Suggestion: Drunk Drivers be put to work

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This was a letter in response to an article written by Chris Selley, April 1, 2016 with regards to the drunk driving case of Marco Muzzo.

“To paraphrase Chris Selley, putting people in prison isn’t always the best punishment for the crime committed, and it can be very costly to society. Although the crime he committed is horrendous and he definitely needs to be punished, he will sit in prison for 10 years (well, maybe three-and-a-half) and be forgotten.

Would it not be more beneficial to everyone if he were made to tour the country- speaking to high school students who are about to get behind a wheel – about drunk driving and his personal story? In this way he could experience the pain, humiliation and shame of what he has done: everyday. If there was any monetary compensation for his time, it could go to charities to raise awareness about drinking and driving. Of course, taking his drivers licence way forever would also be appropriate.”

Diane Gould, Toronto
(from National post, Monday April 4th, 2016).

I have done work on bringing awareness to this topic and it is hard to know and understand what will motivate someone to make better choices. Maybe this is an option??

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