I was reading an article in Reader’s Digest about 6 couples that lost everything to the Madoff ponzi scheme. The author of the article was one of the people who lost everything.

This woman, in her 60s I believe, talked about how she did not realize how attached she was to money until she lost it. Fortunately, her and her husband were not hit as hard as the other couples: 3 had to declare bankruptcy, 1 moved in with his son and the other had to move into a basement apartment.

The author likened her attachment and “ego” drive for more money the same as her food addiction – she always wanted more.

The irony of the article was that when she realized that she and her husband had lost everything she wasn’t sad or distraught rather she had a sort of calm. Maybe it was an epiphany of some sort that she was not defined by her things and that losing it did not take away from who she is. Of course, it will alter her standard of living. I do not know if they were living beyond their means or not…. I do know that, like many, she bought into a belief/illusion of how much money she was making and thus have.

I just finished lunch with a very good friend of mine. She showed me the house she and her husband just built. She was proud of their work and grateful for she knows she is lucky to be able to afford this luxury. As I walked through the house I felt so much happiness and love for her. I even brought her a bottle of prosecco to celebrate with! I love things like everyone else. The difference between me and many others is that I do not hold myself up to anyone but me and I also know that my friends like me for WHO I AM and not for WHAT I HAVE OR DON’T HAVE.

Now saying all that I have lived a very privileged life in many respects and I am grateful for it all. I truly believe that we are all deserving of abundance however this starts with being grateful for where you are right now.

Take time this weekend and look around at the treasures that are in your life – not just the material treasures: the sky, the air, the freedom to walk and say as we choose (freedom of rights), good drinking water, food, clothing, homes, friendships, loved ones, family, and so on. Choose to be happy right now.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and please drink a lot of water – it’s hot out there.

All my love,


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2 Responses to “Sometimes Losing Everything Makes You Realize You Have Everything”

  1. Lin on July 22nd, 2011 1:53 pm

    Great article. When my home and retreat center burned down, my husband and I realized that “the World” was our home, and that losing everything was just an experience, nothing more nor less. It was up to us to choose how to interpret this experience. It didn’t mean that things weren’t difficult, just that we kept looking at current events with a positive focus.

    There was such freedom in looking at the gifts that remained – our health, a loving marriage, wonderful friendships and human connections- even with the firemen who risked their life to save our “stuff.” What remains the most vivid however, is the beauty and grace that surrounded us, even as our lives were turned upside down. Life itself is the most precious gift – and today my life is sweeter because of that experience and all that I learned.

  2. Sandra on July 26th, 2011 9:54 am

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story so that someone else will benefit. I really appreciate it.

    Please continue to contribute.



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