A movie for the times we are in: Blue Jasmine

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I went to see Woody Allen’s new movie, Blue Jasmine and really enjoyed it. It was far from ‘light’ yet I walked out of that movie thinking to myself that this movie is so representative of where we are as a world, right now: illusion/delusion vs truth and even then it took disappointment and questioning to come to finally admit the truth – something that was right in front on the one character’s face the whole time.

Some of us will continue to live in a world of delusion and illusion. It is my feeling that these people will suffer by refusing to admit the truth. What is the truth? Only that individual can answer that question. By not recognizing or admitting our truth the same situations may continue, the same drama will continue… only you can stop this.

For the person who wishes to know the truth… this too may be a journey for admitting the truth can cause things to change in your life. Most of us hate change. Change, however, can represent opportunities, new experiences and a world opening up that you cannot imagine. Change for many brings fear of unknown. To get to the point of being in truth and then acting on it means you have to be willing to accept change is coming and embrace it.

This is scary for most.

The decision is yours and it doesn’t have to happen today. You will know when it is right for you to embrace the truth. At such time don’t look back and ask yourself why did you wait so long. It doesn’t matter. Every journey is unique.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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I went to pay my Visa statement and noticed I had a charge for $2.37 from this clothing store that I took my son to. I really didn’t think about it until I went through my Visa statement for the month, which I do each month, checking the statement against the bill to make sure all is good. I noticed that the amount of $2.37 on my Visa statement really should have been $237 – the person who rang it in moved the decimal – in my favour.

When I discovered this I had the same feeling as when I found a $100 bill at the end of my brother’s driveway — I knew it belonged to him and I needed to give it back. These are the little moments which define us and push us to be our best. Most people, unfortunately, would have just “pushed this under the carpet” and hoped that they were only charged the $2.37 versus the $237. For a fleeting moment I thought to myself, “lets see if the store figures it out” and then my truth of who I am came right back and said, “NO, this is not who you are .. you will go in and correct this” and that is exactly what I did. They thanked me for coming in and even though they would have figured it out when they reconciled their month, it made things a lot easier.

I truly want to walk my talk and be who I am. I am the kind of person that will walk over and turn down your collar of your shirt so you look good – a sign of endearment; I am the person that will run that errand or pick up something for you or just give you a hug because you are down. I love to give from my heart and that is who I am. I have also learned to receive and I am doing much better in that category because I understand that my ability to receive is tied into my honouring me – my worth.

I want to shift this a little… last night I went to see Randy Bachman with my boyfriend. He put on the most incredible show. He is such a gifted artist. What really took me was his ability to story tell. He shared his defining moments which helped shape his life, create a song, and even connect him to people that eventually became part of his music world.

We have this idea that it is the big moments that will define our life however this is not often the case. In the case of Randy Bachman he shared how his band got the name The Guess Who? The band actually began as Chad Allen and the Reflections. The Reflections was already being used and they were told to “cease and desist” by a lawyer. Then they thought what about Expressions – again a lawyer’s letter asked them to “cease and desist”. When their first hit came with “Shakin All Over” the company representing them asked them the name of their band so they can begin promoting this. With no name the company chose The Guess Who? – almost like asking the people to figure out who this band and their members are. This is how the name originated.

He shared how he’d be out and a phrase or part of a guitar riff (not sure if this is how you spell it) would catch his attention and from 3 chords he would create songs. The song American Woman was not about women per se .. the woman was the statue of liberty and the song itself was an anti-American song, protesting the Vietnam war where many men were drafted, went off and never came home. The chords came as he was tuning his guitar for a gig and the crowd loved it. He had written a few words on a napkin – high level writing tools at that time (haha) and he tried his lyrics with this amazing sound and viola, the song was born.

We always assume that it was something big or impacting that brings about change. It is not. It is the small actions, the little things, the seconds of a moment that inspire us, tell us, teach us – hey there is something here. A quick hug or kiss can really show someone how much you care; That you can stop the craziness of your life to turn your full attention to that person. For an artist it is that split second which gets the person to stop and take that “inspiration” and turn it into something that impacts the world – through art, music, literature, a movie or whatever.

I ask that this weekend you slow down to notice the little things that catch your eye, pull at your heart strings and feel how this moment can become a defining moment in your life; who you are.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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You know how far you have come when….

