide.  With an aging population this site has a wealth of information about LIVING!  Enjoy this site.

The Gulf Call To Sacred Action — THis site has been sponsored by Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution. Please go to this site and see how we collectively can make a difference.

Brain Music Therapy — For those suffering from sleeplessness, you can use brain music therapy.  You can create your own brain music therapy CD to use at home.  The premise is that while you are in a relaxed state, doctors monitor and record your brain waves and then use a computer program to create unique, sleep-inducing piano messages using your own measurement. The cost is approximately $550.  To learn more and see there different locations go to

Three Giant Leaps — Discover how to uncover What will Fulfil you! Are you in a job you do not enjoy?? The team at Three Giant Leaps have created a program that will help you uncover your hidden values, passions, purposes and talents.  These are the four cornerstones on which Born to Do careers are built. It’s through a deep study of “self” that your Born to Do career takes shape. To learn more go to

Living the Awakened Life — Michael Beckwith is a speaker, author, minister and someone who really understands how to bring happiness into your life.  I talked about change your thinking, change your life and it starts from within.  He has a different support systems in place to assist you in mastering your INNER SELF.  Please check out his support program called Living the Awakened Life. He knows that it’s not the activities that we do rather the CONSCIOUSNESS in which we participate in activities that makes the difference.

Canyon Ranch, Miami — I loved my experience at Canyon Ranch, Miami.  From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I was met with smiling faces, helpful staff and great facilities.  As a get-away for a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation it was perfect. While I can escape in this spa environment, I can also choose to shop and dine at the trendy places in South Beach. I highly recommend this spa. Go to to get more information. I signed up under the “Canadian offer”.

The Story of Stuff

Thank You News – If you want to improve your mood and lift your spirits then it is suggested to NOT LISTEN TO THE “EVERYDAY” NEWS for it can be very depressing.  UNTIL NOW… there is an on-line site that gives you good news! This is a daily Web-case of uplifting news only.  Go to this site to remind you that there truly is good happening in the world. You subscribe to receive this news delivered to your inbox daily. Go to

Richer. Smarter. Happier — Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR, and Toni Cascio, Ph.D., are the co-founders of Richer. Smarter. Happier. With decades of experience and knowledge between them, they use a proven but innovative approach relied on by successful companies around the globe to empower you, the enlightened solopreneur. They’re  dedicated to helping you combine the passion, strengths and experience you already possess with practical business and marketing know-how to create the successful business of your dreams. By teaching you to move away from “dollars-for-hours” work, we’ll help you cultivate more wealth, more time and more happiness.  Please look into one of their programs –

Celebrate International Women’s Day, Monday, March 8, 2010 — this is a site for people who really love to seek adventure in caves!  Lori Nichols and Nina Muller wants you to challenge yourself. They frequently take novice cavers out for lessons with Toronto Caving Group. There are also links for groups in Canada: Brtish Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

Self Improvement Books — Improve yourself every day! — This site recently launched by a new friend, Garth Sandiford. This site is unique to what is out there especially in the area of love, dating and relationships!  I am featurered on the site along with some other people. Check this site out!

Stop Thinking Now — The Great American Think Out! 29 Day adventure sharing wisdom tips and tools for getting out of our heads and into the heart. — Marc and Craig Keilburger are founders of Free The Children. This is one of the world’s largest charities, for kids run by kids. They have built over 500 schools and daily educate over 50,000 children around the world. They have a program called O Ambassadors where they have teamed up with Oprah’s Angel Network to inspire children.  See the following attachments. You will see how they are instrumental in Haiti at this time following the Earthquake.

Glow Project — You will go to this site and see the women that are involved with this project. I just watched the dvd tonight and it was inspiring. As my work is about empowerment, I want all women to know that we ALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHT AND ABILITY to Glow – find our passion and purpose within and follow it – our truth.  As I have said so many times before it comes down to loving and honouring ourself. The more we do this, the more we are aligned and the more we know, I AM  – and GLOW!

Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes — I am not sure if we need to say anything.

Technology of the future – NOW — this a PhD student who has brought the world of being and world of data together. This is the wave of the future. Take a listen and keep what resonates and leave the rest.  I am fascinated by this work — it is very Atlantean.  This is something to really challenge your belief systems.

The Original Gratitude They started this Gratitude Dance out of moment of celebration at a coffee shop in Victoria, BC while writing their book on Manifesting Awesomeness.  Find your own dance and join in!

Gratitude – with Deepak Chopra. My US friends are celebrating Thanksgiving – a time of gratitude so I thought I will focus on that as I feel it is such a great starting place.

The Movie: Arranged – This movie goes beyond religion — it’s about two women from different religious backgrounds who a required to follow tradition especially when it comes to the rules of marriage. See how their friendship develops and how they work together. It is truly inspiring.

The Movie: The Peace Tree – This movie is about a friendship between a 2 muslim sisters and a christian girl. Again, it is about transcending boundaries imposed on us by religions and institutions. This is a wonderful movie about awareness and growing.  I saw this with my son through his school – he was one of the “peace” representatives for his school along with 200+ other children who met to learn about how to bring peace into their schools.

TED – This is a site worth going to.  It showcases speakers from all over the world in various areas – IDEAS WORTH SHARING. I have seen some incredible speakers through this site. Some people remember a woman doctor who talked about her experience of going through a stroke and her awareness and how her body was not responding. I also saw the author of Eat, Pray, Love talk about creativity. She was amazing. Check this out and find the speakers that interest you in the areas that inspire you — they offer this in various languages.

