I watched the movie Race last weekend about the black runner, Jesse Owens, who ran in the 1936 Olympics to go on and win 4 gold medals for the USA.

1936 Nazi Germany, pre-WWII, was a place of intolerance and discrimination. We all know what happened to the Jews, Gypsy, homosexuals, and anyone who defied the Nazis – 6 million jews and 5 million non-Jews were systemically murdered.

In the movie the American Olympic committee had it’s own discrimination with some of its members – maybe not overtly but it was there. The sympathies between Avery Brundage and the Germans were subtle but there.

In order to get the support of the American Olympic committee for the 1936 Olympics hosted by Germany, the Germans “promised” the Americans that they will allow all athletes of all colour and creed the freedom to compete. So to the world the Nazis presented a ‘cleaned up’ version of what was going on however nothing changed. The Nazis continued to round up jews and transport them to the ghettos.

In the movie, the two Jewish American athletes were taken off the roster to compete in the 400 relay – why? simply because they were Jewish. Adolf Hitler greeted all athletes that won a gold, yet he was unavailable to meet with Jesse Owens, four times.

Even back in the USA where there was much celebration for his success, the Whitehouse did not acknowledge Jesse’s extraordinary contribution to the games on behalf of their country; not until 1990.

The Olympics is supposed to be a venue free of politics; allow the best amateur athletes in the world to compete against one another – void of intolerance,discrimination and manipulation.

The Olympics is completely political. We have drugs being taken by athletes, sometimes prescribed by their very coaches and country, in order to get the upper edge. In China and Rio de Janeiro, we were presented and are currently being presented with the same scenario that the Germans did – push the ‘bad stuff’ out of the way only to present the good stuff to the world. Today, as humans, it is time to acknowledge this truth.

Currently athletes are concerned about the contaminated waters, the slums ares still there but just being pushed back so you do not see it. What has changed?

Not much.

We talk about diversity and tolerance yet we just saw one of the worst massacres on US soil of a group of people – just because they are gay. Who knows if everyone in that club was gay. Likely not.

People can argue that is human nature. I disagree. We are too connected, too aware to use that argument. If we really want to embrace tolerance and diversity than we must across the board – religion, colour, creed. Again, I must state this clearly, radicalism, religious persecution and manipulation of a text does not in my books equate to tolerance or understanding. The man who killed all of this innocent people at Pulse came from hatred.

I sound angry. I am more tired. I am tired of hearing peoples’ excuses of why they can arbitrarily destroy ones life because of their own insecurities, issues, beliefs. Corporations are not off the hook. I heard this morning that a lawyer wrote a letter years ago to Disney to tell them that his son was nearly attacked by an alligator in Orlando and that they need to make the public more aware of this concern. Disney fluffed it off and now today a 2 year old is dead.

I pray that love prevails and that we find goodness as human beings. Of course, there may or will always be people who are evil, want to hurt or destroy. Eventually, I hope, they will be left as few or standing alone.

Maybe this weekend take some time to think about some of your limiting beliefs and how you can shift them. Or find a way to be in your belief knowing that it is only that, your belief.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend and father’s day on Sunday. Cherish these moments!

All my love,


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