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I am not sure about you but I have had quite the week. We are in a full moon right now with the month of May having the largest, fullest moon to be seen as well as being the closest to the earth.

I am ruled by the moon which means I get quite emotional and affected by this. OH YA it has been quite the week. I have had a week of drama that I have not experienced in the longest time. What has been fascinating and interesting is that it really isn’t coming from me but my children back to me. And then last night I sat down with my ex to discuss some legal stuff around my children.

Here is what happened. MY younger son has been acting out and defiant – particularly with the teachers and teacher monitors. Now he has a defiant nature to start with but I knew that this was different. I could not pin point it. I felt that he was struggling in some sense so I asked my ex to drop my son off so I could talk to him. I hugged him, we talked and he shared. I can see he is struggling with his identity a bit. It is hard having to go between two homes with COMPLETELY different rules then go to school with even more rules. I shared with him what I have come to know and that is he is the same person in each place – WHO HE IS. He is the funny, smart, compassionate, loving, thought-provoking and challenger kid that I know and love. He needs to always be himself. Yes, he can find a better way to challenge people and things but this is one of the things that I love about him. He is the kid who will challenge the status quo and change the world.

My older son… this story goes back to Friday when my younger son bought a fake watch off a friend of his for $20 and because he did not like the colour he sold it to another friend for $12 ($8 deficit – not teaching my son too well about money!) and put another $20 out for another watch. Forget that he had all this money on him that he saved from his allowance at his father’s home I was furious that he made such a poor decision. I had to call the mother of this boy and explain the situation and ask her from the goodness of her heart if we can give back the money for the watch and then I returned the watch for $20. One of my older son’s friend had come over Friday after school and told me that you can buy this knock off watch for $10. This made me even more furious. So … I was upset (the moon was well in its power with me!) and this led to yelling — DRAMA. On the following Tuesday the boys selling the watch got hauled into the principal’s office and when the story got out people started to ask who turned in the boys. Now keep in mind one of the boys selling the watches is the son of a good friend of mine. The friend that was over the previous Friday said maybe it was me … he knew I was mad on the previous Friday so maybe I called. So now a rumour has started.

My older son comes home and says he is not going to Hebrew school. I tell him he has to. He then tells me that the kids at school think I ratted out the boy selling the watches. I look at my son and I am furious. I tell him I did not. Who had the time I was on the phone dealing with the school about my younger son’s behaviour. That day I received 3 calls and one of them was to tell me he was in the principal’s office. I lost it. My older son and I fought in a way that brought me back to the days with my ex husband. There was yelling, screaming, jumping up and down, swearing and it ended with my son not going to Hebrew school. I spent the next hour going to the home of one of the boys that started the rumour to share what happened with his mother. I wanted her to tell her son that I didn’t do it but more importantly he should not spread rumours unless he knows the facts. I spoke to my other friend and asked to speak to her two sons saying that again I did not rat them out, this is not who I am and that I have much more important things to worry about then these fake watches. I then came home and my son and I talked.

That night all I could think about was why all this drama in my life now. After some thought and downtime I realized that here I was being faced with some of the very cycles that I fought to break. I struggled with my identity however today I know who I am and I love who I am. I speak my truth and do it from a loving place. When the mirror of my younger child came back to me I saw how I have grown and how I can now lead the way and guide my children and assure them of who they are.

My fight with Isaac sat with me through the night and I woke up at 4:51am that morning and realized that the person who fought with Isaac was not the person I am today but the person I was. My boyfriend and I do not fight this way, we discuss, speak respectfully and never swear or bring each other down. I saw myself being dragged back into a way that I worked hard at breaking. I have spent the last 6 years to break this cycle of fighting. I woke my son up at 8am and said to him the following:

Last night when we fought and the way we fought was how your father and I would fight. I have spent the last 6 years breaking that cycle. I asked him if he ever sees me and my boyfriend fighting like that? Do we swear at each other? Do we bring each other down? Are we mean to each other? Are we disrespectful? The answer in all cases was a no. I told him that this is not who I am — this is who I was but this is not how I want to live my life — NO drama, no more swearing (yes I can with the best of them), no more yelling. This behaviour will not be acceptable in my home or the one my boyfriend and I plan to create. I said is this how he wants to be – abusive and mean? Is this how he wants to treat his wife? I said we are at a crossroads and he must make a choice how he wants to live his life and who he wants to be. I said that I will bring in some assistance to help us.