Miraval Life In Balance – Guests come to Miraval Arizona individually or with family and friends to authentically balance their lives, meaning and purpose so they can thrive as individuals. There are no strict regimens; instead, choice is the guiding principle. Guests choose to do as much, or as little, as they like.  I just had a friend return from this spa and she just raved about it. This is the one that Oprah sent a group of women who won her contest – to discover themselves! I am so looking forward to going.

Call it: Oprah Finds Talented Kids – See what amazing kids are doing around the world. Follow your dream and never give up. It is about “baby steps”.  See where Charice is a year later (discovered by Oprah on the Youtube).

ECHOage – This is the site where you can create a socially conscious birthday gift idea – be part of a group of youth who want to make a difference.  You can have people RSVP to you, make a contribution, pool all of this money and then chose one meaningful cause to donate to. Feel good and make a difference. – This site will take you to a number of different books on grief as well as different types of loss.

The Spiritual Cinema Circle – I have had the fortune of watching many of the films from the The Spiritual Cinema Circle.  I was very surprised to see many mainstream actors in these films.  I really enjoyed the films and their spiritual messages. The films came in various formats: feature films, shorts, foreign films and documentary style with varied topics. You can join this group and receive on-going “films”.  Go to:  This is a welcome resource on your journey of awareness. – This site, founded by Eva Karpati, was the result of constantly only hearing negative things about the city and around the world via news, radio, newspaper, etc. She took it upon herself to begin this amazing local newspaper, distributed monthly, to nearly 5,000 people. I had a chance to look at her latest issues of OUR EVERYDAY HEROES IN OUR COMMUNITY and really enjoyed it.  I love seeing the involvement of our youth in making a difference.  For those who do not live in Toronto, read this for it may inspire you or someone close to you to start to share “GOOD NEWS” in your area — the everyday people making a difference. Enjoy.

A very interesting story covered by ABC News – about reincarnation/past lives & a young boy’s dreams. Take a look and see!

Peace Through Music – This is a great example of how music can bring people together and shift vibration. Take a look at this video it is amazing. – This is a trailer for The Living Matrix – looking at health and wellness in a new light (or shall I say really an “old light”). It is quite fascinating. – This is a YouTube of Beyonce singing the song “LISTEN” (Dreamgirls). It is a beautiful song and reminds us to LISTEN TO OUR INNER VOICE. Enjoy this beautiful piece. I did! – I had the fortune of meeting Karen Kofman, one of the co-founders I believe. She and I met and connected. I have since signed up for her meditation class and joined one of their discussion groups on the Tao Te Ching, a book that inspired and empowered Dr. Wayne Dyer. What is interesting is that I have known of this group for many, many years and it is only now that I am acting on it.  When the student is ready the teacher appears. I know that I have much to learn from this group of women – it is made up of many chapters find out more about starting one in your area – and I have much to share. Please find out more about this great organization. – Shandra Sumpter wants to help you “get back to a life of gratitude”.  Gratitude is the starting place for movement, growth and awareness. – This site is about empowering you to create your own affirmations. It was started by two Chiropractors who want to inspire and help women reach their goals. I had the good fortune of talking to Dr. Liz, who resides in Barrie, and she and I are on the same wave length as far as inspiring and empowering women. I know that we will be doing work together.  In the meantime, please go to their site. – This past week was International Women’s Day – Celebrate, enjoy and learn. – This lists some of Canada’s Top Farmers’ Markets. It is great to support your local markets! You can find opening times and locations. For those in other countries – go to the internet and search out local markets in your area! I will look for you. – the organic council of Ontario
Please take a look and see the Organic logo! For those, like myself, who want to buy organic however never really know what they are getting can feel comforted that this logo is a Canada-wide logo that if you see it you know that it has passed a stringent testing. Read more about it. – click TAKE ACTION – Silken, a former Canadian Olympian, suggests how families can have fun while getting out and being active.  One suggestion is an Open (family) Gym Night at a local school.  Book your time and go out and have fun. This is a great idea for the family – Smile: see how a dog, a cat and a rat come together

Interview with Good News Broadcast – I met Paul Sladkus from Good News Broadcasting through Tom Martin. I love the concept behind this radio station and I want to bring this to Canada – and yes, create a show with Paul!  Please listen to my interview with Paul — I do talk about how to get started. Go to: – this is a great site to learn about creating and setting personal boundaries. One of the areas I touch on with clients is personal boundary. This was an area that I needed to look at and create for myself. I have the choice of who I want to let into my life and for those family members that are there and you have no choice boundaries are crucial. – This is the publishing company started by Louise L. Hay. I am a tremendous fan of her work. This site offers so many different authors and lecturers that she has supported over the years. Go to this site and find out the wealth of books, teleclasses, seminars, etc. that is offered. Sign up and become a member for free. – I find Karen Bishop’s message uplifting. There is a very spiritual edge to it however take a read and see if it resonates with you. Sometimes we don’t know why we are feeling a certain way, and sometimes it is not you however the energy of the earth or where the planets and moon are positioned. This is Karen’s blogging site – I checked this site out and really liked the message that Dr. Greene gave. Please go to it and see what he has to say. His passion is “ choosing organic food”. If you want to eat more organic food however do not know where to start go to this site.

The sites that you will see below are inspirational messages. I recommend that you go onto each of these sites and check them out. If you like what you read you can register for free and receive your own messages:

  • The Intenders of the Highest Good – – They have daily messages.
  • This is a fun site with daily “notes from the universe” from Mike Dooley. Go to
  • Abraham-Esther Hicks – I have studied their work in a course that I took. They also have amazing daily quotes. Go to


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