The movie “Julia & Julia”

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As I sat through the movie “Julia & Julia” I just wanted to sit back and take it all in.  The movie is based on a true story.  If you are a “foodie” you will love this movie especially all the french rich dishes they show.  As an aside, how is it that the French are able to stay so slim while eating all that rich food?  Quantities is a huge part of it and also how they approach food as an experience, I guess.

What struck me during the movie was how the younger “Julia” gave her power away to Julia Child. She put her on such a pedestal that when she receives the phone call from the journalist saying that Julia Child is aware of what she is doing – cooking over 500 recipes in 365 days – and is not impressed (for lack of better words), the younger “Julia” is devastated.

It is interesting that the younger “Julia” had become so self-absorbed that she forgot who she is – creating in her mind the desire to be perfect like Julia Child.  It is only after her husband moves out for a few days that she comes to realize and be aware of how she neglected so many things, including her husband. She posts her “awareness” and he comes back.

When they do talk she tells her husband that Julia Child saved her from her life and through this journey of cooking she found herself and passion again – it is all because of Julia. She goes on to say that Julia Child is perfect and had an amzing relationship with her husband and that she is nothing like Julia. I love how her husband responds and that is “no, you did this, you saved yourself. As far as Julia Child, she is human.”

When I walked out of the movie I felt that this movie confirms my work – empowerment.  On this journey – call it spiritual – I attend quite enlightened groups and it alawys amazes me that even with peoples’ level of awareness and understanding about our purpopse in this world – give and receive love- that people  look to others for their answer. I will hear them quote from others, their words, and I consistently remind them that we are all equal and that all of our answers lie within.

I had a teacher who used to constantly remind us to take what resonates and leave the rest.  I encourage you to read or follow your favourite person/people however please do not put them on a pedestal or think them better or ‘higher’ for this is NOT TRUE. Everything you “think” or “imagine” about your hero is just that “imagining” for they are HUMAN.  Know that your answers lie within and trust yourself and the universe or G-d or whatever it is you want to call it.  PLEASE TRUST and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

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