April Energy: Tips to Thrive in April 2017…

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I don’t know about the rest of you but the last two weeks has been a real shakedown/shake out of stuff in my life. Somethings have gone away suddenly, some things are being questioned as to how or if I want to proceed, in some instances I have decided who I want to work with and surround myself with and those I don’t, and finally some opportunities are opening up to me for me to consider. I am taking it one day at a time and accepting what is coming my way. Perhaps this article will help prepare you for April. We are about to go into mercury retrograde April 9th however you might feel this energy beforehand- things slowing down, communication issues. computer or appliance issues to name a few. It is a good time to review, revisit, and reevaluate. It is not usually a good time to sign contracts. April seems to be a good time to plant the seeds on what you want to move forward on. That’s what I am focussing on — working to get clarity.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and enjoy this article.

All my love,


Tips to Thrive in April 2017

a message from Selacia
Friday, 31 March, 2017

Right now and leading up to the April 10 Full Moon is a perfect time to set in motion new ideas, plans, and projects. The key to success is focus, presence, and acting on what you know with divine timing.

There is an energy of newness in the air. Projects and perhaps some of your relationships can benefit. Invite a knowing of new approaches to key relationships and creative pursuits. Updating your view of what’s possible can create big shifts – even miracles.

Our world remains chaotic and uncertain, the constant dance of events unfolding even shocking at times. As I’ve written about recently and in my “2017 Predictions,” what we are moving through now is bringing to the surface unprecedented happenings and challenges.

Do not be discouraged. There is plenty of good and abundant opportunities to move through the chaos to discover your best self – and thrive!

The following are some tips for finding your center so you can thrive. Invite your inner wisdom to speak to you as you continue reading.

FIRST, be mindful of challenging energy cycles like the grand cross occurring around the time of the Full Moon. If you are sensitive you may start feeling this days ahead. The key to moving through this is to stay in your heart, avoid reaction, and choose the high road. Not always easy, but do your best. If something triggers you so deeply that you feel stuck, explore akashic records patterns in your DNA.

SECOND, utilize the Mercury Retrograde of April 9 to May 3 to reconfigure things in your life. Inner work is favored and can lead to significant breakthroughs. Dream work is recommended, too, for the dream state can feel deeper and the mysteries you are able to unravel can be profound. Consider a dream journal, noting insights that come to you throughout this cycle.

THIRD, consider reflecting daily about your passions and how you as a soul can express these in more tangible, productive ways. Think big picture and include both everyday tasks and your dream aspirations. The more that your passion is involved in daily living and interactions, the greater the likelihood that you will succeed with big goals. It’s about your energy signature, after all, so keeping that high-frequency is your key to thriving.

FOURTH, aim your sights on April 26 with its New Moon that can provide a marker moment for shifting something significant in your life. Inner work and steps you take beforehand can prepare you for a mega transformation. This may involve an issue you have struggled with this past year, a goal that has been just beyond reach, or even something outside your radar.

FIFTH, give yourself the gift of time and space daily to simply be still and go within. You are a quantum being, operating on many levels beyond your awareness. Your consciousness needs moments of stillness to be able to assimilate your experiences and to be fed by the divine.

Copyright 2017 by Selacia – a globally known writer, DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and the creator of The Divine Changemakers * All Rights Reserved * http://selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this entire copyright notice, with link back to website, and the full article text.

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Words to inspire…

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I was reading Sarah-Jane’s Spirit Library message and I resonated with part of what she said. I wanted to share with you:

“The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence, sometimes we need to accept that the grass is what we make of it and if we give the grass under our feet more attention than the seemingly rich green grass over yonder, we can begin to grow, fertilise and tender what we have.”

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This month is all about resetting and new beginnings. We have endured 2 eclipses, the Equinox and full moon. The energy has been intense and as we are seeing around the world — some craziness.

Fear, anger, worry.. Many people are feeling these emotions. Yet this weekend, in particular, is a time for celebration; to celebrate living. Some may ask, “How can we celebrate when so many seem to be in despair?” I have a friend who lives in Belgium and I asked how he was. He said he and his family are ok. Of course there is concern but like those living in countries where “safety” is constantly compromised, he said, “Anyway, we continue to live.” Of course that sentiment will be played out differently depending who you are.

Living is our only choice. Somehow this weekend find a way to shield yourself from the drama that exists in the world. Do not allow yourself to get sucked into all the fear. That is when the ego begins to play with you.

Of course be aware of what is going on. However do not let it affect your ability to live. For those that can celebrate these wonderful holidays with your family and friends, enjoy every moment. Be in the moment.

All we can do is to create our own life and surroundings. Each day I ask for peace and calm to be in my life. I want to believe that there is not a person who wishes otherwise. Unfortunately there are some; those that wish to destroy. I cannot change that or them. I can only control me.

I love the meditation for today from Doreen Virtue: Shield Yourself. She says, “Be the candle who turns on the light and darkness goes away. You are a bright light.”

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. And for those celebrating all the best to you and your families.

All my love,


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2016 Chinese New Year: Fire Monkey Year

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Here are the words from Selacia. Last year was a tough one for most of us. Let’s make 2016 a different year. I cannot guarantee smooth sailing however I think each of us learned a lot about ourselves and the world around us in the last few years. Now it is time to make different choices for different outcomes; think, believe and behave from your heart energy: your truth.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Like many of you I’ll be watching Super Bowl 50!

All my love,


A new Chinese New Year is about to begin – with some key energies you will want to take advantage of and understand on a personal level. In this article I provide insights and some helpful preparations you can apply in your life. This indeed can be a significant year for you, full of new opportunities to be more of who you are destined to be. Knowing this, seize these moments and actively participate in creating your best self to date.

For most people, 2015 had quite challenging moments and 2016 so far has had its share of wild energies. The world is like a grand chaotic melting pot at the moment – thousands of years of evolution coming to an apex and complex sets of unresolved issues coming to the forefront.

Feeling the Apex Moment

The more conscious you are, the more you will feel this apex moment, simply because awareness makes you awake to what is.

Don’t be afraid or make the chaos into something bad. It’s not something to fight. Do, however, stay present and use your tools of awareness to stay centered and in balance. As you do this, you can take advantage of the good that’s coming and you will have fewer challenges when things are rocky.

Fire Monkey Year

February 8 at the New Moon is the official start of the fire monkey year – the monkey being the 9th sign in the Chinese zodiac – with some significant differences from the previous goat year. Some trends – like the world’s mega-restructuring and roller-coaster energies – will continue.

Differences between the two years will range from the subtle to the dramatic. You will want to pay attention to these, regardless of the year you were born and your Chinese animal in the zodiac that year.

There are different types of monkey years – each corresponding to an element. The last fire monkey year was in 1956 – so any of you born then are fire monkeys, and for you this year could be very significant.

One reason for this: fire monkeys are the most active of all types of monkeys and they tend to take a leadership role. The fiery energy they carry needs to be channeled into productive directions, though – it’s very strong! One trait of fire monkeys is competitiveness and sometimes impulsiveness – and these energies, if not managed, can lead to problems.

This background is being mentioned here because whether or not you are a monkey or fire monkey in the Chinese zodiac, this is a year when you likely will be encountering these energies in the world.

Examples of challenging energies: if you have loved ones or colleagues carrying the fire monkey energy, you may notice some explosive tempers, impatience, bad timings, and power manipulation.

Positive attributes of fire monkeys may also be seen: creativity, cleverness, openness to risk taking, flexibility to go in new directions, socializing to hear the views of others, having imagination and intuition, being very energetic, curious, and able to see what others don’t see.

Both the positive and challenging qualities of fire monkeys will be playing out this year on the world stage – between groups of people, between countries, and between humans and other species.

You will notice this in your family and circle of friends. It will play out at the workplace regardless of what type of work you do or whether you work independently or for someone else.

You will see it when you go out in public – like to shop in a market or to drive across town in traffic.

You have just experienced the goat year, with a more yin or feminine energy than monkey years. Monkeys have much more fire and are more prone to lash out if they don’t get their way.

Relationship Mastery Vital

Keep this in mind as you encounter others this year. Mastery within relationships continues as a vital element in your success on all levels.

Do what you can to find the middle path of balance, and to be the one who takes the high road of spirit.

When you are in situations involving intensity and polarized views, check in regularly with your intuition and common sense about how to respond.

Be the one in your circle who avoids reaction. Go to your heart and connect with a sense of calm before you say or do things.

This calendar year of 2016, as described in my Predictions Message, is to be a time when people will focus on truth and justice. Those themes coming more to light in a monkey year are likely to dominate discussions on both individual and global levels.

Because monkey energy can lead to surprising developments, watch for sudden agreements and breakthroughs not possible before.

It may seem like a bolt out the blue, something no one expected happening – perhaps in a big and dramatic way.

Some of the changes to unfold will become historical markers for progress creating the kind of world you want to live in.

Watch for news involving global climate, energy resources, and peace. Look for new developments in technology. Years like this can bring previously futuristic inventions into the mainstream, with potentials for significant positive changes in how life is lived.

Historical Markers in Monkey Years

On the other hand, some big bolts out of the blue may not be welcome news. For historical reference, in the last fire monkey year of 1956 there was the Suez Crisis and related oil rationing. There were also revolutions in Hungary and Cuba that year.

Personal Level Things to Know

On a personal level, here are some things to know.

For optimal success in this monkey year, you want to be grounded and in your heart so you can be open to new ideas and directions.

Individual Actions the Key

Individual actions are the key to your progress – appropriate actions you take with divine timing, common sense, and intuitive knowing.

This is not the year to give your power away to others, especially institutions and societal structures that are in the process of major overhaul.

This in short is the best year to date for applying your divine changemaker tools and conscious awareness. It is a year to apply all that you have learned and mastered over lifetimes.

You will want to reach deep into your spiritual toolbox to access and perfect skills you began developing long ago.

These skills will be needed in this monkey year.

Approaching Challenging Situations

You will see plenty of situations that challenge you. Your role, however, is to stay in your divine power and avoid taking on the negativity you see around you.

Do not get discouraged this year if you see societal changes that seem to take humanity back to another less enlightened time.

The dance of polar opposites is still quite active this year. Know, however, that it is part of the world’s mega shift.

Keep the following in mind.

When the people of the Earth awaken to truth about something – the collective updating its view of what is appropriate or acceptable – people do not forget that truth.

People can, however, in a temporary way, be influenced through fear to adjust their thinking.

It can be shocking when this happens, but remember that it is not permanent.

Light and truth will prevail.

Remember your true power to create. It is vast and boundless!

You are encoded to be here to witness the world’s chaos and to be a pivotal force of positive change.

Trust that you are loved and supported each step of the way!

Copyright 2016 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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2016 Yearly Astro Forecast

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Yearly Astro-Forecast For 2015

Sarah-Jane Grace
a message from Sarah-Jane Grace
Friday, 1 January, 2016 (posted 4 January, 2016)

Message for 2016

It’s hard to look ahead to the coming year without looking back over the previous twelve months as this gives us a reference point and a sense of context. 2015 has unquestionably been a challenging and difficult year for a great many souls as we have felt wave after wave crashing in on the shoreline of our souls. There have been moments of isolation, moments of revelation, moments of despondency and moments of joy. There have been a great many more other moments as well, each one giving us a unique experience and perspective.

Although I rarely mention my own journey, it seems apt now. Personally, 2015 was a year of gazing deeply into the mirror of my soul, both literally and metaphorically, as I confronted the truth of the reflection gazing back at me. I felt translucent at times as though I was both here and not here at the same time. I had days when my world had no foundations and I felt myself falling into oblivion as my solar plexus somersaulted and my soul grieved deeply for the disconnection I felt so acutely and so exquisitely within. I had other days when I felt able to discern each and every individual atom within me resonating and vibrating in tune with the universal orchestra, feeling creative and full of passion and energy. Admittedly I’m not alone feeling this way as it seems to be a common theme amongst a great many of us.

