The Aussie DJs Who Pranked the Hospital

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By now you have heard about how two DJs from an Australian radio station decided to prank the hospital where princess Kate was staying during her recovery from morning sickness. It was British nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, that passed through the call to the room thinking it was the Queen and her husband. Of course we know now that it was not. As a result of this, the nurse took her own life by hanging herself, leaving behind two teenage children.

That is the simple version.

The backlash against the two DJs and radio station has been quick and harsh. The DJs were immediately taken off the air.

I feel this is a tragedy all around. Firstly, we are so consumed with the life of stars, royalty, and sports celebrities. They are human beings like you and me and WE allow them to elevate themselves, not the other way around. We push for it. We treat them differently. I don’t. To me we are all equal. As humans are extreme. For goodness sakes there was a plot to kill Justin Bieber recently. Princess Kate is a woman about to become a mother for the first time. Anyone mother reading this knows exactly what she is feeling. I never had extreme morning sickness but some of my friends did and they can relate. Let her be.

The other tragedy is how pranks happen all the time and that the outcome unfortunately was severe, leading to death, but who would have imagined this?? There is a show called Pranks on TV and it can be quite funny for all, especially once the prank is revealed.

Finally, compassion. We have been really hard on the DJs, no?? The fact that this British nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, took her life from this one event is to presume something very big. I know people very close to me who have had siblings take their own life. What has been told to me is that it is never one thing, or one event. Yes, there may be a triggering event for the actual act, “my life is not worth it”, however it is a cumulative series of events, situations, things, perceptions, and so forth over time that brings one to act. With this tragedy we have rightly shown compassion to the children and family of this British nurse. What about the DJs? I am sure that there is not a DJ out there that when told of the initial plot to call the hospital didn’t think, “I wish I thought of that!”.

I want to share two letters sent to the editor of the National Post newspaper, Letters of The Day, section. I cannot find the day however I believe it was Dec. 12th, 2012.

The letters are in response to another letter sent in.

Here is the first letter written by Justin Wollin, Calgary, Alberta

Re: DJs Behind Hoax Expected to ‘Get Cut Off’, Dec. 11, 2012.
“The media and general public’s reaction to the tragic death of British nurse Jacintha Saldanha is both predictable and deplorable. Aside from the lack of attention given to the nurse herself, we have chosen to instead focus on demonizing the two Australian DJs and their innocuous prank call as the sole reason for her untimely death. While I don’t protest that some privacy law may have been compromised in the phone call, the act itself in one that is a staple of popular radio anywhere in the Western media.

In the hours following Ms. Saldanha’s reported death, the hospital and palace offered their sympathies and confirmed they had offered their full support to the Duchess’s nurse following the prank call. The same support was not offered to the DJs – Mel Greig and Michael Christian.

Rather than treat this story as a set of terribly unfortunate circumstances, we have probably unknowingly, turned one tragedy into another. Mourn Ms. Saldanha, but let’s not also mourn the loss of livelihood and quality of life of the DJs, because if this is indeed the case, we need also to mourn the loss of human decency and compassion.”

The second letter was sent in from Cyril Abraham, Whitby, Ontario.

“Blaming the Aussie DJs for Jacintha Saldanha’s suicide is like blaming still births on pregnancy. Pranks are part of the lighter side of life, there is nothing absolutely aseptic about life.

If people overreact to anything, the focus should be on the overreaction per se.”


Some of you may like these letters and others may not. In law you must prove malice and intent and the only intent was to prank the hospital, get some juicy gossip – first – and share this information with the public who wants to know. There was never the intention to bring about a death. Was that the result, unfortunately.

At this point there is an on-going investigation into why this woman, Ms. Saldanha, would want to take her own life. She chose to leave. In the meantime, we have two living DJs that made a decision. Rather than scold them for acts that their peers would have done also we must go within and see how we respond to things as human beings. The larger picture is how we want to be as collective. It means looking at the way we glorify and put certain people on pedestals. Let’s stop that and recognize that we are all equal. Every person has something important to contribute to this world. Stop buying the gossip magazines. For as long as this stuff sells, it will continue.

The biggest concern is the lack of compassion and concern for ALL of our fellow humans. The DJs do not deserve to have their lives destroyed. Then we are no better and ‘we have killed them’. Do they need to learn a lesson, yes, but so does all Western media outlets. Will these two DJs do things differently? I don’t know however I suspect that this has been a life altering experience. Let them take this experience and bring it back to the world for us all to learn from.

No one is perfect and we all make choices that lead to consequences, often ones we didn’t predict. Forgiveness, letting go, learning and moving on to a ‘better place’ is something that we all need to do. Me included.

This weekend find compassion for a situation or person that you might not otherwise give.

12/12/12 has opened up a portal that is allowing for the collective consciousness to elevate and heighten. We can begin by showing compassion. This can be as simple as knowing what a person is all about and sending compassion. For me, it doesn’t mean allowing one to walk on you or take advantage. Rather, just be aware of what you are dealing with and send love from afar.

As we move to 12/21/12 – the ending of the Mayan calendar, welcome this time. It is exciting and we are moving into a time that supports more compassion and human decency.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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