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Posted Friday, March 2nd, 2012. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I have written about this before, rather from the “never say never” end of it, but with all the things going on in my life and that of those around me I want to ask that you stay open to ALL possibilities. When we ask for something, material, emotional or spiritual, we do not know how it will present itself in our lives. There are times when a situation will arise with an outcome that you did not or even possibly consider.

For me lately things have been happening and changing so rapidly. Actually this is true for a lot of my friends as well. Although I have improved in the area of patience, it is something that comes up again and again. Patience is that space that allows the universe to bring forward in the most benevolent way, what is meant to transpire — not just for me but for everyone.

I just returned my leased mini-van and it has been an interesting emotional experience. I have been driving mini vans for the last 10 years. When I was in my 20s I told my friends, “I will never drive a mini van”. Well, that was a decade ago+. I did enjoy the mini van however now I am ready to move to something else. I am looking for a short term lease with a certain budget on Leasebusters and so far nothing has transpired. I ask the universe to please provide me with a car. So today, as I wait to find the lease for me I am driving my boyfriend’s daughters car that he bought from his mother, a 1990 Honda Accord. This is such a change for me. Again I am not patient and I want the car I want now but the universe has another lesson for me. I feel that there are certain questions that I need to answer: Do I really need such a big car? Am I defined by a car? I will admit once again I was looking only at certain types of SUVs: Acura, Lexus, and Toyotas. I ruled out cars because they are too small. With no luck I have broadened my search and have included cars. Driving this 1990 car has allowed me to adjust to driving a lower vehicle and one that is smaller. I know in time I will get the car I want.

Lately I have seen old friends re-emerge in my life. In my wildest dreams I would never have thought that these people will come back into my life. I am happy and now I get to decide how I bring them in, to what level and if its just through correspondence or I make plans with them. I have also come to realize that they exited my life for a reason and now they are coming back for a reason. One of the friendships is interesting because I pushed away this friend because he was too nice and I couldn’t handle all of the attention. He has since married and has 3 children. I am so happy for him. What I did learn is that he left my life because of me, not him. Now that I am with the person I will spend the rest of my life I understand more of who he is and subsequently, more about where I am at.

There are also those that are departing from your life because that friendship has served its purpose for now. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that your best friend today is no longer. All I can say, is that people grow and change and maybe one day that person may resurface in your life. Be open to seeing if the person has changed. Maybe, the person who needed to change is you.

What I ask is that you embrace this weekend and stay open to all the possibilities. Ask for what you want and then let it go and know that it will come in the most benevolent way it is meant to.

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