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I am excited to be part of this competition which I was instrumental in creating and executing. As part of the kick off to Safe Holiday season that happens in combination with CAA South Central Ontario/RIDECHECKS and the police where spot checks start happening to ensure people are not getting into their cars drunk or high we are doing a kick off on a student video competition.

12 students entered a video into the competition, “Don’t Impair Your Holiday Spirit” with a message on the topic of impaired driving. What some don’t know is that impaired driving includes both alcohol and drugs. In fact, driving high or under the influence of drugs includes both legal and illegal drugs. We often associate impaired driving with just drunk driving but this is not so.

I am very proud of this initiative to get the students of Humber College in Ontario, Canada who took the time to submit their video and create a voice on impaired driving. As this was a competition only three videos can win. First place went to Melissa Andrea Coreas; Second place was a team of three: Alex Fensham, Garcy Hughes, and Lee Cochran; Third place went to Shavon-Lee White, Daniel Van Noppen and Noah Gervais. If you go to you can see more.

It is important to find a voice and our youth were given that opportunity. I am proud and pleased to see that they are speaking loud and clear. One message that was loud and clear in our competition but also from the Ministry of Transportation (Ontario) and Arrive Alive Drive Sober. Org share that driving impaired is not an accident it is a conscious choice with possible serious consequences to both the driver, passengers and innocent bystanders. Two recent impaired driving related crashes (under investigation by police) involved a 39 year old suspected impaired driver who t-bonned his car into a van killing three children aged 2 through 9 and the grandfather. The mother of these children lost her family in one felt swoosh. The second incident happened at the University of Western Ontario, Canada in which a 24 year-old suspected impaired driver jumped the curve and struck a student walking home from studying at 11:30pm on a Saturday night. In fact, at my event the title sponsor, CAA South Central Ontario (like AAA) shared that one of the woman in the office, her daughter was the roommate of the young woman struck and killed. I literally almost broke into tears when I heard. It always makes it more real when someone knows the victim(s) involved.

This holiday make a good choice: drive sober, drive safely and responsibly or just don’t drive at all. Make another choice to take a taxi (Uber), stay over or have a designated driver.

Let’s all be agents of change… Be responsible.

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