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Posted Thursday, July 16th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

I had the opportunity to meet this woman and her daughter through Tom Martin, my media guy. He met these 2 women at a Tony Robbins seminar while in Toronto.  He had passed their names onto me a while ago however we never connected.

We meet…
We finally meet downtown at a Starbucks.  I knew the daughter was attending a University for a degree in Communications and  she had a desire to be in Public Relations.  We met and we all hit it off so well. I told them about my empowerment business. We talked a lot about following our heart and gut, the importance of speaking our truth and most importantly honouring and loving ourself.  I listened to their stories with the same intrigue.

My Offer
I told Sue that I will help her as she was looking for an internship however with the economy hitting the Communications and PR field hard even that has been difficult. I then suggested to her that she intern for me, 2bempowered Inc., to help me brand my work and build my social network presence.  In turn I will empower her in her creativity, guide her myself as well as Tom Martin from Tom Martin Media, New York and another friend who is VP of a PR, Marketing and Communications firm in Toronto.

Took Time To Respond
It took a number of days for her to respond and I was quite surprised. We did connect and she is all excited and ready to go.  I am excited for all of us for it is a win/win situation – she will get her training and exposure in a field that is not even hiring “free labour”, I will get more exposure to empower more people, and Tom Martin will begin to build a “north” presence.

How can you create your own opportunities .. listen to when people talk, ask questions and tell people what you are looking for. Be open to all and every opportunity and be prepared to DO IT FOR FREE.  The experience and exposure that you will gain is immeasurable.  You will open doors that you never new existed.

One complaint about our youth today is that they want it now and they do not want to work for it.  Well, the business world does not work like that.  I encourage everyone to speak their truth and follow their heart however a sense of entitlement is not a welcoming nor admirable position to argue.  You will need to earn your stripes.

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