I don’t know how you feel but I can tell you the energy out there has been intense. I want you to keep in mind Mercury is in retrograde which can often affect communication of all sorts – technical, personal/business. I have seen some pretty heightened discussions happening this week – often around miscommunication.

The key is when there is a breakdown in communication it can be because we are not speaking our truth, we are allowing our egos to be in the forefront and directing us (not always to our higher good), or we are simply not listening to the messages the universe (G-d) is directing to us.

This week I was thrown into the middle of a miscommunication between two of the three partners and I had to step back. In the end I decided I would walk away from this group graciously and provide them with an invoice for work-to-date completed. I said what I had to say in a nice but firm way that laid no guilt or fingers at anyone. I did say that I do value my work and worth however if they choose to go in a different direction that was fine with me.

I knew they would come back mostly because they needed me to finish what I was working on and second, I was not the issue here. There was an email sent to me saying there was a misunderstanding and things like this happen in partnerships.

I was very proud (maybe some ego) that I stood by my worth and spoke up in a professional manner. This was a big feat as in past I may have just walked away. I am glad to work with this group on the project.

I listened to my inner voice. Even when I was sending out the email with my invoice attached I had to tell myself it is the right thing for me.

I then had another experience that was very interesting. I have a vision board and on my board I have the picture of a person that has since passed however he is a guide to me and often sends messages to me or through his late wife. She called me up and received a message to ask why I have not been communicating with this person and allowing him to guide me. To be honest, life has been so busy that my meditation has suffered a little although I am returning to it.

I told her, “I don’t know”. The weird thing was at that moment and time I looked at my vision board and his picture was gone. I found it on the floor near the vision board. I returned it to the exact place I wanted it – my success for my work and my family – including the person I want to bring into my life.

That night I received a call. My friend, the late wife of this person, had channelled him and he had a message for me. Of course, I believe in this as one of my guidances in life. She came over and she shared what this spirit had to say and it was bang on to what my ‘inner’ voice was telling me.

I know some of you don’t believe in this. All I can say is that it begins by trusting your inner voice first. That is so critical. Then listen to your physical voice – your body telling you to slow down before something more serious happens. For those that are learning or know how to quite your mind be open to the messages the universe has to give us. We always have free will to make our choices. I truly believe that we do know what is good for us or not.

If it feels good in your heart than do it and if there is something holding you back – call it intuition or gut feeling, follow it.

I am sitting outside in my backyard amongst my trees and just taking this all in.

This weekend try little things, acts, choices that are directed from your inner voice; Ask questions for clarity and then see what sign(s) emerge. It may be an actual sign, the words on a licence plate, a song, words from a loved one or child.. I don’t know.

Stay open to this.

On that note, I want to wish everyone a wonderful and fun weekend.

All my love,


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