The feeling of calm when you really let go

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I have been talking about this for at least five years: Letting go. I have written about it and spoke about it and now I am writing about it again. If we believe that our life is like an onion and the more layers we peel away the more we learn and grow then using this analogy I have peeled away another layer. Once again I understand letting go at a completely different level than I did 6 months ago, a year ago, and for sure 10 years ago.

I have put myself deliberately on a path of self-discovery after the failure of my marriage, loss of important things and people in my life, and most important my desire to truly love and honour myself: SELF WORTH.

The first feeling of calm around letting go happened recently. Before I left for Australia with my son and sister I was getting uptight about would be see everyone that we wanted (I have a number of friends there), not everyone has gotten back to us, etc. I was concerned, worried, that we didn’t have a plan in place.

Planning. My greatest gift and worst nightmare. I spent my life planning to no avail and sure enough every big plan I had failed, miserably. I did want children and I got my 2 boys however I would have had four if I was in a good marriage.

I coincided my trip’s desire with my intention to bring in a new 2016. I decided prior to the trip to let go of everything. We had all the major things planned and hotels, etc. Other than that we would choose day by day. I shared with my sister my sentiments and she agreed. The best way to approach this trip was to just let go of the outcome. Whatever will be will be and we put out messages that we were going to be in town and we’d like to see certain people.

I have not done a major trip like this in a while and going with my son I felt I had more responsibility. I couldn’t just go with the wind – eat when I wanted, do what I wanted and so forth. This trip was for him as a gift for his bar mitzvah and we were meeting up with a friend of his that used to live in Toronto but moved back to Melbourne. As it turned out, it was such a relaxing trip. My son and I as well as my sister and I got along famously. My son and I didn’t have one fight. I think that was because I let go of expectation and outcome. Of the entire trip there was two hours that my son was not happy when I made him go to a lunch with friends of ours. Other that than he had an incredible time. My sister and I (there were a few tense moments but they passed quickly) got along great. We always do. I know how to travel with my sister.

The big test was arrivinging in Melbourne. There were so many people I wanted to see in a shot period of time. What unfolded was amazing. Not only did I get to see everyone I wanted but in two cases I saw them more than once. It was incredible. Everything was amazing. I could not have asked for a better few days. It really taught me a grand lesson – let go. Now when I say let go we still put into motion that we wanted to see people – called, emailed, texted, Facebook. We let them know our availabilities and even when a plan fell through a better one emerged. Once we put it out there we then let go of any expectation of outcome. That is the key. Do the work, put out the intentions and then let it unfold as it is meant to.

That is where I have peeled away another layer of my learning. I know it sounds so simple. And I guess it is. Really, it can also be challenging. To let worry and fear go completely takes courage and trust. I am finding both.
So where else am I using this in my life? My work and my desire to meet someone special. I set my intentions for 2016 in both areas. My ex informed on Jan. 4th about his work which I know will impact me. Rather than go to fear and worry, I am staying calm. I have done meditation and did work to let go of the fear. I have been working on my resume, connecting with people and doing what I can to create my work for me. I am also opening up to the possibilities out there. Doing this, letting go, is opening up channels.

I am not a fool and just sitting around I am actively doing things. This is not airy fairy thinking if you put out good thoughts that is it. No, the action, belief and feeling accompanies the trust and letting go of the outcome.

I had an incredible call with a gentleman who is on the board of a company I am very interested to work with. I will do what I need to do on my end and then put out to God that this is exactly the work I want to do and let it go.

As for you… are you ready to let go? Perhaps you want a new home or new clothes, a new relationship. Whatever it is you must first let go of the previous/past to open up for the new to come in.

This weekend I want to clean out my closests really well. My body is changing and I want to open up to clothes that will fit me better for where I am at. I have even opened up the thought of a new home. I am not ready for that however when I am I know what I need to do or rather let go of!

I really hope this email helps someone get out of a stuck place. I was stuck in many ways for many years. Yes there was movement however I manifest much quicker today understanding myself better.

I want to wish each of you a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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