Look at life as a blank slate

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You have a choice to go completely into fear and worry what the next year or even four years will bring or you can take control of YOUR life. The USA has just elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. Like it or not he’s there to stay, for now. Who knows what the next three months, six months, year or four will bring. Some predict an impeachment, some predict he might be assassinated and some predict that he might just do a good job. I don’t know and nor do you.

What I do know is that its time, right now, to take back you power and decide what YOUR life will look like in the next three month, six months,or year. Every year I set my intentions for the year and about half way through I look at what I have accomplished and what has manifested for me and check in to ask myself: Is this where I want my life to be. I know that if I plant the seeds today for what I desire and follow with action, belief and trust and then let it go and just go back to my day to day activities, that often, more than not, things begin to change.

Last year in May I decided to sell my house. I did this to free myself from what has been holding me for the last 10 years. This choice was difficult in that I didn’t know what lay ahead however I knew I could not be doing more of the same to get the same result. So I decided to sell and in retrospect, six+ months later, it was a great decision. I found a home on my same street, my kids are thrilled and financially it put me into a space that is allowing me to breathe and really think about how I want my life to unfold over the next year or so.

I am now ion the midst of planting my seeds for the next six months. I see expansion and growth as part of my vocabulary. I will not allow what is going on in the world to deter me. That is fear-based and I won’t go there.

I don’t know where you are at in your life but I ask that you sit down and take stock: are you happy? Doing what you like? Spending time with people you like and care about? Being good to yourself and listening to your needs? These are just a few questions you can ask yourself. When you ask yourself if you are happy or not, pleas do not go into blame – we are all responsible for our own happiness. Even in a situation (work, marriage, kids, finances, etc.) we are contributors to this outcome. Perhaps part of this exercise is to see what part we are playing.

The good news is that we can change this at any time. Don’t be hard on yourself…. just accept where you are at and decide where you want to be three, six or twelve months from now. Then decide how you can go about achieving this. Decide who you need to turn to for assistance and/or guidance. Most of all, know you are exactly where you are meant to be and please do not beat yourself up. (I’m also good at that!)

I want to wish all of you a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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We are in a period of tremendous growth

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I am finding that people are falling into 2 categories: those that are open and aware and thus finding tremendous growth AND those that are still unaware and not open to growing and learning their lesson(s).

For those that are open to challenging themselves and their paradigms and beliefs are finding that while the path can be uncomfortable and difficult, the result is that the person is coming closer to their greatness and who they are and want to be. I didn’t say it was easy or fun. In fact, it can be quite stressful at the moment and time of the lesson, learning or awareness. However, once you move through the moment, the outcome is tremendous. There is much more clarity and awareness which allows you to make decisions which are in your best interest and closer to your truth.

I am seeing this all around me. I do surround myself with these people. One, because that is what I have asked for in my life and second I am constantly challenging my own self to follow my truth and intuition and then lead by example. I recently sent out a letter to my mastermind group that I am so proud of the evident growth I have seen amongst the participants — and yes, that includes me. I have also seen thing amongst my friends and finally with the person I am dating.

I know that breaking cycles and shifting paradigms takes work and time. Again, it is not always that easy especially if you have been behaving or doing things a certain way for years if not decades.

For those not open or aware of their choices and decisions and like to blame others rather than take their accountability and responsibility I am seeing suffering. This suffering takes many shapes and forms. For some it is that they are allowing their ego to direct them away from their truth and into a life and circumstance that may “sound good” or for the time being “makes them feel better”. For others it is even more evident: physical and/or mental challenges. I am seeing this in a few people that I know.

I have talked about this amongst my more spiritual and aware friends — the world will continue to bring us lessons and crazy weather patterns until we realize that we are one and that we truly need to start thinking of ourselves as connected and one. What it means is those that understand that we are meant to be participants in our life not just the observers, live authentically and with purpose, collaborate and work together to bring about change that is in the best interest of our world: economically, politically, socially and environmentally, and finally to be accountable and responsible for our decisions on both an individual level and collective level, these people will find that their life will manifest and show this. Call it success in their life, work, family, finances, health and so on (true abundance in all areas) or call it luck. I do not believe in chance. I believe that we are responsible for our outcomes.
It also means that those that are unaware will suffer, some tremendously. It may present itself in terms of a breakdown in your family, health, financial, work or other related areas.

The great news is that we can change this at any time. It requires being fully accountable and responsible for our choices and actions. There is no other way. In order to move to where you want in your life, you need to first know and understand where you are currently at. This kind of evaluation takes courage and honesty. It is baby steps. It does not have to happen all at one time. Break down the situation into smaller pieces and evaluate that way if you find it easier. I personally know how challenging it can be to grow in areas of your life, especially if all you have known is one way. Find a support group that will love and honour you and yes, challenge you. That is what I did. I have been wanting to open up to love and a relationship for a while now however it has not been easy. Consciously I knew what I wanted however I was not in the same place sub-consciously. Due to my past and previous belief system I did not feel that I was deserving of love. I have a good friend, who shared with me that my reputation was “she will never let anyone in”. I was surprised and dismissed this. Of course I wanted this. However, when the time came to me opening up I sabotaged these relationships. A needed to shift this pattern. My mastermind group challenged me and pushed me and brought me to a critical point where I really took the leap of faith. It was one of the scariest things I have done — completely trusting in the universe and more importantly myself. I know that I have hurt some people along the way and for that I am truly sorry. I do firmly believe that things happen for a reason and not one I always understand.

It is a humbling experience to take these steps. It forces you to look in the mirror and see what you like and do not like. Now, is the time to do so. Challenge your belief systems and choose to be true to yourself by following your heart. Scary, yes! However what is your option: telling yourself lies that make you feel good for the moment or even right. Is that making you happier? Is it bringing you closer to your truth, passion and who you are and want to be?

Enjoy this weekend and I invite you to begin this path of awareness and growth.

All my love,


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