Wow it was incredible to face the mirror of my past and see who I was and who I am today.

I know who I am and my worth. My meeting last night with my ex about my children reinforced this even more. Now I must preserve their worth. I am not the same person I was a decade ago in the sense that I have peeled away layers of other peoples’ stuff. Clarity.

This moon brings clarity. Clarity of who we are – our identity, how we want to live our life, who we want to bring in and finally our worth.

I know this was a long story but hopefully you see how things can come up in your life through different ways – our children being one – and see how far we’ve come and guide them to make better choices. They see what they see – how we deal with our stuff or don’t, how we honour ourselves or don’t and how we walk our talk or don’t.

Be true, be honest, and honour your worth.

I wish you all a great weekend.

All my love,


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What a crazy week!

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I don’t know about you but this has been a week of people choosing or being forced to deal with something from their past that they either ignored or buried and did not deal with. Have any of you experienced this? Can you relate?

It is not just me experiencing this but so many people I know. I am writing about it because I feel that the energy now is supporting this – purging, dealing with, healing and releasing to bring us closer to our truth. Those that continue to turn their cheek or refuse to deal with their truth, are suffering. I have also witnessed this with someone close to me.

I talked about last week planting our seeds. To plant a seed and watch it grow sometimes you need to clear a path for it to do so. So here we are this week clearing the way so we can live the life that we want and choose. But this means acknowledging and addressing that which has blocked us from moving in the direction of truth.

I said last weekend I was going to sit down and write out what I want and “plant my seeds”. I got to it on Monday. It was an interesting process. In many ways I felt like I was setting my intentions but one thing that was different was that I clearly identified behaviour’s that I have that I DO NOT LIKE and want to rid of. I am working to clear the anger I have been holding for so long — it not longer serves me. I know I have the propensity to be critical – this is a “gift” handed to me by my father. It is a behaviour that I took on and one that definitely does not serve me and one I want to hand back to my father. This is not who I want to be nor who I am. The third thing is trusting completely in me. I am just about to finish my book and I am so proud of it and KNOW that others will benefit from it.

So not only did I write what I want I spent more time writing what I want to rid of. There was something that I read that said we are in a time of healing, forgiveness, being complete and releasing until April 16th.

TRUTH – this is where we are at. I was honest with myself, what my “areas of growth” were and I am really ok with it. I know it does not define me and I can change it at any moment.

So what have I seen this week:

1. A very close friend had an issue with her sister that was “buried”, “put aside” three years ago. Interestingly this issue resurfaced but not by her or her sister but by someone else. I told her she needs to address her truth to her sister and in the end come to a decision – agree to disagree and be ok with that, find a common ground – something. She has begun this process and I am proud of her. This issue will resolve itself and she is dealing with it.

2. Someone close to me finally came to a place that he knew he could not live his life the way it was unfolding. He decided that he and his wife really needed to split- for them, for the kids. Unfortunately no action plan was set in place and really that decision was put on hold and while the truth was out there it was being cast aside UNTIL something happened which forced this man to accept his decision and begin acting on it.

For those that know what they need to do and talk about it and do nothing to make a change — you will suffer for you have not made the decision and than created the action steps (you do not need to know all the answers … baby steps is all that it takes)to bring about this change.

You can no longer bury things, claim the victim, put your head in the sand (so to speak) and NOT deal with an issue or situation. It will surface and the truth will come out whether you like it or not.

3. A woman I know was “fired” from her job. She was totally surprised yet her and her boss have not got along and did not see eye to eye – personality clash- for years. This is a gift. I have another friend who also was fired from her job and it was the best thing that happened to her. She was unhappy and kept putting off the decision to leave. Being forced out allowed her to really see what she wanted and in the end she has been hired for the job she really wants. She is excited!

4. Going through divorce- sometimes the truth is speaking our truth and putting your foot down; Not letting people take advantage of you. This is what one close person went through. He has been compliant in all areas of his divorce and finally the universe pushed a situation that bordered on illegal and misconduct from the other side and he stood up for himself and put his foot down and said NO. I am really proud of him.