It’s been a complicated and complex time as the oscillation has been extreme, reaching deeply into the very core of our souls, ripping up the fabric of our being and leaving us feeling naked and bare as facades were washed away revealing an intense rawness as the truth started to tentatively reach out into the sunlight like a daffodil on a crisp, spring day. The truth has been hard to face as it feels sharper and clearer than ever before; it’s as though we’ve cleared a layer of mist away from our eyes and everything is closer and more real as a result.

Anaïs Nin once wrote: ‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’. These words beautifully describe the process of 2015 as it encapsulates the essence of the opening bud of our souls as we broke open and blossomed. Blossoming is surely the theme for 2016 as intuitively we sense our souls expanding as we breathe deeply into life, allowing life to breathe deeply into us. There are no clear cut instructions or a newly emerging rulebook to follow in order to take the next steps in our evolution as it is a natural process; just like the bud blossoming, our souls burst open into the light. There is no ‘do’, just allowing. Resistance is understandable as we step into unknowable terrain, but change is inevitable and resistance only makes the process harder. This isn’t the same as giving up, it’s about courage and vulnerability as we face the truth and choose to move closer to it.

Of course this sounds very poetic and the reality has been somewhat more edgy than this, however we seem ready now to allow the process of blossoming to continue as we become one with this moment and step more consciously into life. As our connection grows and deepens, our senses enrich the experience as every moment becomes brighter and clearer; we hear the birdsong, see the sunsets, feel the rain on our skin and wholeheartedly breathe into life as we journey though life one step, and one day, at a time…

I wish you a bright, happy, healthy and joyful year ahead.

With love,



Your year ahead looks set to be a year of self-discovery and re-invention as you embark on a new chapter of your life. Whilst forward is your usual default setting, more recently you have spent some time looking backwards over the path you’ve walked and the decisions you’ve made. As a result, you’ve gained a deeper understanding of your true motivations as you’ve realised just how much of your essence you give to others in order to try to be the person you feel you ought to be. Although it’s important not to dwell on past choices and decisions, it is important to learn and evolve from them. 2016 is therefore your year to face the mirror of your soul in order to take an honest and wholehearted look at your reflection in order to reconnect to the truth of all that you are. Trying to be the person others want you to be makes for a challenging existence as no two people want the same of you.

So, rather than scattering your essence through time and space in an attempt to be everything to everyone, your focus over the coming year shifts within as you begin to truly contemplate what it means to be everything to yourself. This isn’t a selfish act but it is a necessary one as being true to you is the key to happiness, wholeness and well-being, and when you feel balanced, you are then able to consciously and willingly give to others without self-sacrificing in the process. There is an undeniable air of excitement and anticipation gaining momentum for you over the coming year as you embrace a more conscious and more fulfilling life…


2016 looks set to be a year of innovation, invention and creativity as the winds of change continue to gather momentum inspiring you to take some big, bold steps towards the realisation of your dreams. You have long been something of a practical realist in life although recently you have shifted into ‘dreamer’ mode as the gap between where you are and where you want to be has felt decidedly capacious and big; as a result, you have found yourself contemplating the bigger picture and universal whole far more than you’re used to. However, having said this, perhaps you have always been a dreamer, it’s just that you’ve denied and resisted it in order to keep on keeping on? Only you can answer that question but there is a powerful surge of creativity rising up from within you as you start to explore beyond the self-created boundaries of your limitless and expansive soul.

In some ways, having such an inspirational and imaginative year may feel slightly frustrating as you do like having some ‘meat on the bone’ when it comes to clarity, direction and choices. Although you like the idea of freedom and expansion, they take you out of your comfort zone and into that gap between where you are and where you want to be. On the surface, this would therefore appear to be an amazing opportunity to stride forwards but you have grown used to the distraction of having things to do, people to see and places to go, always being busy but never really making the headway you want when it comes to your dreams. Sometimes it’s easier to be busy as taking a chance in unknown terrain feels inherently risky but you seem ready now to take a chance on your dreams and expand deeper into your limitless self…


Being you is rarely a simple or straightforward matter; being you involves experiencing a multitude of thoughts, ideas and emotions, on a multitude of levels, often all at the same time. Thinking, contemplating and philosophising comes very naturally to you but your head is so busy it can be hard for you to find any quiet time to go within, to breathe deeply and to be at one with your true nature. You have spent much of your life getting to know your true nature but just how well do you really know yourself? Have you got to the depths of your being or have you merely scratched the surface? Have you discovered all of your quirks and nuances or have you covered them over with a bright shiny bow? These are big questions for you to contemplate over the coming year as you are nearing a point of breakthrough. Gazing into the mirror of the soul takes strength, but actually seeing and hearing the truth of what resides there takes great courage.

2016 looks set to be a year of insight and wisdom as you strip back layers to your soul in order to reveal a stronger, more assertive and more balanced you. Knowing yourself is the key to being yourself, loving yourself and honouring yourself as none of these can flow until you truly know your depths. Of course, digging deeply is not all sweet and rosy as soul gazing can bring up a plethora of emotions which could prove challenging, yet, you seem more than ready now to lean into these emotions as they lean into you allowing a growing sense of freedom to emerge as you set yourself free and start loving your complexities, quirks and imperfections wholeheartedly as integral and wonderful components of your true essence…


The unforgettable Forrest Gump once said ‘Life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get’. It feels like an extremely apt quote for you as there is a sense of both surprise and delight on many layers of your life over the coming year; a sense of tingles of anticipation alongside the lure of chocolaty indulgence unless of course you’re unlucky enough to pick a coffee crème or some other chocolate that everyone hates (the one’s that usually sit in the box going white with age). You are quite an intuitive soul and before you even open the box, you know there will be a few chocolates you’d rather avoid. At the same time, you are also quite a cautious soul so you are presented with a dilemma: play Russian roulette and hope you get your favourite or keep the box closed in case you pick something distasteful. That’s without even thinking about the calorie content of the box…

So, this seemingly whimsical quote is showing you your complexity as you wrestle with different pathways to follow in life. At heart you are definitely a Russian roulette player, taking a chance on the unknown and allowing your creativity to lead the way. However, your head likes to contemplate every statistical possibility and the chances of picking a duff chocolate are quite high. 2016 presents you with a third and fourth choice: to look at the selection card tucked in the back of the box that you’ve strangely never thought to pick up or, more courageously, to make some chocolates of your own. A fifth option would be to give up chocolate completely but that would be unthinkable wouldn’t it?! Chocolate analogies aside, the coming year looks set to shift the balance of power back into your hands…


Gazing back over the past year, you would be forgiven for feeling a little giddy at the somewhat rapid pace of change and evolution that’s occurred in your life. Whilst much of this evolution is on an inner level, there are threads of change that have woven their way into most aspects of your life. There were moments when you wanted nothing more than a chance to rest and reflect on the shifts you were experiencing and there were also moments when you whooped in delight as you rode the crests of the waves as they came rolling in, one after another, after another. It would seem prudent to suggest you don’t rest too heavily on your laurels though as 2016 looks set to be a year of continuing evolution (and even revolution) as you begin to master the art of surfing and begin to enjoy the thrill of the ride; in short, you are no longer being carried along by the currents like a piece of driftwood, you are conscious and awake, feeling connected to every ebb and flow that occurs.

Life is, by its very nature, full of uncertainty, a fact that frequently frustrates you, but by accepting the unknowable nature of your existence, you have reached a point of breakthrough when it comes to living more consciously and wholeheartedly in the present moment. As a result, you are letting go of old beliefs and ideals that no longer serve a positive role in your life and you are sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to givers and takers. It seems you are now on a fast-track pathway to evolved and enlightened living, and with each new wave comes a stronger sense of self and a more powerful awareness of joy…


As you continue to warm your fingers and toes on the heat of the fire within your soul, there is a sense of well-being and contentment rising up from the depths of your being. Of course, life isn’t perfect, but has it ever been? Indeed, is a perfect life actually possible or achievable? Who decides what perfection is? It seems that despite the inner glow radiantly shining from your soul, your mind is still determined to seek out answers and clarity, even to questions that don’t, as yet, have answers. In fact, with you being you, there are answers you are seeking to questions you haven’t even asked yet! Your probing and enquiring mind is a gift as it makes you innovative, creative and wise, yet there are times when thinking can cloud the simplicity of the moment, taking you away from being at one with the warm fires within as you wrestle to think about why things are the way they are, what happens next and so on.

2016 looks set to be a year of calming your mind in order to allow your more intuitive side to surface and blossom. Whilst your mind is a powerful tool that inspires you to expand and grow, sometimes it’s important to step beyond the realm of the mind in order to centre yourself in your soul. This may initially feel slightly uncomfortable as it’s unfamiliar, but the more you trust and let go in this space, the more at home you will feel enabling you to feel a true and genuine sense of contentment from the fire within. At the same time, from this space of relative inner quiet, a new pathway looks set to emerge inspiring you to capture your creativity and channel it in a brand new way…


You have never really considered yourself to be a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ kind of person; you see the glass as both half full and half empty at the same time. Your tendency to see the bigger picture can bring a great sense of balance to your life but it can also end up confusing you as you strive to see all sides to all situations. Whilst you do see the glass of life as half full and half empty, you also the recycling potential of the glass as well as contemplating learning how to blow glass in order to make your own. At the same time, you also see beyond the concept of a glass completely as you look to the contents of the glass and wonder what resides in the seemingly ‘empty’ space. You certainly are thorough when it comes to your philosophies in life!

Your vision is a great gift as it enables you to see beyond your current situation towards the vast plethora of pathways and avenues ahead as well as a strong awareness of both the past and the present at the same time. Your wisdom is beyond your years, indeed, it is beyond comprehension, but it needs to be handled with care as it’s all too easy to get drawn into over-thinking and over-analysing as you ponder the meaning of life and the meaning of your own existence. 2016 looks set to bring you an opportunity to embrace your wisdom, humour and creativity more wholeheartedly as you explore some new dimensions of your seemingly infinite mind. Life is never as easy as ‘black or white’ as there are infinite possibilities and outcomes. As a result, expect the unexpected, believe in yourself and allow your phenomenal wisdom to lead the way…


2016 looks set to be a year of magic, mystery and wonder for you as you broaden your horizons and expand your consciousness. These are mighty words and they sound amazing but what do they actually mean? Expand your consciousness? What horizons? Magic? As a creative soul, you know the power of words and the energy they carry so intuitively you sense the wisdom in the opening sentence as it speaks to your soul. However, there is a part of you somewhat flustered and fed up with nebulousness, spiritual awakenings and energetic contemplations as you want something more concrete to grab hold of in order to move your life from here to there. Yet, where exactly is there? You know that here is where you are now and you intuitively know you are ready to embrace change, but until you have a clearer sense of ‘there’ how can you make the journey? Are you trying to run before you can walk?

Life always brings new pathways to explore and you have rarely truly thought through the full consequences and possibilities of the avenues you have taken as you have trusted your intuition and allowed it to lead the way. So why is this different? Why shouldn’t you simply trust your intuition and go with the flow? Well, this is a possibility but it’s you that’s seeking out something more concrete, no one else! The magic, mystery and wonder wrapped into the coming year are all a part of a powerful shift that’s occurring deep within you, inspiring you to capture the true essence of the expansive nature of your existence. Intuitively you know the ‘concrete’ is actually a willingness to step wholeheartedly into the power of the moment as you allow your consciousness to expand and your horizons to come to you…


There is little else that invokes such a powerful sense of freedom and space within you as watching a bird soaring high above you, gliding across the sky. You feel a deep sense of kin with the bird as you are a free-spirit at heart and you thrive on travelling lightly through life. It therefore seems fitting that the bird is a powerful metaphor for you over the coming year as flying free looks set to be an important mantra for you as, despite your free-spirited soul, there is a sense you have become tangled up in the knots of life as you have taken on increasing roles of responsibility and challenged yourself to learning more and expanding your mind. Whilst it’s true that standing still in one place would be unquestionably tedious and onerous for you, there is a chance that pushing yourself to grab hold of every opportunity and possibility that rises up in your consciousness could be taxing even your limits. Carrying too much on any level can weigh you down and add weight to your soul. As a result, the little bird that wants to fly free has a great deal of baggage to check in but no way of stowing it without remaining grounded.

