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Posted Friday, October 7th, 2011. Filed Under Financial Empowerment

It is astounding to me to hear, “Obama is the worst President” Or “Everything is Obama’s fault”. The financial mess that we are seeing around the world has been the accumulation of years of bad choices and actions.

Like cancer, this does not happen overnight. Rather, disease is the breakdown of our cells, free radical damage, that ultimately leads to health issues.

I often talk about accountability and responsibility. This is true as much at the individual level as it is at the provincial/state or country level. When I look at the U.S. I find that NO ONE, not the people, not the politicians, not the government want to take their responsibility in contributing to the financial meltdown. There is not a leader in the world that can likely do any better than Barack Obama for the systems are so entrenched and EGOs will not budge.

I was thinking of past Presidents, going back to Ronald Reagan and the Presidents that followed (George H.W. Bush, William (Bill) Clinton, George W. Bush) until the current leadership, Barack Obama. This covers 32+ years of leadership. When you look at the economy yes you see years of abundance. The truth is that it is the wealthiest people of the U.S. that reaped the greatest financial benefit vs. the middle and lower class. The US grew strong and powerful however on what systems? And are these systems sustainable? The answer is NO. The systems that allowed the US to flourish were based on greed, manipulation and what’s in it for me. The illusion of the American Dream became the achievable but at any cost and expense. It worked when people had jobs, were earning money and credit – easy credit – was available. Then in Sept. 2008 the crash hit that impacted not just the middle and lower class but the upper class as well. This coupled with the unbelievable ponzi scheme of Madoff left many people in a precarious financil position. Of course you have the mortgage crisis and then there is Wall Street who played it’s part along with the Federal Reserve (were they not sleeping together?).

If each party took their responsibility and accoutability and stoped blaming others and pointing fingers than perhaps the US has a chance to come out of this mess. I find it amazing that people, in a grave time of need, cannot put their egos and differences aside and think about the greater good for ALL the people of the US. The wealthy don’t want to pay taxes, the young are underemployed and pissed off, the Democrats and Republicans remain at odds, and of course there is the TEA party. So what to do?

I strongly suggest that you do what your government and WALL street cannot – live within your means. Stop spending and begin to cut back on anything frivilous. You will see that some of the things that you need to cut out of your lives are really not that important on a daily basis and you can live with on a monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis. Rediscover dinner parties. Stay local and explore your own city – be a tourist. You will definitely find out that you do not know as much as you think about your own backyard!

It is time to lead by example. We have created systems that must fall and then we can begin to rebuild. The problem arises when you rebuild on the “old paradigms”. We need to break a cycle that we have created over the last 15+ years – immediate consumption. I realize it is baby steps. However, we must begin somewhere.

Be financially responsible. You can start at any time you choose.

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