For others who need to speak up, speak their truth … the time is now. You do not have to come from a place of anger or meanness. Rather, come from knowing and calm. You will find, as I have, that coming from this way you attract more of what you want.

If you did not take the time last week to determine where you want to plant the seeds, where you want to “weed” from your life, please do so. Truth will prevail. It may appear as though you are suffering when you address an issue but in truth you are just moving through and releasing that which has held you — for days, weeks and even years.

Its time to be in the driver seat, take responsibility for our actions and choices. Enjoy the ride!

Have a great weekend.

With all of my love,


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The Craziest of Times…

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I just came back from San Francisco and it is so interesting to see how the people of the U.S. are handling their situation. On our drive to Napa we spoke to our driver about what’s going on. He says the people are frustrated and he feels that it is really the middle class that our suffering for the poor cannot pay and the rich do not want to pay.

Last night talking to my parents about this I was saying that I do not understand how in a time of crisis the U.S. cannot get it together – how the Senate and House and let’s not forget the Tea Party just want to point fingers and fight to be right. This is not the time to do so. I relate it to a bad marriage.

It is time that the people of the U.S. speak out and demand that parties start to come together. Canada and U.S. honour freedom of speech – almost welcome it. We must always remember our rights.

On the plane home an article written by Peter Foster, in The National Post, “Savvy Chinese dissidents are forcing change”, caught my eye and that is how the youth of China are speaking out and forcing change. China is a country not open to freedom of speech and yet their recent actions forced the government to close a coastal chemical plant that came within a whisker of a major toxic leak. This is a $1.5 billion factory generating $325-million of tax revenue. How this protest differed is that it was led by an orderly group of 12,000 strong representation of China’s new well-to-do, smartly dressed and smartphone-savvy, texting pictures of their defiance all around the world.

It was a rare humiliation; a rare demonstration by a new breed of middle-class protesters that knows its “rights” and dares to challenge the corruption inherent in a one-party state. The people are tired of seeing the “Bloody GDP” economic growth that puts the Communist Party in a prestigious light (and yes kickbacks given to officials) before the welfare of the people.

The youth around the world are speaking out – they care about their environment and their cities.

Speaking out … speaking our truth. I have been talking on a macro level however this can also apply to a micro level. In the last few days I have received news that two people that I love are dealing with something. One is dealing with breast cancer and the other one (which I feel all is good) is waiting on news from a mammogram. Jack Layton died and now Steve Jobs has stepped down from Apple as he can no longer serve in the way that he is required. Personally and professionally I am hearing stories of people dealing with health issues. The energy right now is crazy around the world – there is so much clearing that is going on. We must remember to nurture and take care of ourselves. We must also remember we are one – one person, one family, one country and one world. The ME – what’s in it for me – must be replaced with the WE.

It is time for truth, integrity, walking our talk and speaking our truth to triumph. What hasn’t work nor doesn’t work is replacing one government with another, or cutting out the cancer without a healing process, or buying into an illusion because our ego takes us there. It is time that we face our truth – the decisions we have made to date that has brought us to this point. Yes, we may not like what we find and see however the alternative is worse. To work through this crazy time is to honour and acknowledge where we are now, how we are feeling and how we can make better choices and create the action that is more in alignment with who we are and the type of world/person we want to be.

I am told that we will continue to experience more earth quakes — we had one the other day here in Toronto and the GTA. I didn’t feel it however many did. We also just had a tornado watch go through our cities to the north and west. WOW it was incredible to see and experience. I know that other places around the world are seeing and experiencing crazy weather patterns. Mother Earth is talking loudly and we need to listen.

This weekend I want you to be in nature and just breathe in that wonderful air that we take for granted. When you drink, if the water is clean, smile as you drink and be thankful and grateful that we have the water for there are many in Somalia that are suffering due to drought.

In this time … all we can do is be present in the moment and continue to speak up and speak out our truth.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Summer is coming to an end and school is starting in a week and a half. Oh Boy!

All my love,


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Stop Blaming Others for Your Situation

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The time has come in our world to stop blaming others for your situation. This is as true for an individual as it is for a company and country. We all play a part in creating and allowing what is going on. In order to empower ourselves we must begin by taking accountability and responsibility for our choices and actions.