Lightening the load may sound like an easy goal but you are wise enough to know that letting go and cutting ties can be challenging and even painful. Yet, your longing to be the free-spirit once again is strong and you seem ready to de-clutter your life in order to live more simply and more richly. Have faith in yourself, trust your instincts and allow your little bird to fly free as you carefully select your true priorities and have the courage to let the rest go…


Happiness. There’s a word for you for 2016! In truth, there’s not much more to add to your reading and although you love succinct and direct statements, even you would struggle to know what to do with a single word. Or would you? Does happiness need any clarification? Surely happiness is just the business of being happy? Isn’t happiness joy and contentment? Isn’t happiness what happens when everything’s good in life and you’re feeling tickety-boo? Well, yes, but not exactly. Happiness isn’t quite the default setting that pops up when ‘everything’s good’; what does that even mean? When everything’s ‘fixed’? When there are no challenges to overcome? Is it actually possible to reach such a stage, after all, life is changing constantly with new challenges emerging with each passing day? So, is happiness a state of being that’s not possible to achieve because you’ll never get to the point of everything being good as that point perpetually moves? Wow. All that from one word. Happiness is a word often flipped about without due care or consideration. Everyone wants to be happy but without a clear definition of what happiness actually means how is it possible to achieve it? So many questions…

2016 looks set to be a year for you to grasp the true meaning of happiness, not as a state of being to strive for, but as a state of being to embrace in the here and now. Life is full of up’s and down’s: always has been, always will be. Perhaps happiness is more a state of mind and being in a place of balance in your life? At the end of the day, only you can shape your own definition of happiness, but own it, become it and live it…


2016 looks set to intensify your connection to the spiralling galaxies and dancing comets in the great sky above, it also looks set to intensify your connection to your own depths and to the intricate workings of your mind. You are an expansive soul with an expansive outlook on the world, and you love nothing more than gazing into the vast sky above and feeling a sense of relatedness to the infinite space that resides there. The nebulous nebula and trillions of stars intrigue and inspire you to step beyond your boundaries in order to blaze a trial into unknowable terrain. You thrive on the kaleidoscope of the cosmos that dances within your soul as it inspires you to live life to the full and to embrace your true essence. Of course, there is a risk of becoming lost in the maze of metaphors which so beautifully describe your essence as it can be hard for you to know where you end and everything begins.

Whilst you intuitively know there are no clear endings, in order to gain a stronger sense of self and a clearer sense of direction, it seems important to at least try to achieve some semblance of containment otherwise you may end up feeling lost. Although you know you can never truly be lost, your head is nudging you to buy a GPS or map to give yourself the best possible chance for the best possible year ahead. Your heart may feel happy to gaze into the starry depths, trusting all will be well, but your head wants some peace of mind! Your year ahead looks set to be full of revelation and discovery, opportunity and adventure as your dance with the stars warms your heart and soul…


As the cycle of life continues and you step into another new year, there is a slight sense of trepidation as to what may, or may not, lie ahead. Although you do not spend long pondering such things, you are keen to make 2016 a brighter and more inspirational year than 2015. It’s not that 2015 was particularly dark or un-inspirational but you are always keen to build on your experiences, fine-tuning them and ironing out the creases. You seem quite devoted to moving forwards and never standing still, however, deep within your soul is a longing for some stillness, peace and tranquillity. This longing is more than a whisper but you’ve not heard it, or is it the case that you’ve been ignoring it? You can stand with your fingers in your ears going ‘la la la’ loudly in an attempt not to hear this longing, but it’s there: big, bold and getting louder. Yet, it seems important to ask yourself why you’re so keen not to acknowledge this longing.

Is the idea of stillness so abhorrent you must resist it at all costs or are you worried that the stillness will wash away the distractions you’ve been busying yourself with leaving you with the cold light of day? What is it about the stillness that concerns you? Why is the stillness ‘cold light of day’ rather than the blissful, heart-warming truth? Sometimes it is hard to face the stillness as the truth of your life resides there and shining a light on this can be a wake up call, reminding you of all of those things (dreams and plans) you have put on the shelf for a rainy day. However, this is your moment to re-ignite the fire within, to fan flames of those dreams and to boldly go where you have never gone before…

You are encouraged to share articles as long as copyright and contact information are always included. Thank you for your courtesy. Sarah-Jane Grace www.sarahjanegrace.com
Copyright © 2006-2015 Sarah-Jane Grace. All Rights Reserved

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I wanted to share this blog and am a big supporter of Kelly M. Beard:

May-June 2015 Energetic Support

Kelly M. Beard
a message from Kelly M. Beard
Tuesday, 2 June, 2015
Transitional *SUMMER/FALL* of 2015

June-Aug ~ Jupiter in LEO / Last: Aug 2002 – Aug 2003 ~
12-yr Cycle to Activate & Expand How You Express Your Truth & Tell Your Story
June-Sept ~ Saturn in SCORPIO / Last: Dec 1982 – Dec 1985 ~
28-yr Cycle to Improve & Fortify the Nutrient & Protection of Your SoulSelf
June-Oct ~ Venus in LEO + Rx / Last: June-Oct 2007 ~
8-yr Cycle to Realign Your Values, Priorities & Resources with Your Heart
In General ~ the Mercury Retro thru GEMINI suggests great support for pulling back where/when possible to really process the last 3-6 months. Mars & Venus are active throughout this time, though in very different ways. Mars will engage Saturn, Neptune & Chiron in the Mutable Signs of Gemini/Sag and Pisces, which suggests we have to do Virgo consciously to balance things out. Also, it means there is a lot of mental/emotional *processing* going on that needs grounding in the body to get the most/best out of the recent revelations.

Venus will engage the Nodes, Uranus & Pluto in the Cardinal Signs of Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn. Venus in Cancer values protection, personal security & nourishment. This makes the social/collective activations very personal, so there are a lot of choices & decisions on the table that should be run through the *feeling* filter first (gut response). The choices/decisions innately right for you, will feel right fairly immediately & the retrograde will allow you to pause & cultivate a positive, effective response (for later).

Mercury in GEMINI ~ April 30th – July 8th

Retro: 5/18 – Direct: 6/11 ~ #2 of 3 Retro in Air Signs 2015

With the above Mars/Venus activations in mind for the first part of Mercury’s process, it would be prudent to know the Air Houses in your chart as they will be most affected this year and remember this is a 5-year process, so the last time Mercury did this was 2008: can you see any correlations to the current shifts in your thinking, consciousness and/or self-expression? Any correlations to your choices & decisions, then & now? in your relationships (public & private), then & now? Try not to work outward, engaging others just yet (ie, letters, conversations, worldly communications) but rather, use this time to inwardly review your own thoughts, ideas, concepts & perceptions of your Self & your world, make the inner connections, then consider the Story your life tells & edit.

SAG Full Moon (6/2) / GEMINI New Moon (6/16) ~ This lunation is continuing the work of various 2012Initiations. Think of this as the First Test of all that you birthed within and around you during the crossover of 2010-2013. What were you doing? Learning? Teaching? Healing? Remembering? And who were you doing it with? Who is still around and who cleared space for the people you have now? This is the final transformational piece of the *3 High Moons of Spring*: what have you learned in the last 3-6mos about who you are & what you want? and how you do feel vs how you want to feel? This Gemini/Sag lunation is also participating in all of the above with Mercury & Mars in Gemini plus Saturn in Sag, plus Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. It’s really time to make the connection between your thoughts & feelings, as well as all 6-Senses, and begin to practice aligning your desires & actions with your clear insights & gut instincts that guide & protect you throughout your life, you need only fortify the connection on a regular basis.

May/June 2015

There is a very specific *party* going on this May/June 2015, one we have every year with Sun + Mercury in Gemini, however, this year Mercury extends its stay and Mars, who can only come every 2-years, is there too, so it is much livelier & more spirited than usual! Said another way, the usual springtime infusion of new ideas & concepts of your Self and your life (that we get every year around Gemini time) has strong additional implications this year, and slightly counter-intuitive ones at that! Mercury Retro says it’s time to pull back and review EVERYTHING and Mars says it’s time to ACT on the ideas that have you fired up and full of clarity & purpose! Ughhh! What to do!?

Energies & Lessons ~ Gemini/Sag/Virgo/Pisces

My first recommendation is to check in with the Weekly Forecast which has details for each planetary interaction, and practical advice for navigating in general. Another thing to consider is the Sign *Energies & Lessons* which, at this time, have to do with what we think & believe, as well as how we express Self & communicate with Other (Gemini/Sag/Pisces). It’s all fairly intangible, having much more to do with feelings, ideas, thoughts, concepts & perceptions until you get to the one missing piece: Virgo, whose lesson is all about honoring natural timing and trusting the body, as well as its (many) *Systems & Processes* that support & protect your physical form. Can you see how what you feel, think & believe affects your health so directly?

Saturn in Sagittarius ~ 2015-2017

All of the above is the personal planets and thus affects those with Gemini/Sag/Virgo/Pisces in their charts, however, Saturn is coming to the Sag-party later this year and it is a social planet, that moves a lot slower (2-3 years in each sign) and affects larger groups of people at the same time. Saturn, the planet of our definitions, physical limitations & 3D/reality, is finishing up Scorpio work (June-Sept) but will re-enter Sag for a solid 2+ year renovation of our belief systems: do they support & protect you or put you in possible danger because they are incongruent with the reality you are currently living? So in addition to the many Initiations going on this Spring, Saturn is going to come in during the Fall to illuminate things from a higher perspective and push you to ground, contain & direct all that you’ve been ‘thinking’, ‘dreaming’ or ‘talking’ about for the last few months-to-the-last 28-years. All this influx of higher frequencies and higher consciousness since 2012 alone, not to mention, alllll the learning we’ve done since 1985-1988, must be rebirthed (redefined) and grounded into a workable belief system that supports & protects you, your body and your consciousness, in the here & now.

(Kelly-Quote from 2007 Venus audio: If you’re gonna redefine your reality, then be prepared to rebuild it too!)

Feel the *Liberation* from the Old Story

Your ideas & inspirations (Gemini) are a reflection of what you believe (Sag) to be possible, for you, others or the planet. When you are ready to experience life in a new way, often you need only ‘think’ it (and almost always when you ‘feel’ it) and the molecules start moving to facilitate that physical experience or manifestation. The more conscious awareness you give to directing your thoughts & feelings, trying things in a new way, learning along the way, and developing your own theories about how life really works (for you), then the more effective you become and living your physical reality can be safer & more comfortable, even lighter & brighter! Feel the *Liberation* from the Old Story, the things which are no longer true (if they ever were). Feel that release from any literal or figurative bondage, especially self-imposed mental/emotional prisons. Then, ground in your body and trust the evolved, emerging Truth … and prepare to tell the evolved, emerging Story! Saturn in Sag will help us all ground a Higher Truth and tell a more interesting Story over the next couple of years.

Creating a Foundation of Truth & Integrity

So, that’s Mars (and more Saturn than I had intended ; -)) Now for Venus! who is in Cancer, engaging the Nodes, Uranus & Pluto. This one is affecting my Cardinal Babies the most (Cancer/Capricorn/Aries/Libra). And where Mars may be working on which actions really express your personal Truth & Purpose, at this time, Venus is working on what will feed, support & protect you while you honor the inevitable changes that come during such monumental personal, social & collective shifts (like now). Right now ALL your *Fundamentals* have been affected and a radical realignment of ALL relationships (public & private) is underway. All of them have to be renegotiated & reestablished to support & protect Life! Resistance is optional. Change is mandatory. Choose what means the most to you, deep in your heart-of-hearts, and has endured to support you and begin there … building the NEW Base & Structure of your life, that supports & protects a foundation of Truth & Integrity for you, by your own definition.

Summer Activations ~ Another thing I look at when there is a *convergence* of energies & lessons (activated by planetary alignments) is the first & last of these activations. I can always find a theme emerging that we can follow to be more effective. In this case, the first one is Mercury/Saturn (5/3) and the last one is Sun/Mars (6/14). This gives us a 6-week window that starts with what we think about our current reality, then Mercury retrogrades (5/18 – 6/11) to review all those thoughts, ideas, stories etc, hopefully leading to some clarity & action steps by the Sun/Mars activation (6/14).

