What a crazy week!

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I don’t know about you but this has been a week of people choosing or being forced to deal with something from their past that they either ignored or buried and did not deal with. Have any of you experienced this? Can you relate?

It is not just me experiencing this but so many people I know. I am writing about it because I feel that the energy now is supporting this – purging, dealing with, healing and releasing to bring us closer to our truth. Those that continue to turn their cheek or refuse to deal with their truth, are suffering. I have also witnessed this with someone close to me.

I talked about last week planting our seeds. To plant a seed and watch it grow sometimes you need to clear a path for it to do so. So here we are this week clearing the way so we can live the life that we want and choose. But this means acknowledging and addressing that which has blocked us from moving in the direction of truth.

I said last weekend I was going to sit down and write out what I want and “plant my seeds”. I got to it on Monday. It was an interesting process. In many ways I felt like I was setting my intentions but one thing that was different was that I clearly identified behaviour’s that I have that I DO NOT LIKE and want to rid of. I am working to clear the anger I have been holding for so long — it not longer serves me. I know I have the propensity to be critical – this is a “gift” handed to me by my father. It is a behaviour that I took on and one that definitely does not serve me and one I want to hand back to my father. This is not who I want to be nor who I am. The third thing is trusting completely in me. I am just about to finish my book and I am so proud of it and KNOW that others will benefit from it.

So not only did I write what I want I spent more time writing what I want to rid of. There was something that I read that said we are in a time of healing, forgiveness, being complete and releasing until April 16th.

TRUTH – this is where we are at. I was honest with myself, what my “areas of growth” were and I am really ok with it. I know it does not define me and I can change it at any moment.

So what have I seen this week:

1. A very close friend had an issue with her sister that was “buried”, “put aside” three years ago. Interestingly this issue resurfaced but not by her or her sister but by someone else. I told her she needs to address her truth to her sister and in the end come to a decision – agree to disagree and be ok with that, find a common ground – something. She has begun this process and I am proud of her. This issue will resolve itself and she is dealing with it.

2. Someone close to me finally came to a place that he knew he could not live his life the way it was unfolding. He decided that he and his wife really needed to split- for them, for the kids. Unfortunately no action plan was set in place and really that decision was put on hold and while the truth was out there it was being cast aside UNTIL something happened which forced this man to accept his decision and begin acting on it.

For those that know what they need to do and talk about it and do nothing to make a change — you will suffer for you have not made the decision and than created the action steps (you do not need to know all the answers … baby steps is all that it takes)to bring about this change.

You can no longer bury things, claim the victim, put your head in the sand (so to speak) and NOT deal with an issue or situation. It will surface and the truth will come out whether you like it or not.

3. A woman I know was “fired” from her job. She was totally surprised yet her and her boss have not got along and did not see eye to eye – personality clash- for years. This is a gift. I have another friend who also was fired from her job and it was the best thing that happened to her. She was unhappy and kept putting off the decision to leave. Being forced out allowed her to really see what she wanted and in the end she has been hired for the job she really wants. She is excited!

4. Going through divorce- sometimes the truth is speaking our truth and putting your foot down; Not letting people take advantage of you. This is what one close person went through. He has been compliant in all areas of his divorce and finally the universe pushed a situation that bordered on illegal and misconduct from the other side and he stood up for himself and put his foot down and said NO. I am really proud of him.

For others who need to speak up, speak their truth … the time is now. You do not have to come from a place of anger or meanness. Rather, come from knowing and calm. You will find, as I have, that coming from this way you attract more of what you want.

If you did not take the time last week to determine where you want to plant the seeds, where you want to “weed” from your life, please do so. Truth will prevail. It may appear as though you are suffering when you address an issue but in truth you are just moving through and releasing that which has held you — for days, weeks and even years.

Its time to be in the driver seat, take responsibility for our actions and choices. Enjoy the ride!

Have a great weekend.

With all of my love,


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