“Success comes from teamwork….”

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Sports is such a great way to draw analogies because in sports, even when you are playing a single sport like tennis or race car driving, diving or gymnastics, your success is dependent on so many people’s time and guidance and expertise. Of course it is your effort and determination that will separate you from the average.

My son won for his high school football team, JR (grade 9) offensive rookie of the year award. I am soooooo proud of him. I unfortunately missed the awards ceremony due to a business conference call (and the coaches didn’t let me know so I can reschedule!!) however when he won I received texts and messages from all my friends letting me know. My son loves to play football and he knows it is a team sport. What I really valued were the words that the coach spoke of my son at the ceremony. I sent them a thank you email just letting them know how important it is for him to here the accolades from a third party. My friend sent me an email on what the coach said, “Amazing speech coach Gouge gave about his dedication, sportsmanship and athleticism.” And the response from the coach on my email was, “Isaac was very deserving of the award, it is a pleasure coaching him.”

I am proud of him for his efforts for he is dedicated and a great athlete. What I like even more is him learning to be part of a team to drive their success and learn from their failures. These life lessons and learning can be brought into the workplace. Companies only do as well as their ‘team’ does. I think companies and organizations need to be reminded of this sometimes. When you only focus on the win (bottom line) or on one person’s abilities you often come up short VS focussing on the team and drawing on strengths and bringing out a result far greater than you can imaging.

Of course within a team one person may shine more, that is why they are often recognized as the “MVP” however they know their success is not only from them, again as a team.

I received an email from a friend talking about the Raptors, Toronto’s basketball team, and their team success. Here;s a great article: Raptor’s show the Nets. Again, I use sports because of the team dynamic. However each one of us in our personal lives are surrounded by our “team”; the people who love us, support us, guide us and challenge us. We call this our support net/system. Really it is just like a team.

This year I figured out who is on my team and those I want in my court. I have also let go of people that really said they wanted to be part of my team but really didn’t. Our support system is so important especially when you are going through something trying. It’s also important when you want to make a change in your life. The last thing you want are negative people just bringing you down and not supporting you.

This year as it comes to a close decide who you want on your team. I realize that it can be hard to imagine not having someone in your life or being at a different job when you’ve been at this one for so long. However life is about constant change. You don’t have to rid yourself of the friendship, perhaps you can put it to the side and see how it unfolds. If it is meant to be it will.

I have made a decision NOT to bring in any baggage or negativity into 2015. I mean it. I am surrounding myself by authentic, true, loving and caring people who have my back.

There are less than a few weeks left in 2014. Think about what I am saying and decide for yourself how you want to embrace 2015 and begin the New Year.

I want to wish all those celebrating Chanukah this week, Christmas next week, Kwanzaa and anything else being celebrated ENJOY a wonderful holiday.

All my love,


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