May/June supports the processing and making the (many) inner connections; June/July supports making choices & decisions based on self-preservation; July/Aug supports the grounding & protection going forward.

Summer Solstice ~ June 21, 2015

But I’m getting ahead of myself ; -)) Right now, we are heading toward Solstice 2015. Consider where you were, what you were doing & who you were with one year ago, Summer Solstice/June 2014. I was blessed to be with Shanta Gabriel on Mt. Shasta, Activating the Stargate of the Heart!

(http://www.ShantaGabriel.com/solstice-retreat-in-mt-shasta/) I had a powerful personal initiation on this sacred mountain that has taken the entire year just to begin to wrap my brain around what my heart & body experienced, as well as the new Path it put me on going forward! I have also heard from many of you, and my Power Circle Community in particular, reporting profound personal & professional shifts, rebirths & transformations over the last year specifically. (And if you haven’t chimed in lately, I’d love to hear from you!) This brings you to the next step in your journey!

Relevant Reflections:

The following 4 articles are extremely relevant to review at this time, as they are all active inJune 2015. I have included some brief reminders but please re-read them to get the full understanding of each activation. I send Infinite Blessings & Protection during this amazing time of transformation for one & all!

INITIATING NEW — 12-year Cycle ~ Jupiter in Leo ~ June 2014-June 2015 ~

The Fire of Your Authentic Heart (Uranus in Aries/Jupiter in Leo – Final Activation: 6.22.2015)
Article: http://www.LunarReflections.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-fire-of-your-authentic-heart.html

Jupiter (Education/Faith) ~trine~ Uranus (Awakening/Liberation): 9.25.2014 ~ 3/3 & 6/22.2015

Excerpt: This activation spans a year (June 2014 – June 2015) so pace yourself and pay attention to what comes up in Sept 2014 that is re-activated or revised in March 2015 to find its footing (roots), then gets its final activation in June 2015, right around Summer Solstice (wow!). Also unique to 2014-2015 is the Leo/Aries combination. As long as we maintain integrity, lead with the heart, be creative & authentic, remaining free & independent becomes much easier. However, if you are struggling with self-esteem/self-worth issues, as well as being independent and capable of defining who you are/what you want, then this is the year to face your issues head-on and make some real progress. Just keep in mind that whatever these energies trigger for you, is really bringing these issues/relationships into the light to be transmuted & purified with this Fire. It’s going to first illuminate the excess & non-essential, then melt it away to reveal your true beauty & innate value. Have Faith! Believe in your Self! Know that you are here for a reason and while your Path is unique for you, we are all sharing this journey of self-discovery & evolution of our planet. Activations (which I can help you with, just reach out) will be personal, social & collective and during this year or so, and we will continue to have to create containers for this *Fire* to burn safely & productively. Use this potent, creative *Fire* to connect to Your Authentic Heart, Deepest Passion & True Purpose!

INITIATING NEW — 28-year Cycle ~ Saturn in Scorpio ~ June-Sept 2015 ~ Final Degrees

Stabilize, Strengthen & Fortify Your Soul

Article: http://www.KarmicTools.com/Articles/2013/Saturn-SCORPIO-2012-2015-BlogPost.pdf

Some things to consider during Saturn in Scorpio …

~ Saturn Endurance & Scorpio Power: Holding Out/Holding On Overlong
~ Death to Form / Birth to Form ~ Feeling ~ Timing ~ Let Die ~ Give Birth
~ Find/Reclaim/Activate *LOST* (or deeply buried) aspect of True SoulSelf
~ Scorpio: Undercover vs. Deceitfulness ~ the difference is in the vibratory frequency
~ Transformation Gets Literal ~ Dark Night of the Soul for some / Utter Liberation for Others
~ Inner Strength, Integrity & Soul ~ Ego/Personality Take a Back-Seat & Get Infused with Soul
~ Customized *TESTS* around Power, Money, Sex, Death, Rebirth, Transformation & Letting Go
~ To Change the External, You Must Change the Internal First (then External changes automatically)
~ Saturn Dedication to Scorpio Soul ~ Honoring the Power & Nature of the Life/Death/Life Cycle on Earth
SHADOW: Postponing ~ Avoidance ~ Delay/Denial ~ Controlling ~ Extremes

My focus, as many of you know, is more of a shamanic active practice where I/we consciously work with the available energies, alignments and planetary cycles. When you consciously co-create, often through prayer & ceremony, with the energies, ancestors & guides available at the time, you create space for magic & synchronicity to take place in a customized way for you, that also benefits the collective. The alignments Saturn creates when in contact with other planets, especially the *Personal* Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars), are what I refer to as *Activations* and are unique, potent & natural timings to support your current intentions. In addition to the contact with the Personal Planets, Saturn will also make rare connections with the North Node, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune & Chiron.

Saturn in Scorpio will touch the following during 2012-2015:

Sun ~ Your Identity / External Drives …
Moon ~ Your Personal / Internal Drives …
Mercury ~ Your Self-Expression / Your Voice …
Venus ~ Your Values / Love & Money …
Mars ~ Your Energy / Passion & Purpose …
Jupiter ~ Your Philosophies / Belief System …
Saturn ~ Your Discipline / Dedication …
Chiron ~ Your Healing / Education …
Neptune ~ Your Faith / Dreams …
Pluto ~ Your Power / Underworld …
North Node ~ Current Life Path & General Direction …
South Node ~ Past Life Path & Past Direction …
Saturn in Scorpio ~ *ISSUES* being brought in to the Light at this time are:

Your Concept of Time
Your Definition of Reality
Choices & Decisions to Make
Reality Check on ALL Levels
Your Karma ~ Results of Your Actions (or inaction)
Organization of Your Life and Environment ~ ORDER
The Aspects of Your Structure/Foundation that are SOLID
The Aspects of Your Structure/Foundation that are WEAK & UNSTABLE
Your Inner Authority ~ Discernment (wise judgment) and Trusting your Self
Saturn in Scorpio ~ *QUESTIONS* to Contemplate at this time are:

How have you done with the little tests of the last 6mo?
How have your “systems” been improved? within and without?
Have you considered any alternate routes to your chosen goals?
How solid is your personal foundation? professional foundation?
Have you given any/much time to your plan/strategy for upcoming 2yrs?
How do you swing from extremes of holding on? and embracing change?
How do you take responsibility for who you are? where you are? what you create?
What shift/change are you resisting? How can you do MORE than you have so far?
What needs restoration? healing? restructuring? within you? within your community?
When/how do you block change from unfolding within you? your life? your environment?
How do you define your reality? how do you plan to *LIVE* that (embody) going forward?
What have you NOT thought of yet? (options) Where can you be more creative with your solutions?
What needs HEALING (Chiron) so you can bridge the gap between your reality (Saturn) and expanded consciousness/awareness (Uranus)?
FINISHING — 18-mo Cycle ~ Venus in Capricorn ~ Final Activation: 6.20.2015

Love, Money & Magnetics ~ Making It Real

Article: http://www.KarmicTools.com/Articles/2013/Venus-Retro-CAPRICORN-2013-15-Article.pdf

Venus in Capricorn is About …


Reclaim your Inner Authority
Tend to the bones or structure
Define emotional & physical security
Build something over next 18-months
Cultivate a good reputation for yourself
Work with your inner teacher, guru, guide
Commit to integrity, self-respect & dignity
Deepen dedication to your purpose (ambition)
Cultivate mature, effective responses to change
Acknowledge, recognize & honor what you create
Know your contribution & its inherent worth/value

Being moody, over-emotional & sensitive
Not making your way in the world (hiding)
Thinking money will solve all the problems
Not being responsible for your own emotions
Holding on to the past, including childhood issues
Blaming others/outside forces for your weaknesses
Giving away your power (resources & relationships)
Being rigid, cold, uncaring and elitist (disconnected)
Not being able to hold the structure of your life (instability)
Attracting challenges with authority figures (public & private)
Opting for safe stagnation rather than risk handling greater flow
BEGINNING — 18-mo Cycle ~ Venus in Leo ~ First Activation: 8.15.2015

Cultivating Your Authentic Self & Unique Contribution

Article: http://www.KarmicTools.com/Articles/2015/Venus-Retro-LEO-2015-Article.pdf

Venus in *LEO* is About …


Adventure Inspiration Risk & Just for Fun
Strongly Value Love, Authenticity & Freedom
Self-Creation Sourced in Your Heart & Natural
Loving Your Inner Child/Innocent Child’s Heart
Inner Glow of Self-Worth, Self-Value & Self-Love
Love Passionately, Whole-Heartedly & Generously
Play Performance Art StoryTelling Theatre Games
Courage/Being Willing to Fight for the Greater Good
Joy & Generosity of Spirit that Radiates from Within
Comfortable w. Your Unique Beauty, Gifts & Talents
Leadership that Promotes Love, Light & Truth (in Both Work & Play)

EGO = Edging God/Goddess Out
Denial of Past Bad Romantic Decisions
Being Argumentative/Thinking Others Owe You
Seeking Un-Earned Status, Wealth or Reputation
Exiled from Others/No Fun, Play, Joy or Relaxation
Taking Things Personally, Self-Conscious & Insecure
No Self-Discipline/Must Have Others Push/Motivate
Wounded Ego Allows Others to Determine Your Worth
Playing a Role: Looking the Part but Not Being the Part
Need for Validation Appreciation Applause from Others
False Pride: Trying to Be Perceived as Someone You Are Not
Being Overly Dramatic & Manipulative to Get Your Way

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Supermoon…. time to set intentions

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This past weekend was the beginning of March and the March Solar Eclipse Equinox. I have been told that it has/had a super moon.

Supposedly we have not experienced this energy since the mid 1960s. This energy is about endings and beginnings. It is the time to set your intention for what you want in your life for days, weeks, years to come.

For me this is a real transformative time. Everything I have done up until now is coming together. My passion to empower is being realized in my corporate training and work with millennial engagement and leadership training. I have been divorced for 9 years – 9 is representative of an end of a cycle. And I feel that is exactly where my life is. I have let some really big things and core beliefs go only to open myself up to something new. When I watched the Sponge Bob movie with my boys (ok I did!) there is a theme that you can re-write your ending and that is exactly what I am doing. The things that have not been working well or bringing me unhappiness or stress will in fact be revised/rewritten by me.

It’s kind of cool. I have a blank sheet in front of me. I know who I am and my passions and most important how I want to live my life and the type of people I want in it.

In 2009 I created my logo the butterfly emerging out of the 7 shakras. For me the butterfly is representative of transformation – the caterpillar to the butterfly. I have spent the last 9+ years as the caterpillar addressing my own stuff and 9 years later I have emerged as a butterfly ready to fly and do my work. And more importantly love and honour me – my self worth has emerged.

I am excited. This week I painted my bathroom. This is the one area of my house that I really relax (shower or bath) and do a lot of my meditating in there… Or at least inspiring thoughts come to me.
As I was painting the first coat I had this overwhelming relaxation come over me. The colour I chose teton sky (blue/purple) is so relaxing. The perfectionist has got the better of me. I like clean, straight lines and when painting that can be challenging. This is also an old lesson I must address finally – that we are perfect with our imperfections so I need to just let it go and look at my bathroom as an example of how perfect my life is with all the bumps and lines that are not exactly straight.

I want to share one of the blogs from Spirit Library from Jennifer Hoffman to give you an idea about the energy and how you too can begin to shift your life. It does take work and it’s worth it. It has been a long haul however when I look back 9 years has passed fairly quickly.

I hope you had a great weekend and I do hope you take time to read this message:

Doorknobs and Hinges, Portals and Pathways

a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 16 March, 2015 (posted 17 March, 2015)

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that my office painting project turned into a massive doorknob and hinge overhaul throughout my house. Once the office was painted, I noticed how shabby the doorknobs and hinges were. Since they’re 40 years old, it was time for a change. I couldn’t replace just one set, I had to replace all of them or they wouldn’t match. And the hinges needed an upgrade to, as they were old and they needed to match the doorknobs. Doorknobs are used to open doors, and hinges allow doors to open, what a great metaphor for this time. But as I discovered, replacing doorknobs is quick and takes 5 minutes. Replacing hinges is not so easy.