It begins with you, the individual. Make good choices based on truth. A good choice, to me, is one that allows you to be true to yourself and does not bring someone or something down.

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When we please, we lose out

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I spent most of my life being a pleaser until I finally realized that by pleasing others I was the one in the end being shortcut. Why? In my teenage years I was pretty good at stating my ground and following my heart and truth. Then as I got into my 20s I began to question and really vie for the approval of my father, my boss and sometimes even friends. I felt that I needed to take into consideration how others felt and then make my decision.

Please do not get me wrong, I still do that however I make my decisions from truth and know that once I decide to do something I do not feel any guilt. As well, I can also say no when I feel that it is not in my truth.

Some of you may be able to relate to being a pleaser. I spent from 20 – 40 years old putting others first at the cost of my own happiness. I would be at one party or place and all I would think about is that I needed to show up to another party and in the end I didn’t enjoy either party.

One of the great life lessons we can give the young is that by learning to speak our truth in a way that is respectful will serve them through their life and show them how to live the life that they want. I am not talking about teaching our young to manipulate situations or lie rather to speak up and that it’s ok.

The interesting thing that between the age of 15 and 19 years I spoke my truth and challenged everything. Isn’t that what a teenager is meant to do? If someone had told me to continue to do so and showed me how to do it in a way that was kind and respectful I believe I would have made different choices.

I would not change my journey for I love where I am at right now and it has led me to my own truth and awareness of who I am, what I want and most important, to me, my passion and purpose.

For those that feel that you are too old to change and/or to have the life that you want … YOU ARE WRONG. The first step is to begin to be true to you. Make sure you surround yourself by people who love and honour you and can be honest with you when you fall into the trap of pleasing. Let them push and challenge you to see if what you are saying or agreeing to, is really your truth.

Everyone deserves to be happy.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful summer weekend.

All my love,


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I just went to see this movie and like all Woody Allen movie’s they leave you with food for thought. It is my belief that things come into your life for a reason — if you are aware you can relate, question, ponder and take the message and if you are not aware than the message will likely pass you by.

I am not sure who has seen the movie and I don’t want to spoil it however… I will just touch on what I felt was a strong message for me. In the movie, the main character, Gill, is a want-to-be writer. His fiancé wants him to continue writing for Hollywood and just make a lot of money for the scripts that are good by that standard however has no meaning for him. Gill’s inspiration comes from the past writers — Hemingway, Fitzgerald, T.S. Elliot and so on: The writers/artists of the 1920s.

Gill and his fiancé find themselves in Paris in the summer tagging along the fiancé’s father’s business trip. Gill is mesmerized by the city – by day and by night. One night when he is strolling he find himself being pulled into “another” world. In fact, he is transported to the 1920s through a car ride that he takes at the strike of midnight. In this world he faces his idol writers, has the opportunity to present his work to a famous editor – Stein. He also meets another woman, Adriana (a lover of Picasso’s while he is still married). She is drawn to Gill and what is interesting is that two lessons are learned by Gill during this transported time.

First, the editor, Stein, tells him that his work needs to come from his heart. Second, this woman, Adriana tells Gill that she wishes that she lived in the 1890s not the 1920s and he asks, “why?” as he feels that she is living in the greatest time period – Pairs in the 1920s amongst some of the greatest and most influential artists of our time. For her this is not her truth. She looks to the past for her happiness. At this moment and time Gill sees that he has also been doing that. He realizes that he has been looking to a past time for his happiness rather than being in the present; accepting what he is going through and being grateful for what he has and then changing what he no longer aligns with.

He is inspired to re-write his book and gets the accolades from both Stein the editor and Hemingway (other writers tend to be competitive about this stuff!). He learns to trust himself, write from his heart and be in the moment.

In life, there are people who live in their past – the GLORY days. They talk about what was and how things were and remember when…. That is fine once in a while to reflect and see where you are at today however to be immersed in this way of thinking does not allow for awareness and growth. To me it is an indication that you are not willing to take responsibility and accountability for today. It is much easier to be in denial and not face things.

You must also be careful of living in your future … for to live your life “when this happens I will be (happy, rich, successful) is to live a life with a carrot in front of your face. This carrot will never be yours for the taking.

