The Finance World Is Intrigued with Women and Finance

Posted Thursday, March 25th, 2010. Filed Under Financial Empowerment

I met with this man yesterday who comes from a financial background. He started his own company that is very successful and is in many countries around the world.

We began to talk about Women & Finances and he was very interested on my views and what I am doing with workshops and the site, collaborating with Maritza and so on.

WOMEN HAVE THE POWER – I do not know the exact percentage however I can safely say that women represent nearly, if not 50% of the potential investors in Canada. What does that mean? It means that some women today are independently wealthy and in some cases may be the “bread winner” and out earn her husband.

I read an article that women, if not already, are the larger group of the two that have money to invest. Most women due to their lack of awareness, fear and so on, do not invest for themselves and “hold onto money” for they do not know which investments to go into.

It really comes down to empowering ourselves and learning to take back the power: Ask as many questions as you need to until you understand, be accountable and responsible for your actions, and just get to know what is in your financial closet so that it is serving you in your best interest. Whether you are male or female, you need to determine your spending habits. Are you spending more that you earn?

I feel what is really intriguing the corporate world is that women need to step into their role as a financial person. It truly is about baby steps. Some of the financial institutions recognize that building a solid relationship with their women clients is so valuable to how women respond. Women are all about the relationship whereas a man usually wants to know about ROI.

The Corporate world is listening so speak your truth and be true to who you are!

Maritza and I are there to support and guide.

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Here is my message to all women- we represent almost one half of the population here is Canada. We have the financial “clout”. This issue is that most women hand it away by not taking accountability and responsibility for their role in their own finances. It is much easier to blame your brokers, insurance people, financial institution. To be frank THE ONUS IS ON YOU to ask the questions and get the answers fully answered to your liking.

Then take all of this info and make it your own!


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