Excited about my doorknob and hinge replacement, I made a trip to the hardware store to buy a dozen doorknobs and 18 sets of hinges. I started with the doorknobs and was excited that it went so fast. Within less than an hour I had all of the doorknobs replaced. Then I started on the hinges and things slowed down a lot. Each door has 3 hinges, each hinge has 6 screws that have to be removed, the new hinge put on the doors (with 6 screws) and then attached to the door jamb (with another 6 screws). The doors came off easily enough, then there was a problem when I tried to put them back on.

Doors don’t sit flush on the floor, or else they wouldn’t open. I had to figure out how to prop up the door enough so I could align the hinges with the holes. So I went to my workshop and built a little prop to hold up the door. That worked well but by the time I finished one door I was tired and I needed to put that project aside to work on other things. And I was losing a little steam, thinking about how long it was going to take me to finish the rest of the project. Instead of going as quickly as the doorknobs, the doors were going to have to be a one room at a time effort. The first door expanded my awareness as to what replacing the hinges would entail. Then the clue phone rang — this was going to take longer and to be harder than I originally thought.

We have the 7th and final Uranus/Pluto square this week, which closes out a cycle that began in June 2012 but it really began in the mid 1960s, with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction. The 7th square is our final step in the ascension and evolution journey, the opening to alignment with our Source connection. It corresponds to the crown chakra, the last of the 7 chakras that are our body’s energy centers. This is a time for contemplation and reflection, for forgiveness and reconnection, for re-alignment with our divine center and acknowledging our divinity. Are we up to the task or is this going to be harder than we thought?

I have noticed over the years that I have been working with clients that there is often a final step to overcome and that is their willingness to let go of any anger or resentment they have towards God, or the Universe, or Source. I’ve felt that way plenty of times, especially at some pretty low points in my life when I thought that God should rescue me and I didn’t get any help. Our anger at God is a big block in our willingness to accept and align with our divinity. Why should we give God the satisfaction when he/she wasn’t there for us? That may gives us some satisfaction in the short term but in the longer term, we always come back to the divine, to our source, to our center, for re-alignment, re-connection, and re-birth.

The portals to divinity are open, we have new doorknobs that represent our new levels of understanding and awareness, and yet there is one final step to take before we allow the doorways to swing wide open. Can we let go of our own blocks, replacing the old, worn out, stuck hinges with new ones? We have done everything that was easy, now the last part is a little more complicated.

Are we going to follow through or give up? Do we let go of any anger or resentment, towards anyone or anything, and just move forward? How much harder is it than you thought it would be, when you see all of the complexities involved in a major life transformation in front of you? What have your patterns been in the past? What do you want to do differently today? What is your definition of joy and how much do you want it?

We hold the keys to the kingdom in our hand now, all we have to do is unlock the doors and let them swing open wide on our new hinges of forgiveness and acceptance. The pathways of potential exist for each of us when we are willing to release the attachments we have to anything that doesn’t serve our intention for joy and turn in another direction. It can be harder than we thought but that doesn’t mean that it is hard, it may just take a little more time, thought, energy, and effort. The outcome has to be our focus and the rewards, whatever we intend them to be, are part of our new pathways that we create through our intention.

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March Energies

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March 2015 Astro-Energy Report

a message from Sarah Varcas
Sunday, 1 March, 2015 (posted 2 March, 2015)
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Past Times, Future Realities
The energy of the cosmos reaches us in waves. It ebbs and flows like the tide, high one moment, low the next, coming in, flowing out, frighteningly stormy then beautifully calm. The same forces which propel the planets in their orbits radiate around us shifting and reordering at every level. At times these energies propel us forward into the new, presenting fresh perspectives and new experiences. At others they arrive as echoes, reawakening the past to bring it to completion. Last month was characterised by the former, this month by the latter. Throughout March the vestiges of the past arise once more for our attention. This is a month of tying up loose ends, the completion of lengthy processes and the review of progress thus far. This is how the universe works. We are initiated into the new even as we then face once more the old. This is the cosmic dance which shapes our lives and the life of this beautiful planet we call home. It is Sacred Source living through and all around us honouring its own cycles of birth and death, creation and destruction, light and dark, the known and the unknowable. We are born of these cycles and throughout this year our apprenticeship in how to live them fully and without restraint continues unabated.

The first two and a half weeks of March provide opportunities to reflect upon our personal past, not only to appreciate how far we have travelled in a relatively short period of time, but to also acknowledge those places in our minds and hearts still in need of healing, where we continue clinging to beliefs which limit us, behaviours which place obstacles on our path and feelings which wound us over and over. The human psyche is infinitely complex and healing takes time as we work through layer upon layer of mental, emotional and psychic energy calcified into form which needs to be returned to its fluid state in order to move through and depart our bodies, minds and hearts. We can visualise this energy as stone and gradually see it dissolve into soft sand, or as cold, hard ice melting into water or thick clay breaking down into soft soil in which new life can grow. Throughout the coming month contemplation of such images will assist with the process as we encounter some of the more intransigent areas of our psyche and face the consequences of their (and our) rigidity.

During the first week of March, Mercury takes a final look back to mid January when it turned retrograde, before heading forward into fresh terrain. If we have still to address issues from the beginning of this year, this week we can put them to rest once and for all. On more long-standing matters we are likely to pursue intellectual rather than emotional engagement at this point. We may strive for understanding as we encounter old patterns, experiences and feelings we thought were long gone. We want to know ‘why?!’ and expect a logical answer. Nothing else will suffice. Except there are no logical answers to be had! We are not in the realm of ordered meaning and consistent consequence. Something more primal is happening here: a reanimation of old energy patterns in need of deeper healing. They come with their own wisdom which may defy understanding. What we encounter this month may well blow any remaining theories and beliefs about ourselves out of the window, proving every last one of them false. How willing we are to open the window wider and let them go is yet to be seen, but if we haven’t fully opened the windows of the psyche for a while, the first few days of March are a good time to check and oil the hinges!

5th/6th March sees a Full Moon in Virgo as Venus crosses the degree of the lunar eclipse of 8th October 2014. She is the first of three planets to do so this month, reawakening the past here in the radiant present. Just how radiant our current present is will be largely dictated by what we have done to make it so since then. We had a choice at that eclipse: to use it as a catalyst for the emergence of our authentic self, or see it as an inconvenience, a struggle, and batten down the hatches as soon as possible to maintain the status quo. As the Moon is Full and Venus reawakens the past for our perusal we have an opportunity to review in detail the steps taken from there to here – choices made and unmade, twists and turns of commitment and desire, deceptions and revelations – each defining the quality of our next step and the destination at which we arrive, ready for the next phase of the journey.

Such reflection continues as Mars crosses the same eclipse degree on 11th March and Uranus on 14th/15th. We may be surprised by what these planets bring in the way of insight, for the past is not reanimated simply to taunt us but to wake us up to its power over our present and future. What was obscured by a thick fog of emotions may suddenly become clear and impulses we know we should have acknowledged then become imperatives to be acted upon without delay. This is a final chance to utilise the energy of the October eclipse before it fades to make way for the next eclipse, a solar one on 19th/20th March.

Before this, however, there is work to be done! Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto use the first eighteen days of this month to encourage the pursuit of freedom, but the encouragement comes with a warning: true freedom honours the integrity of the whole, it doesn’t impose the rights of one over those of another. We cannot simply be free to do whatever we want, when we want. The cry of freedom must be tempered with recognition of the responsibility freedom brings and the necessity of turning an open heart and questioning mind to our pursuit of liberation. ‘Liberation of what?’, we must ask. ‘And why?’. For to liberate ego to run amok under the guise of self-expression is akin to releasing a rabid animal in the name of freedom. What the animal needs is compassionate containment and those around protection from its ferocity. That way all can be safe. Liberation is a wonderful notion for sure, but we must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually mature enough to embrace the responsibility with which it comes before we expect it as a right.

The heavens highlight this maturity in the first half of March, offering opportunities to observe our desire for freedom against the backdrop of the reawakened past which may reveal precisely why liberation is as yet out of our grasp. We must tie up loose ends and heal those fragmented parts of ourselves which would use freedom to inflate the ego not shape it into a considered and effective force for good. The liberation we seek comes at the end of a process not as its first move. We may have to endure hardship and struggle along the way, not because we must earn a reward, but because freedom demands commitment to the challenges it presents and we must rise to those challenges in order to free ourselves. No one and nothing, no energy shift, no length of time, no magic can propel us from bound to free if we’re not prepared to know ourselves as we truly are, warts and all, when we get there.

14th March sees Saturn station retrograde in Sagittarius, heading back towards Scorpio for its final visit. We have an ally here. This stalwart planet who charges us with the power to endure and the ability to reap mature wisdom from life’s challenges supports us now to reflect upon the last eight months, distilling past experience into present wisdom. This process alone takes ‘backbone’, for we may resist the obvious messages in favour of something more in keeping with what we would like to believe. Saturn, however, does not deal with cosmetic notions but deep wisdom and will pull no punches in revealing to us where we are chasing ripples on the glistening surface instead of diving into the murky depths of truth.

16th/17th March sees Uranus and Pluto form their final exact square since they began their alliance in 2012. This culmination of a process of destruction and rebirth for so many people, still on-going for countless more, distils the wisdom of this lengthy and challenging process of change. Here we are offered clarity if we choose to accept it; the opportunity to see through fresh new eyes, like those of a child who looks out upon life without the jaded presumptive attitude of more advanced years. This final square reveals what it has all been about, and it may well not be what we thought! In the flash of insight it brings, yet more edifices to a tired self and outmoded life no longer needed are brought crashing to the ground. Let them fall, no matter the noise or the dust cloud that rises from the wreckage. The tower struck down is only that of the calcified ego freed to live in a new way once demolished by the Uranus/Pluto wrecking ball. In this final act of power they bid each other their farewells and prepare to move onward in their separate and distinct ways.

In a show of cosmic mercy, Neptune and the North Node form an alliance on 18th March which continues until the beginning of June. Here is the salve for our demolition wounds if we care to receive its healing touch. Neptune, the unbounded and compassionate heart reveals the path to wholeness and a future which promises to be something other than repetition of a painful past. No matter what Uranus and Pluto have demanded from us in recent years, Neptune reaches out now to guide us back home to wholeness, reminding us that resistance to life is resistance to our very selves, for we and life are one and the same. It does not happen to us, but through us. We are it, and life itself is the very air that we breathe. Neptune dissolves all that separates, which includes any notion that we are anything other than complete simply as we are. It bids us rest in the safety of knowing that no matter how life manifests we are whole at our core and a living, vibrant part of All That Is, just as All That Is dwells complete within us. The more deeply we can embrace this message the better, for the perception that we are separate from the divine, subject to its whims and moods, is an outmoded belief in need of release now. The in-coming Aquarian Age needs us clear on this, for its work cannot be done without the clarity of our true nature shining through.

20th March brings a Solar Eclipse in the final degree of the zodiac, the 30th degree of Pisces. Whenever we see this degree activated we are on notice of an ending. When a Solar Eclipse falls here the ending burns bridges and there is no going back. This is completion max! For some of us this eclipse and its following weeks may bring the realisation that opportunities once available but not taken are now lost to us. The cosmos cannot wait forever and there are times when it closes doors for good that we have refused to open wide enough to walk through. Whilst this realisation may come with sadness and regret, the unequivocal completion of this cycle of possibility clears the way for the beginning of a new one in due course. Our task is to learn from the past, to fully embrace our feelings in the present and to move forward with our eyes open wider to life’s messages which always show us the way and the when of our blossoming. It is increasingly vital that we learn to listen deeply to the wisdom inherent in the very fabric of each moment. That we more and more recognise we are not here to create but to be created, and our role is to align ourselves with the creation we are becoming in order to live it fully, with integrity and boundless joy born not of desires satisfied but of a greater purpose fulfilled through us. Greater than we could ever imagine or manifest when left to our own devices.

