Subtle message: You don’t need anyone else’s garbage

Posted Thursday, April 12th, 2012. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I came home last night to find 2 bags of someone else’s garbage on my lawn. It was garbage day the next day and I hadn’t put out my garbage yet so someone assumed that my space was free — but it wasn’t.

I didn’t like this. I don’t want someone else’s garbage! It made me mad. So I got my garbage cans out and brought out my garbage and stuffed their garbage into mine. Why am I deliberating on this topic — I have been dealing with my stuff – my emotional “garbage” and physical “garbage” – working through it so I can heal and release it. I also know that as an em-path I often pick up other people’s emotional “garbage”. I am aware of this and know I need to shield. Well, last night couldn’t have been a stronger message from the universe.

I told you… sometimes I need to be hit over the head with a hammer, so to speak. Lately, I have been taking on other people’s stuff and to be honest it has been draining and even frustrating. These people are not doing it on purpose, that is just who I am. This is more so when I love the person and just want to help make things better.

The lesson for me is to step back. Even though I love a person (my sons, my boyfriend, my brother, etc.) I need to let them go through and deal with their “garbage”. So seeing someone else’s garbage on my lawn was a clear message – step back!

As a nurturer I must remind myself to nurture myself first and then I can nurture others. We all have our journey and learning. I get that. I really don’t want to take away this experience for someone else. So step back it is. It will not only alleviate some of my own frustration but the other person’s as well. I have to trust (and I do) that they will make the right choices for them. If these choices impact me then I can deal with that.

The other part that came out of this awareness last night is that some of the other person’s garbage was actually a trigger for me. I realized I was responding to some unfinished business with myself. I was projecting onto the other person some of my own issue. I realize that now and I had to step back and ask myself, why and what was causing this. I have identified the why and what and am now dealing with it.

If I can offer and guidance and wisdom it is to not take on other people’s garbage. It is not your problem to solve. Even when you love someone so much that you feel you need to step in, stop yourself and let that person find their way. That doesn’t mean you walk away, no you can show support, encouragement and even offer guidance if asked. Once given then step back and let them handle their “garbage”/issue in their own way.

It takes a lot of love and strength to do so. Find your strength!

This weekend see who’s stuff are you picking up and then hand it back.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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