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I just came back from San Francisco and it is so interesting to see how the people of the U.S. are handling their situation. On our drive to Napa we spoke to our driver about what’s going on. He says the people are frustrated and he feels that it is really the middle class that our suffering for the poor cannot pay and the rich do not want to pay.

Last night talking to my parents about this I was saying that I do not understand how in a time of crisis the U.S. cannot get it together – how the Senate and House and let’s not forget the Tea Party just want to point fingers and fight to be right. This is not the time to do so. I relate it to a bad marriage.

It is time that the people of the U.S. speak out and demand that parties start to come together. Canada and U.S. honour freedom of speech – almost welcome it. We must always remember our rights.

On the plane home an article written by Peter Foster, in The National Post, “Savvy Chinese dissidents are forcing change”, caught my eye and that is how the youth of China are speaking out and forcing change. China is a country not open to freedom of speech and yet their recent actions forced the government to close a coastal chemical plant that came within a whisker of a major toxic leak. This is a $1.5 billion factory generating $325-million of tax revenue. How this protest differed is that it was led by an orderly group of 12,000 strong representation of China’s new well-to-do, smartly dressed and smartphone-savvy, texting pictures of their defiance all around the world.

It was a rare humiliation; a rare demonstration by a new breed of middle-class protesters that knows its “rights” and dares to challenge the corruption inherent in a one-party state. The people are tired of seeing the “Bloody GDP” economic growth that puts the Communist Party in a prestigious light (and yes kickbacks given to officials) before the welfare of the people.

The youth around the world are speaking out – they care about their environment and their cities.

Speaking out … speaking our truth. I have been talking on a macro level however this can also apply to a micro level. In the last few days I have received news that two people that I love are dealing with something. One is dealing with breast cancer and the other one (which I feel all is good) is waiting on news from a mammogram. Jack Layton died and now Steve Jobs has stepped down from Apple as he can no longer serve in the way that he is required. Personally and professionally I am hearing stories of people dealing with health issues. The energy right now is crazy around the world – there is so much clearing that is going on. We must remember to nurture and take care of ourselves. We must also remember we are one – one person, one family, one country and one world. The ME – what’s in it for me – must be replaced with the WE.

It is time for truth, integrity, walking our talk and speaking our truth to triumph. What hasn’t work nor doesn’t work is replacing one government with another, or cutting out the cancer without a healing process, or buying into an illusion because our ego takes us there. It is time that we face our truth – the decisions we have made to date that has brought us to this point. Yes, we may not like what we find and see however the alternative is worse. To work through this crazy time is to honour and acknowledge where we are now, how we are feeling and how we can make better choices and create the action that is more in alignment with who we are and the type of world/person we want to be.

I am told that we will continue to experience more earth quakes — we had one the other day here in Toronto and the GTA. I didn’t feel it however many did. We also just had a tornado watch go through our cities to the north and west. WOW it was incredible to see and experience. I know that other places around the world are seeing and experiencing crazy weather patterns. Mother Earth is talking loudly and we need to listen.

This weekend I want you to be in nature and just breathe in that wonderful air that we take for granted. When you drink, if the water is clean, smile as you drink and be thankful and grateful that we have the water for there are many in Somalia that are suffering due to drought.

In this time … all we can do is be present in the moment and continue to speak up and speak out our truth.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Summer is coming to an end and school is starting in a week and a half. Oh Boy!

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