The final ten days of the month see us digesting what has been an enlightening three weeks. The past reawakened and the unequivocal completion of certain cycles can be a recipe for some disquiet whilst we process their impact. Patience is needed to allow our hearts and minds to settle and adjust to the ‘new normal’. But remember, Neptune and the North Node are on our side, revealing wisdom born of compassion for self and others, and an ever deepening opportunity to recognise the still but mighty presence which lives at our core. It is this presence to which we must turn and listen ever more deeply from hereon in. It contains all that we need to know.

Mercury brings March to an end by crossing the solar eclipse degree from 20th, further highlighting the availability of information if we pay attention in the right way. This is not about thinking our way through things, planning and scheming to make things right, but turning our attention inward to listen to the heart which speaks not in words but feelings and sensations, be it a subtle knowing or a forceful awareness of what is needed in the moment. This wisdom speaks clearly now for those with ears to hear and as March comes to an end, whatever we have lost begins to reshape itself into something altogether new. Its form will take a while to be revealed and patience is called for in the meantime, but no matter how convincingly our minds may sometimes tell us all is lost, our hearts reply that this could never be the case, for all things rest in the Universal Heart which abandons nothing and no one.

© Sarah Varcas 2015. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to freely share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL www.astro-awakenings.co.uk is included.

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Let “you” fall away…

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I want to share a recent blog written by Sarah Varcas

21st/22nd January – 11th February 2015: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

A message from Sarah Varcas
Monday, 19 January, 2015 (posted 22 January, 2015)

What Lies Beneath?
Mercury stations retrograde in the 18th degree of Aquarius at 3:48 pm GMT on 21st January, one day after the Aquarian New Moon. The Sabian Symbol for this degree speaks of unmasking to reveal true motive and intent. There is nowhere to hide as Mercury journeys retrograde in the coming weeks. Deceptions large and small will be revealed whether we like it or not, not to destroy those who perpetuate them (which we all do to some extent) but to provide a wake-up call which both course-corrects and realigns us with truth and authenticity. We will all have the opportunity to look ourselves in the eye and see who’s really looking back at us, before painting on the face we prefer to show the world.

The power of this Mercury retrograde cycle cannot be overestimated. Conjunct the Moon and opposing Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter in Leo, it resolves to pull no punches and take no prisoners. Nor would we want to be held captive, for the promise of this time is that of freedom from the constrictions that our own deceptions and inveiglements perpetuate. We are speaking here not of intricate scams executed to deceive but of the everyday twists and turns we undertake to avoid coming face to face with who and what we truly are. It is time to illuminate our inner world and look around with eyes wide open to all that we see. To recognise that the parts of ourselves we would prefer to avoid are as much who we are as the bits we readily embrace, but we may be so good at the game of pretend even we don’t realise we’re playing it!

Identity is an issue here: emotional investment in the person we perceive ourselves to be. It’s time to look at the labels we choose for ourselves and why they mean so much. Whether spiritual, political, religious or otherwise, we all adopt them and they can be useful to identify our allegiance in a complex world. But all too often these labels become an identity invested with increasing significance as time passes. How does it feel to drop them, to be label free and simply ourselves for a while? How does it feel to fade into the background, not defined as anything or anyone? How does it feel to drop even our own name and become a nobody: nameless, without identity or substance; empty of meaning?

It is just such an experience that labels and identities seek to avoid. Few things are more unsettling than the feeling of being completely pointless, of no significance to anyone or anything. Inconsequential. Everyone seeks purpose to give life and its ups and downs meaning. It is human nature to do so. But right now the cosmos seeks to blow all that apart so we can experience what lies beneath the ‘I am this, that or the other’ to discover the ‘I AM’ which sustains everything without fuss or fanfare. To embrace so fully our chosen identity we must necessarily cast a blind eye to that in us which doesn’t fit the image. Therein lies the most fundamental deception. In fact we are all things. No one is completely consistent within and without. It is the tension of paradox and the oftentimes absurdity of the human condition which propels us onward in life, seeking answers, meaning and wisdom sufficient to accommodate all that we are. On route we settle for less than authenticity and truth in an attempt to fit in, be acceptable to ourselves or others and garner a sense of meaning and purpose. We become alternative versions of ourselves at different points on the journey into wholeness, but ultimately peace lies at the point where we can be everything and nothing, simply alive and resonant with the energy which ebbs and flows through all things. To identify requires separation: ‘me over here being this and you over there being different’. To drop identification allows true connection beyond the false barriers we build between ourselves and others.

This retrograde passage of Mercury requires a willingness to be nothing in order to be all that we are. It exhorts us to release our most cherished identities, even for just a while, to experience what lies beneath. The more we emotionally invest in notions of ‘I am this type of person living this kind of life’ the more we are likely to trip over our own identity in the coming weeks, not because we are wilfully lying about who we are, but because we are inevitably so much more than any label can allow us to be. The radiant and universal heart is neither augmented nor diminished by identification. It simply cannot be defined in terms that satisfy the human mind so remains outside of our awareness as long as we unwittingly adopt and perpetuate identities which do. In the coming weeks we can step out of the need to be someone, into the sacred field which connects us with all things and renders separation non-existent. When life subsequently demands that we pick up identity again, as it will inevitably do, we can do so with less emotional investment, less energetic striving, secure in the knowing that any self perception is a pale reflection of the vastness of the divine which forms our very essence.

Enjoy this time of Mercury retrograde. Let your self fall away. You’ll be so much more alive for having done so.

© Sarah Varcas 2015. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted to freely share this article in its entirety on the condition that full credit is given to the author, it is distributed freely and the URL www.astro-awakenings.co.uk is included.

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Many of us have just come off a very challenging year. I can only speak for me to say that I am doing affirmations every day to help me continue to shift my thinking and really go to the positive and possibilities and not allow my ego to bring me down or limit me.

I feel that I have made it through the last few years and now I can finally spread my wings and fly. I am not exactly sure how my passion and work will unfold as I am looking for permanent work now. I do know that I will like to take my knowledge and experience for the last three/four years and bring them to the table to continue to be an agent of change and make a difference.

I wanted to share from one woman, Sarah-Jane Grace, and her Yearly Astro-Forecast for 2015 followed by her January Forecast, 2015 (2 messages – see below)

One thing I know is that this is an “8” year which translates into abundance and also inifinity. We have the choice and free will to bring in all the abundance we deserve, or not. It is still a choice. I choose to bring in the abundance in all areas of my life. Please take a look below. It is a guide and of course things can change depending on your will and choices.

This weekened make a decision how you want to think, respond to things, and live. I spent time writing my intentions for this year. If you have not I suggest you do.

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend.


Yearly Astro-Forecast For 2015
A message from Sarah-Jane Grace
Thursday, 1 January, 2015 (posted 5 January, 2015)

Message for 2015

The shift from one year to the next is something we should be used to, after all, it has happened every single year each of us has been alive, and for many, many years prior to that. And yet, there is a sense that few of us have ever really paused in the brief moment in-between the end of one year and the beginning of the next in order to sense the bigger picture both within, and around, us. Few ever notice the brief pause or the silence; it is as though life itself takes a moment to breathe out before breathing in and carrying on for another year.

It seems important for each of us to acknowledge more of the silent moments and the pauses over the coming year as the more aware we are of them the bigger they will grow in our lives. Whilst in real-time they will remain brief flickers, in our consciousness, they look set to expand, enabling us to connect even more deeply to both ourselves and the universal whole. It’s easy not to notice the stillness and those little bits of life that exist in-between the things we do: the moment before light becomes dark (and vice versa), the moment before a thought turns into a conscious idea or the moment between breaths. Yet, not to notice is to miss out on those little bits of life that have the power to remind us just how precious, amazing and incredible life truly is!

2015 looks set to be a year for profound inter-connection as each of us opens up our hearts and souls towards living more consciously in each and every moment, even in those moments never before considered ‘moments’. This may sound a little confusing to some, but let go of the mind chatter and instead feel the words and let the energy of becoming more conscious lead the way. In other words, don’t think it, become it.

Life and it’s unpredictable twists and turns can be a maelstrom of confusion at times, yet the more we are able to appreciate the silent moments and the spaces in-between the spaces, we feel less like pawns in a game of life but more like awakened souls riding the waves of life. Of course, we can never know what’s around the next corner and we can never know exactly what lies ahead, yet the more conscious we become of now, the more alive and interconnected we begin to feel as we realise that this moment is all we ever truly have. This is not to say we should let go of dreams or aspirations for the future, but we should acknowledge that the future is not now.

It’s easy to get lost in linear time as it constantly reminds us of where we are, where we were and where we want to be, but such a focus instils a sense of lack within us as it shows us the difference between here and there rather than showing us the richness that’s here already. This isn’t to say that life is perfect now, just that it is the life we truly have; the future hasn’t happened yet and however hard we try, we cannot make for a better past as it is in the past. By appreciating the magic of this moment more and embracing the moments of stillness, we look set to find a brand new way of living and being. As a result, every sunset expands, the sunrise enriches, a birdsong nourishes, and the breath allows us to feel truly integrated and connected. I wish you a bright, blessed and joyful 2015.

With love,



2015 looks set to be a year of inner revolution and profound change as you make some major shifts in the way you live your life. Whilst a great deal of this change is likely to be internal (your thoughts, beliefs and philosophy in life), there is a sense that you will begin to walk a new pathway that feels both inspirational and empowering as you embrace a brand new way of living and being. Of course, in many ways, you have always done this, as you are forever changing and evolving, yet this coming year feels different as the over-arching energy is one of running towards something new rather than running away from something old. The difference may be subtle, and the outcome may be the same, but the dynamic is extremely important as it shows a change in your demeanour and reveals your true tenacity, self-belief and courage.

As a result, your year ahead of inner revolution looks set to be one of re-definition and re-birth as you re-shape your world. This could be a spiritual re-birth where you open up to some new ideas and beliefs, but more likely is a multi-levelled re-birth which reaches deeply into every aspect of your life. Although change is not always easy, there is a sense that you are more than ready to ring the changes. Just remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground as you establish that new terra firma beneath you; you may be ready to fly, but take your time and make the most of this powerful and amazing opportunity to re-write your life from the inside, out…


Looking back over the year now behind you, there is a sense that you have achieved much, travelled to new depths/heights within and discovered a great deal about your true self. Yet, when you add up your achievements, you can’t quite equate this feeling with your reality as, in many ways, you feel as though you spent most of 2014 running on the spot. Of course, running on the spot means you haven’t gone backwards, but it also doesn’t suggest a great deal of forward movement either. However, despite what you see with your own eyes, you can’t help but feel a sense of achievement. Whilst the illogical logic of this niggles at you, it seems important that you stop trying to measure your life on how much you do or achieve and instead realise that a good life is based on a life well lived, one where you feel alive, inspired and awake.

You know only too well that life can become a treadmill of things to do, people to see and places to go if you let it, and you also know that the sparkle of your true essence can get lost under ‘stuff’ and responsibility if you lose your focus and sense of self by trying to be everything to everyone. 2015 looks set to be a year for consciously connecting to loving the life you live and to living the life you love. These do not have to be mutually exclusive as you can have your cake and eat it; after all, you are the chef, so you decide…


2015 looks set to be an inspirational year of breakthrough and release as you finally step from where you were to where you want to be. There is a sense of liberation of your mind, body and soul as you shed the skin of old beliefs and embrace a new way of living and being you. This inspiration feels infectious and, the more you embrace the spirit of adventure, the more likely you are to dance and shine. You’ve always had a spark in your feet and a twinkle in your toes it’s just that you’ve often got lost trying to work out why your feet want to dance rather than simply letting them tap, stomp and swirl with the natural flow of life. In a way, your mind has been both your biggest asset and your biggest obstacle, as you so often over-think and over-analyse.