The key to life is to be in the present. Life is a PRESENT and with that we need to look in the mirror and decide if we see what we like. I feel that taking what has worked or what you like from your past or from people of past is good, HOWEVER, we must take that and than make it our own and relevant to today.

I want you to look around at memorabilia, pictures and smile with what the memory brings and then close your eyes and think and feel what is happening today – accept and be grateful for where you are at and what you have. Visualize the life that you want not as a future however as though you are already living it. Put that energy out to the universe – trust and believe and then let it go.

For those new to visualizing it may take time. I ask that you really feel what you are saying; know you are worthy and then allow yourself to receive.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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Who is Making You Uncomfortable?

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Who is Making You Uncomfortable? An article by Seth Godin:

Who looks you in the eye and says, “given your skills, you could do better…”

“You have enough leverage to really make a difference.”

“What would happen if you doubled the amount you donated?”

“Could you set aside the fear and go faster?”

“I know you’re holding back…”

It takes love and kindness and confidence to bring the truth to a friend you care about. If you’re insulating yourself from these conversations, who benefits?

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Is Not Voting The Best Way To Speak Up?

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We just had our municipal/local elections in the province of Ontario, Canada. In the US you are about to embark on a Senator election. This is a time that many people are frustrated and want change — but are the people we electing really going to make a difference? In the municipal election we were voting for mayor, councillors and trustees.

I want to share with you a short editorial that was written in the comments section of the newspaper.


On Monday night (Oct. 25th) I placed my vote for mayoral candidate and spoiled my vote for councillor(s) and trustee. The latter action was a political statement. One’s decision to vote for no one is just as politically important as one’s decision to vote for someone. It is a clear statement that the particular voter has chosen no one, regardless of their varying reasons.
Spoiling a ballot is not just a rejection of the candidates, but also a rejection of voter apathy. Unlike not voting at all, it shows engagement with the political process, regardless of the voter’s disengagement with the individual candidates.
And as the number of spoiled ballots increases, so does the message that they send. In the 40% of Torontonians who didn’t vote in the last election showed up on Monday and spoiled their ballots, the message to politicians and government would be clear. We are engaged in democracy, but not with the candidates.

I am one for speaking up for truth and what I realized when I voted that even if I came and spoiled a vote (which in a sense I did for I only voted for 1 of the 3 choices I was allotted for councillor) everything is done electronically today. WHO REALLY KNOWS AND WHO REALLY CARES. The people at the voting station only want to make sure that the ballot is secretive and is accounted for properly. The only person who knows the nature of my actions is ME.

As a mother of two boys I am committed to making changes for the betterment of my children and all children. What do I mean? Canada, like many of the industrialized countries are facing some real challenges; ones that are NOT being addressed by the Canadian government: issues related to aging population – rising health care costs, CPP and Pensions and the potential lack of, Environmental Issues – fresh water, reliance on petroleum, Lack of support for innovation and creativity for young entrepreneurs, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY by our MPs (members of parliament) for their actions, especially when they are spending OUR MONEY.

I have begun a youth movement, www.voicesofyouth.ca which is about hearing the voice of our youth. These young kids still need to be guided and mentored. I am looking to bridge a gap between the older and younger generations with a mentoring program; begin to build a mutually beneficial relationship in which policies can be implemented to benefit both sides – younger and older generations.

It is time to say ENOUGH and many people feel this way. The time has come to STAND UP AND MAKE OUR VOICES KNOWN AND HEARD. There are so many platforms for you to do this because of social media. I plan on tapping into all of them however Facebook in particular. You will find a fan page shortly where I want to engage the youth. I have my own children so I can ask them directly however there are many of you our there that have a voice and need to make it heard and known. Together we can really make a difference – really TELL THE POLITICIANS THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE – force them to walk their talk and be accountable and responsible.

While I am the ‘protective mama’ I also realize that approaching this with honey and not as a pit bull will be more effective. Anger has been a driver for me but I need to take that and fuel it in a more productive manner.

I will ask you to go to this page (when it is done) and pass it around. Right now the strength will be in numbers.

I say once again, let’s encourage the change and teach our children to challenge the existing systems to determine how effective these systems in place are really being today and then for their future. Let’s guide them on how to make the changes they want and begin to create the world that they want handed down – not the one we are imposing on them.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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