Swearing in of the 45th President of the USA

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Today the world is polarized: you are either for Trump or against him. There does not seem to be a middle ground.

I don’t follow the crowd and say there are some things that I support Trump on and there are somethings and in particular beliefs that I am wary of. Many articles I have read say it is a time of uncertainty as we don’t know what will really happen with this new administration. We must wait and see.

I did watch the inauguration of the 45th president as Donald J. Trump was sworn in. I listened to him speak and to be frank he has some lofty vision and goals. I do truly believe that he does want to make America Great again. The question everyone asks is how will he do it? And at what cost to the other countries? He has said America first and everyone else second.

To me the numbers show a dichotomy; 45th = 4+5 = 9 and 9 represents the end of a cycle. 2017 = 2+0+1+7 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 which represents the beginning of a new cycle. Perhaps the USA is at the end of a cycle – going against the Establishment and not jus the USA rather the whole work is embarking on a new cycle.

We are all curious to see how this unfolds. As a Canadian I am concerned about the Nafta agreement being revised and how that will impact the Canadian economy. I don’t think it is wise to sit back and wait and see. We, like all countries, need to evaluate who we are as a country, what are our strengths, and what assets do we bring to the table. I wish I could say that I have belief in my own administration, unfortunately I don’t. I think Trudeau made a tactical error when he chose not to go to the Inauguration ceremony today.

2017 is a time for courage and strength, to challenge what is not working and really focus on or create more of what is working or just plain create something new. I feel that the time is right for all of us, not the Donald J. Trump, to step up and be the change. You do not have to be worth billions of dollars to do so. I also hope that countries around the world do not slip into an isolationist thinking and behaviour as we are all from one world and what happens in one part of the world can impact elsewhere. We have seen and experienced this.

In my own work I look to 2017 for year of empowerment, growth, courage and impact. I am looking to partner with the youth to really move forward in creating the youth movement and voice – to use what is working and more importantly create what is not. I cannot tell you exactly how it will look or even how it will unfold. I do feel the time is right for this movement.

I want to end this and say rather than looking at the new Trump administration from a win or loose stance, that you look at it as an opportunity to make changes. Some may be good, some may not, however that is true for any of the previous administrations that came before. Even within my country there is feeling that Trudeau and his group have not accomplished much of anything.

I am not sitting around and waiting to see what will happen. I plan on making it happen. I will call for support from our administration at all levels to stand behind their words, “we support the youth”.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Relax, enjoy, pura vida!

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