It would be easy to berate your mind for getting in the way of you being you, yet your mind is a part of you so it has been important to incorporate your swirling, busy head into the bigger picture of your life as trying to ‘fix it’ has only led to a feeling of inner disconnect. You are ready now to be at one with your mind exactly as it is, to find peace in the rush and swirl of thoughts and to know that your vibrant thoughts are a part of you. At the same time, the more you love yourself for all that you already are, the more you will realise that you have always danced, it’s just that you are now able to consciously enjoy the process…


There have been many moments of your life where you have taken a sharp inhalation of breath as you squeezed yourself through a tricky patch or difficult chapter. The inhalation is more energetic than literal; as though you somehow made yourself a bit smaller in order to make it through the tough times. Such a strategy clearly works as you are here to tell the tale, but there is a sense that, on some level, although you got through to the ‘other side’, you forgot to take a big deep breath and reclaim the space that is rightfully yours. In essence, you retracted yourself to pass through life with less resistance but never got around to expanding back again. This is, of course, understandable, after all why would you want to risk facing more resistance? Yet, it seems more likely that your on-going breath-hold is a result of habit more than anything else; you just got used to being ‘smaller’ and it became second nature to you.

However, intuitively you have grown increasingly aware of the desire to breathe more deeply once again and although you have resisted for a while (as it made for a quieter and more straightforward life) you now seem ready to consciously focus on your breath and on allowing your lungs and your energetic self to expand and grow. 2015 looks set to be a year for being you and for breathing freely as you open up your heart and soul towards new heights and goals. Reclaiming your breath looks set to catapult you into a new chapter of balance and inner equilibrium…


‘Moments of being’ looks set to be your mantra in 2015. ‘Moments of being what?’ you may ask, but there is no what and there should be no questions! ‘Moments of being’ is as it should be: pure, unadulterated, fluid, nebulous and completely open to interpretation. Although you may want further clarity, direction and instruction, life rarely obliges in such a way! Yet, feel the essence of the words and you can begin to capture the idea. Your year ahead looks set to be one of living consciously and vibrantly in each and every moment, to stop gazing quite so intently on what may or may not lie ahead and to let go of whimsically looking back on your past; the grass may look greener all around you but when you take the time to actually notice where you are now you will begin to realise that constantly looking forward and back simply diminishes the moment you are standing in.

Being in the here and now, breathing in the fullness of your being and giving yourself the room to be aware of even just of few of those trillions of moments of being will inspire you to become more tender and more compassionate with yourself, to love yourself and to be yourself. Sometimes, it’s easier to accept the idea that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, sometimes you just have to trust, let go and be you. Of course, with you being you, you want more than this, but the fight to get it can diminish and deplete you, leaving you out of balance and disconnected, so it seems the time has come to stop fighting and start being…


2015 looks set to be a year of illumination and radiance for you as your inner light takes on a new strength and vigour. Although you have always been a determined soul, there is a sense that you have lost sight of your tenacity and passion over time as life has thrown you its fair share of challenges. As a result, the light in your eyes has dimmed slightly reflecting a kind of inner retreat and disconnection. Yet, however disconnected you may feel, your inner sun is still at the centre of your soul, so even though the clouds may have obscured the view, the light is no less bright or radiant than it was before. Such a realisation is logical but it can be hard to feel reassured when you can’t actually see it!

It’s important to remember that although you are an earthy soul, the fiery heat of the sun illuminates your world, and the more you can embrace the light, the more you will start to feel awake and alive once again. Just as the sun in the sky remains vibrant and strong, the light and power of your inner sun doesn’t ebb and flow; it remains constant. You seem ready now to turn towards the light within you in order to reconnect to your passion, creativity and spark. You also seem ready to trust that clouds come and go, and they are not a reflection of your skills or talents. Although you cannot control the cloud cover, if you remain focused on the constant companionship of your inner light, you will realise that the idea of disconnection no longer forms a part of your world…


Questions, questions, life is always so jam-packed and full of questions. What? Why? When? Where? How? Your mind is constantly digging, probing and analysing trying to work out why things are the way they are. There are times when you feel tied up in knots as the questions get tangled and you lose sight of yourself in the process as each question builds up like layers of sedimentary rock; in the end, the pressure at the bottom becomes too intense and the pile comes tumbling down. There are also times when the question asking becomes more of a distraction than a necessity; the intensity of inner question asking takes you away from the daily humdrum and busy-ness of life.

Yet, distraction doesn’t truly fix anything as the ‘stuff’ just hovers and builds until you actually do something about it. Of course, you already know this, but you have become such a master at questions, you frequently lose sight of logic. It’s important to remember that the quality of the answers you seek are often a reflection on the quality of the questions you ask rather than the quantity. At the same time, it’s important to accept that sometimes, there are no answers, and, no matter how hard you ask, the answer cannot and will not appear; it’s not hidden, it simply doesn’t exist. 2015 looks set to be a revelatory year for you as you stop pushing so hard for the answers and instead start going with the flow more. You seem ready now to stop hiding behind question-asking in order to step consciously into the true wonder of life…


2015 looks set to be a year of inner balance for you as you step from one path to another when it comes to embracing your true essence and honouring yourself. You have always known the truth of what it is to be you, but life hasn’t always facilitated a way for you to be you; distractions, obligations and duties have often turned into obstacles preventing you from living the life you intuitively sense you were born to live. Of course, in hindsight, you now realise that these only became distractions because you allowed them to be, for in truth, there is actually very little that can get in the way of you being you. You are a phenomenal force of nature and you have a potent energetic presence.

As a result, life usually only holds you up or sends you on a detour because you actually want a change of direction. Although this could be at soul-level and you may not be aware of the bigger picture of your life, it seems clear that you are far less of a pawn in the game of life than you often believe. Admittedly, you are not able to control the flow as life rarely works that way, but you are far less pliable than you often believe. Your year ahead looks set to be a time for you to consciously step back into the flow of life, feeling empowered and enlivened, inspired and energised as you realise that you are already living the life you were born to live: always have been, always will be. Can it be any other way?


As a vibrant, passionate, sensitive, warm-hearted and compassionate soul, you are the kind of person that everyone wants as a friend. You inspire those around you with your optimism, and, even in the face of challenge, you seek out the positives and extract the lessons learned. Yet, despite you being the epitome of a great person, there is one person that so frequently forgets your qualities: you. More often than not you berate yourself for not being good enough, busy enough, successful enough or simply just enough. You push yourself hard and expect nothing short of perfection. Whilst this does lead to achievements, there is a sense that you often feel disconnected from them because you have driven yourself into the ground to get there.

2015 is your year to finally change the dynamic and flow in your life; it is your year to start being the friend to yourself that you are to everyone else. You need to love yourself, be sensitive to your needs, be compassionate to yourself and to be your own best friend. This isn’t to say that you are about to turn into ‘Billy-no-mates’, far from it, but until you are a true friend to yourself, you will never appreciate just how special a soul you really are. Self-flagellation and harsh inner language need to be eradicated from your inner dialogue as you start to cultivate an attitude of gentleness, compassion and tenderness for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up and know that, by being the friend to yourself that you are to others, you will finally find the balance and joy in your life you have been searching for…


2015 looks set to be a year of establishing a true sense of balance in your life as you become more conscious of where you are now and less focused on where you’ve been and where you hope to be heading. It’s easy to use the past and the future as reference points for the present as they allow you to see the progress you have made but there is a risk that your focus can become so honed on what’s behind you and what might be ahead of you that you lose sight of where you are now. At the same time, there’s a chance that such a focus can leave you feeling a sense of lack and, as you are not quite where you think you should be, you still have to push on to find that little piece of happiness with your name on it. Newsflash! You already have the piece of happiness; it’s just that you’ve been too distracted to notice it waving at you from the shores of the deep pool of your soul.

When you pause for a short while, take some deep breaths and connect to your inner self, your sense of balance quickly returns enabling you to see your life more clearly. Over your year ahead it seems important that you become far more conscious of the present moment and allow each moment to fill you completely. At the same time, stop pushing and chasing so hard to get to the ever-expanding horizon: be gentle with yourself. Notice where you are now, be in the moment and let it nourish you right to the depths of your being…


As the kaleidoscope of your life continues to swirl and fizz like fireworks on Bonfire Night, and your connection to spiralling galaxies and dancing comets in the night sky light up your soul with inspirational thoughts, you grow ever-more conscious of your evolving nature. There is a sense that your understanding of life is changing as you open up your heart and soul to embrace a new way of living and being. You have always known just how fluid life is but, as a thinker, it can be hard for you to let go of the need to make sense of life. As a result, there are times when your mind stops you from consciously connecting with the fizz and bang of being you.

2015 looks set to be a year of letting go of the need to push quite so hard to make sense of why things are the way they are before you accept them and move on; instead you seem ready to trust the flow a little more allowing your powerful intuition to lead the way. Allowing your more fluid, creative and innovative side to flourish looks set to see you walking a very different path as the year progresses. This could be adopting a new approach to life or it could be adopting a new life; only time will tell. The reason for this uncertainty is because nothing is set in stone and, as you continue to evolve and expand, your true goals, dreams and needs will change. So, take each moment as it comes, dance with the stars and feel your entire being radiating with the glow of life…


2015 looks set to be a year for stepping beyond the boundaries of your life and exploring some new terrain when it comes to living the best life possible. You have been a little life-weary recently as the pressures of being everything to everyone has started to take its toll on your effervescence and enthusiasm. There hasn’t been much time for you as those precious ‘you time’ moments have slowly been squeezed out of your life. Yet, you are a strong, vivacious and vibrant soul; you are no doormat, so you haven’t been the victim of some random ‘life squeezing’ event! Perhaps you have continually taken on so much as a way to distract yourself from thinking about stepping beyond the imagined boundaries of your life? Although you want to expand and step joyfully into the wilderness of life, it also feels a little alien and unfamiliar at the same time. It’s understandable to feel this way, after all, the wilderness is unknowable and wild, but it’s also something your soul longs for.

Trying to be everything to everyone is your way of becoming so indispensible that you can avoid ever truly having to be the free spirit you know yourself to be, yet why? Embracing change, exploring new terrain and allowing your true essence the room to dance freely is not for the faint hearted but you are not faint of heart! It seems important now for you to listen to your inner voice, to honour your true needs and to allow yourself the freedom to be you. Trust your instincts, see beyond those boundaries and know that this is your opportunity to shine brightly…

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Sarah-Jane’s message for January:

Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 2015

A message from Sarah-Jane Grace
(posted 9 January, 2015)

Message for January 2015

As we step from one year into the next, there is a sense that January will be a month for quiet reflection and contemplation as we prepare for the journey ahead. Of course, we each have our own journey in life, one that is unique and distinctive, yet we also collectively walk together at the same time, and it seems that both of these are growing stronger and more vibrant with each passing day as though the threads are beginning to entwine more tightly and more concisely than ever before. In many ways this is a sign that individually we are letting go of fear, anxiety and the sense that we haven’t, as yet, reached that elusive destination where we feel whole and complete to instead realise that we already are whole and complete exactly as we are. As a result, the disconnection that often appears when we live at a tangent to our own truth is fading as we open up to wholeheartedly feeling, living and being all that we know ourselves to be.

Feeling connected allows us to tap into the collective consciousness and awaken to the true flow of life. In a way, this is a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario as it’s hard to say which comes first: personal or collective evolution. There is a sense that the more we allow ourselves to be free, the more we can connect to the collective and this will, in turn, inspire us to connect ever more deeply to ourselves. A deeper inner connection will drive forward a collective spiritual revolution as each of us consciously come together in energetic harmony. Such a path feels inevitable now as the journey each of us has made up to this point has reached a kind of ‘wisdom crescendo’ where we feel able to ‘let go’ into the freefall of life and ride the waves with trust, faith and a deeper sense of knowing. Whilst this doesn’t fix or change the reality we live in, it does enable us to live more vibrantly as a result.

Faith is an important part of this journey; not so much the details as we all have our own, unique beliefs, but the bigger picture: an openness to the divine, a willingness to love and a true compassion that not only reaches out to others but reaches deeply within as well. The ‘wisdom crescendo’ is akin to reaching a mountain summit as it brings a sense of exhilaration and achievement, yet as one gazes out across the clouds and sees other mountains to climb, we quickly realise that we have not reached the end of our journey, but the beginning of the next.

