The healing powers of honey and sugar

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This article written by Dr. Julian Whitaker is about how sugar and honey could be better than regular antibiotics to treat wounds.  Apparently, both sugar and honey are also beneficial for burns as well.

Here are the steps, according to the website, to treat a wound:

Protocol for Treating Wounds With Sugar
Sugar or honey dressing may be used to treat any kind of open wound or burn. (We use sugar at the clinic because it’s less messy.) It will not work on abscesses or pustules that are covered with skin. Do not use on a bleeding wound as sugar promotes bleeding.

1)Unravel a 4″ x 4″ piece of gauze into a long strip and coat it with Vaseline. Place it around the outside edges of the wound, like a donut.
2)Cover the wound with 1/4-inch of sugar. (The Vaseline “donut” will keep it in place.)
3)Place a 4″ x 4″ sponge on top of the wound. Bandage it firmly but not too snugly with a cling dressing.
4)Change the dressing every one or two days. Remove, irrigate with water, saline, or hydrogen peroxide, pat dry, and repeat steps 1-3.

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