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I want to share the life of two women that I have come across, I’d say by accident however I do not believe in accidents. First is a woman by the name of Nomiki Konst. At age 29 she has accomplished more than most people in their entire lives. I had a chance to speak with her today and she is quite remarkable. While at the top end of the millennial spectrum she is one millennial youth to watch out for. She is empowered and determined to make a change in this world. She is heading off to a foreign country (not sure if I am allowed to divulge) to be part of guiding this country in developing their policy in a more democratic fashion. I am blown away with her work. She is in the midst of writing a book entitled, Millennial Mindset. She is part of shifting paradigms in the corporate and political world. Learn more about Nomiki.

The other young woman I want to talk about is Talia Leman. I learned about her from an interview that Nomiki posted on her site. I encourage ALL people to go to Nomiki’s site and watch this video. You will learn from two women what it means to create a goal, go after it and achieve it — beyond!. Both women realize that making change comes in incremental steps. This is true for individual change as well as world change.

What inspires me about Talia is that she is so down to earth, has such an amazing disposition, and is so full of life and passion. She is the founder and CEO of www.randomkid.org. While she is 18 now, her journey began at the age of 10 when after the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina she decided to do her part in raising money for the relief. Her goal: $1,000,000. That is quite the goal, let alone for a 10-year old. She set out to raise money with a program she called TLC which stood for trick-or-treat loving catastrophe. She gave herself the title of CEO – chief executive optimist. Her six year-old brother, who is one of her greatest teachers and supporters, autistic, marched in to tell her that he vehemently disagreed with where the money was going, he had other ideas. She took this seriously and decided to give her brother a role in this project as the CON – chief operating nemesis. Together they made a makeshift website where he dressed up in a Darth Vader costume. Somehow one of the researchers from The Today Show happened onto the site and called them to come onto the show.

The awareness from the show and Talia’s intent to raise $1 million was not only realized rather it became literally tenfold. She raised over $10 million and became one of the top five donators to this relief.

From this she started Randomkid.org. The projects are designed to help local and global issues from providing a coat to a child in need to raising money for building water-filling stations. One of the projects that she talks about in her interview is the Water Bottle Project. She says from this experience came one of her greatest lessons: Passion beats Perfection. The projec itself takes the idea of selling re-usable water bottles and the money raised goes to building water-filling stations or hand sanitizing centres in countries that do not have access to safe, clean drinking water.

The kids would decorate the bottles and name the project. One child who suffers from a reading disability named his project “Sip and Save a Life”. Talia admits that from a marketing and sales strategy this is not the best name and most companies would dismiss it. However due to the passion of boy for this project he sold more water bottles than anyone else. Passion beats perfection!

Please go to her site and learn more about her work. She is now 18 and has just completed a book: a random book about the power of ANYone. She is a force to be reckoned with. I am going to follow and support her work and I hope you do too.

Both these women are ones to follow. If you can take away anything from them it is to know that small acts can have big impacts on bringing change. Do not discount your own actions. You don’t have to raise $10 million dollars. You can do simple things like keep your environment clean, choose to be environmentally friendly, be kind to others, open the door for someone. You can also start a project of your own. When the collective consciousness reaches a place where we see the goodness in others and want to help others, the world will change.

I too learned something from talking to Nomiki. I realize that Canada is in a unique situation when it comes to youth underemployment and the crisis. Where the USA had no choice but to act and make changes, Canada did not and as such we are riddled with something, I beleive is far scarrier, and that is apathy and disengagement. I intend to change this with the help of the millennial youth, youth advocates and working with people like Nomiki and Talia.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Smile, be grateful and know that this is a very interesting time in history!

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