Letting go involves faith and courage as it shows a willingness to trust the flow of life to carry us forth. Yet, it is not giving up; it is waking up and being fully present in each and every moment. It is a willingness to turn to face life exactly as it is and to choose to live anyway. The ‘wisdom crescendo’ is but a wave of many that lap the shores of the soul, some waves crash in on the rocks with force and power, others gently tickle the rocks. Yet, this wave feels significant as it seems so distinct from the others. As a result, January looks set to be a time for reflection but a time for inner unification as well as we open up to taking a big, deep breath of life and choose to do so again, and again…

With love,



January looks set to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life, not so much a ‘new year’s resolution’, but more of a ‘new year’s revolution’ as you begin to re-shape and re-define your approach to life. There is an air of dynamism building momentum from deep within you as you connect to a new wave of drive and determination, and this looks set to inspire you to think creatively when it comes to living the life you love and loving the life you live. On first thought, these two may sound the same but it’s not always the case that one automatically appears with the other as life rarely works out that way. Therefore ensuring you love the life you live and opening up to living the life you love allows you to approach your ultimate goal from two different directions.

Of course, the biggest challenge comes in knowing what your ultimate goal actually is! Whilst you may be a driven, enthusiastic and determined soul, there is a sense that you often run before you can walk and this can result in you running in different directions at the same time, seemingly towards a goal, but often involving lots of cul-de-sacs on the way as you test the water as you go rather than fully pondering the matter and making more informed choices. A lot can be said for spontaneity but combining it with your wisdom, courage and creativity will allow you to revolutionise your life from the inside, out…


Breathing space looks set to take centre stage in your life throughout January as you begin to take stock of the life you’re living, the life you’ve lived and the life you still hope to live. It’s easy to get caught up on the giant hamster wheel of life, keeping on keeping on, getting through each day as best as you can. Life isn’t always easy so such a strategy is understandable; however, there is a sense that by keeping your head down you are also losing sight of the bigger picture and the realisation that there is so much more to being you! Life isn’t solely about things to do, places to go, people to see and achievements to make, there is also a need to be fully conscious in order to be a part of the ride!

You are not just a cog in the universal machine; you are an awakened and evolved cog as well! Therefore, being conscious and fully awake will inspire you to breathe more freely, giving yourself the freedom to expand your lungs, exploring a deeper sense of connection to yourself and to the universe. Life doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be wonderful; sometimes it’s the simple things that actually bring the most enrichment and nourishment. So, allow yourself some time to breathe more consciously, take the time to notice the world beyond the daily grind and let yourself expand into new terrain with every breath you take…


January looks set to be a month for you to open up to a brand new way of living and being as you finally let go of some long-held beliefs which have shaped and defined your world for many, many years. Although these beliefs no longer seem relevant to your life, it is important to acknowledge the role they have played in making you the person you are today. Whilst you may feel relieved to be shedding the old, don’t forget to honour it as it sails off into the sunset. At the same time, try not to immediately start searching for replacements the moment the ‘old’ reaches the horizon, instead try to give yourself some quiet time to be in the space between there and here in order to re-centre and re-balance.

It’s only natural to want to fill the spaces that appear in your life but sometimes those spaces carry more than fresh air and can be a source of tremendous inspiration and nourishment. In other words, don’t turn your back on the emptiness that remains once you let go of the ‘old’ as it seems likely to contain a great deal more than you might expect. It’s not always easy being comfortable with ‘space’ as it often reflects back into the depths of the soul. Yet, although it strips back layers to truth which can sometimes be uncomfortable, space also invites a deeper inner connection and this looks set to be the source of great enrichment for you now…


The grass often looks greener on the other side on the fence and the sunshine often appears brighter on the other side of the hill. It’s easy to perceive how much better things are ‘over there’, particularly when things ‘over here’ are not as good as they could be, and it’s understandable to allow your gaze to wander, particularly as that greener grass and brighter sun look so appealing. Yet, intuitively you know that the sun shines on everyone in the same way; it doesn’t discriminate or choose to give some more sunshine than others. Of course, there’s a choice when it comes to standing in the shade or living in the Tropics, but the philosophy of greener grass and brighter sun occurring everywhere but where you are now really doesn’t have much credence in fact.

Yet, when you can see the grass is greener and you can see others wearing sunglasses, how can you not think that things must be better over there? Such a frustrating conundrum! January looks set to be a month for shifting the focus of your gaze and realizing that the grass under your own feet is actually rather green and that is because the sun is happily gazing down upon you. It seems you have become so focused on looking over ‘there’ you have failed to notice that the life where you are now is actually rather good. It seems time for you to stop splitting yourself in two by being here but wanting to be there and instead allowing yourself to live fully, vibrantly and consciously now…


‘What do you truly want?’ looks set to be the question that shapes and defines both your January and your year ahead as you begin to reconnect with everything that’s truly important in your life. For quite some time now, you have felt stuck on the treadmill of life, trying to be the person you thought you ought to be and trying to be everything to everyone around you. Although both of these are not untypical for a gallant and generous soul like you, it’s important to realise that there comes a time when over-giving of yourself becomes more of a detriment than a blessing (to both others and yourself). Sometimes, over-giving can deplete you as there is nothing left to give and you can become understandably reluctant to let go of any more when you can only just about keep your head above water.

Although things haven’t, by and large, been quite as bad as this, intuitively you can sense the top of the slippery slope that leads in this direction as you have been over-giving, over-doing and over-being for too long. Over-being may sound odd, but when you over-give, it becomes increasingly harder to be you, as a result, you ‘over-be’ as you push hard to reclaim your sense of self and this can feel a little hollow at times. You seem ready now to reset the balance in your life, to honour yourself more and to finally reconnect to the question: what do you truly want?


January looks set to be a month of re-connecting to your deeper values and innermost needs as you shift the focus of your life away from doing, pushing and chasing towards being and conscious living. Such a shift may sound rather passive but it takes great strength to stop pushing so hard to instead let go and trust the flow more as it takes courage, determination and a willingness to let go of the handrails that have been your comfort blanket and reassurance for so long. The handrails are of course safety rails so you may be reluctant to unpeel your fingers from the bar; this is understandable, but it seems important that you at least explore these rails in order to understand their presence in your life and your need for them.

There is a sense that they have been around for so long that they are now second nature and a part of the furniture of your life. As a result, you don’t notice them and the role they play in your life. Safety rails have a purpose of course, but when they are carried around at all times (‘just in case’), they can become more of a burden than a blessing as they can prevent you from being you. Caution is wise but sometimes you need to trust a little more. You are a vibrant, passionate, creative and innovative soul, and the time has come to use these skills to fly free…


January looks set to be a month of wonder and awe as you take a step beyond the boundaries in your life in order to explore a new way of living and being. You have long contemplated living a life that allows you to fulfil your hopes and embrace your dreams; you have spent a long time shaping such a life in your mind, weighing up the pros and cons of different choices and decisions. Yet, despite having spent so long thinking about this, there is a sense that, when it boils down to it, you are still not completely clear as to what you truly want in life.

Many of your dreams are external goals; achievements to tick off your ‘to do’ list in life, yet what about the bigger picture? What about living joyfully, peacefully or contentedly? Only you know what’s truly important to you, but there is a sense that you have become so focused on what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be, you have lost sight on where you are now and on the deeper significance of how you want to live and how you want to feel. This isn’t about your ‘to do’ list, it’s about living well, being well and being you. The aforementioned month of wonder and awe comes from consciously embracing the realisation that life is about being rather than doing. Stepping beyond boundaries is an opportunity for you to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out…


As the power of your consciousness continues to expand and grow, there is a sense that you are beginning to see a new side to yourself as you open up to seeing both yourself and your life from a different perspective. You have long been open to re-invention and re-birth as you know that you are constantly evolving, growing and changing with each passing day. As a result, it has been hard for you to accept any attempts to make the moveable world immoveable; in other words, you don’t fight the flow of change, you ride with it. This has been hard to accept for many around you as it seems to be inherent within most humans to resist change and to cling on to everything that’s familiar.

Whilst you are not that keen on change and loss, your acceptance of it in the flow of life enables you to live your life more consciously as you do not chase horizons nor do you try to cling on to the past. Of course, such a liberated attitude can make it hard for you to settle comfortably into a role in life and stick with it without question as your free-spirited essence needs the space to roam, dance and be free. Yet, if being a free-spirit is your true essence, should you really fight or resist it? The new perspective emerging in January looks set to be a willingness within you to give your feisty, free-spirited self more freedom and space to be you…


As you continue to find harmony and unity between your passionate heart and your powerful mind, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a new sense of clarity when it comes to living the life you intuitively know you were born to live. You have always been aware of the gap between where you are (here) and where you want to be (there) and although you have remained driven and motivated to reach ‘there’, it seems your awareness of ‘there’ has diminished the power of ‘here’ as you have felt a deep sense of lack connected to feeling incomplete until you have achieved the dizzy heights of ‘there’.

Even though you intuitively know the power and the value of the present moment, it’s hard not to focus on where you want to be as this is a part of being human. Goals and dreams feed the spirit and inspire your creative and innovative flair. Yet, if you feel as though you cannot be truly happy until you have reached destination ‘there’, then the present moment will never be enough. January looks set to be a month for you to realise that here is not only enough but it is also rather magnificent as well. A willingness to be more conscious in the present moment will help you to realise that you are already whole. Of course, your dreams will still drive you forward, but not at the cost of now; after all, the present is all you ever truly have, so treasure it…


January looks set to be a month of clarity and vision for you when it comes to re-shaping your life and re-honing your dreams. For a long time now you have been keeping on keeping on, doing your best to fit in and working hard to be the person you felt you ought to be. As a result, there is a sense that you have become disconnected from your true sense of self, feeling more like one of the flock rather than the magical, mystical, unique sea goat you truly are. It’s easy sometimes to forget the real you as life so often consumes you with things to do, people to see and places to go. Yet, at the same time, you never truly lose sight of the real you as your awareness of the discord and disconnection is a sign that you know something is amiss.

This is a good sign as it means the journey back from where you are to where you want to be isn’t all that arduous; there is a sense that a shift in focus is all that’s needed to remind you of your strength, courage, vitality, vision and creativity. Quite what you do with all of these is up to you, but it seems clear that ignoring them isn’t serving you too well! Of course, it’s ultimately up to you how you live your life but the clarity and vision coming your way looks set to re-ignite a passion in your soul for embracing the magic of being you…


As you continue to re-shape and re-define your life and your ideals, there is a sense that you have reached a point of realisation that the picture or vision you have of your life is quite different to the reality you are living. It seems that such a perspective is a common part of being human as dreams versus reality can often drift apart over time. However, for many souls, this drift is something they never notice as life is too full of distractions, and so they can end up slowly moving further and further away from their dreams until they reach a point of disconnection. Yet, you are not like most people and so you are acutely aware of the incongruence between the two.

As a result, you frequently feel a sense of lack that, despite knowing of the incongruence, you still haven’t managed to bridge the gap. Of course you already know focusing on the gap gives it more power in your life but it’s hard not to notice it as you’ve chosen not to ignore it! January looks set to be a month of seeing the gap in a new way; not as something to conquer, but as something to love. There will always be a gap in life, that’s part of being human as we always have new horizons to explore. So, instead of seeing the gap as a challenge, love it and accept it, knowing that it is there to inspire you, and it’s presence will help you to evolve, flourish and blossom…


As you stand in-betwixt 2014 and 2015 there is a sense that you are not quite sure whether to breathe a loud sigh of relief that one year is behind you or to whoop loudly at the adventure you intuitively know lies ahead. There can be no denying you have faced your fair share of challenges over the last twelve months and these have eroded your ‘you time’, ‘rest time’, ‘self-compassion time’ and ‘quality time’. Of course, there have been things to do, people to see and places to go, many of which are part of the mass of responsibility you carry on your shoulders and, although you have felt overwhelmed with the pressure at times, there is also a sense that you rather like the distraction of being busy as you sense that the ‘you time’, ‘rest time’ and self-compassion might open up a can of worms.

The can of worms is a fear that turning the spotlight back onto you might lead to a realisation that all is not quite as you want it to be in your life. Of course, all is not quite as you want it to be, but knowing this and doing something about it is quite different. January looks set to be an inspirational month for you, one where you start to honour and respect yourself much, much more. Remember, if you want to fully embrace life, you need to live it. You also need to love it, and this includes loving yourself, knowing yourself and being yourself…

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