Spring Equinox, March 20, 2013 (northern hemisphere)

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I cannot believe its spring — it’s still freezing here in Toronto! Freezing or not, spring has arrived. We just finished passing through the Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere) and Fall Equinox in the southern hemisphere. This is the one day where the it is equal in length light/dark or it is a day of balance.

I have mentioned that this is a time of dealing with fears. For us in the northern hemisphere we talk about spring cleaning. What is happening energetically is more than spring cleaning it is transforming; at least for some of us. For many, including myself, I am having weird dreams, waking up, physically and emotionally dealing with small things- my knee was bothering me and I am tending to it, my face broke out and my ego at times takes me to a place where I think crazy thoughts. I embrace it. This week I knew I still needed to do some forgiveness, acceptance and letting go. While my son was at his mixed martial arts call I stepped into Starbucks, grabbed a tea and began to write stream of consciousness, whatever came to mind.

Various things came up, things that I thought were put to bed. The best part of dealing with the remaining “crap, illusion, fears” is that in my heart I know that it is not true. I have definitely grown and matured for I see that this stuff no longer holds me. I have transformed and ascended.

I really don’t sweat the small stuff or at least as much as I used to.

For those entering spring bring forward all the crap that has been holding you back and decide what part of it you want to let go, what part of it you want to change, and what part of it is not even yours. You may be holding onto someone else’s story. I am determined to move forward in my life with as little “drama” as possible. I am not interested. Now that is not to say that drama doesn’t happen and that I don’t contribute or even cause it. I know where I am at with myself and this drama will be short-lived.

For those in the southern hemisphere, entering fall, consider ridding yourself of crap so that while you “hibernate” or slow down (many do – I am a skier so I like winter) you can do so with lightness and clarity.

We are being told that this is a year of clearing. For some it will take longer than others. And for some this road will be uncomfortable at times however not debilitating. For others who refuse to deal with their stuff, issues or fears – and yes there are some that want to live in an illusion (our governments)- they will face some trials and tribulations.

The next week may bring up some stuff that you will be forced to deal with – the universe/God only gives us what we can handle. Take a deep breath and work your way through it. You will not be able to rush it and if you push against it you may find yourself dealing with the issue longer than necessary.

Next week is Passover and Easter – two important holidays. It is also a time that brings families together – we all know that every family has their issues. I’ll deal with that next week.

For this week continue to nurture and care for yourself. Address your fears and find a way to minimize the impact and even let go. At the end I hope you get a better sense of who you are and clarity. Once you have clarity and awareness you can begin to make choices that make sense for you.

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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