The Palm Tree

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Palm Tree Forest by arbyreed

On Wednesday morning I attended a study group for the Tao Te Ching as per Wayne Dyer’s book: A New Way Of Thinking, A New Way Of Being, Experiencing the Tao Te Ching. I have already been through all the chapters of this book once and decided to take a break. Yesterday, I felt the need to go back and low and behold I NEEDED to be there.

The chapter talked a lot about the Palm Tree. The palm tree was really the analogy for us as human beings. I LOVED THIS ANALOGY and have adopted it as my personal mantra. Why?? The analogy is as such… The palm tree, as per the picture above, stands tall and erect. There are many branches on the palm tree. Don’t be fooled by the strength and adaptive ability of the palm tree. A palm tree can endure many types storms – high winds, hurricanes, lightning, and rain. Sometimes these look like storms approaching yet they pass through without making a dent. The palm tree can also weather the sunny and hot days — some very hot. WHY? The palm tree is so deep rooted that no storm can pull it from its roots. It stays grounded. The storm will push the palm tree around from side to side, yet the palm trees just bends with the wind and ‘goes with the flow’. It does not stand rigid and unbending for that may break the tree.

We as humans must remind ourselves that we can withstand any storm that comes our way. Once a storm moves through it is often followed by a beautiful day. We must root ourselves every day and not let the little things or even the big things barrel us over. Sometimes it may mean calling in support from those that you love and trust. That is ok. Please know that we are so resilient as human beings … if we weren’t we would have perished many years before. Bending… how many of you are so set in your ways that if you just bent a little without worrying about who is right and who is wrong that the outcome may have been completely different. Sometimes you cannot bend and must stand tall and erect. You must learn to be true to yourself and sometimes that means not bending and saying no. This is because some people take advantage of your kindness and willingness to bend. Unfortunately this is the way it is.

Again, I choose to make the palm tree my mantra. I will allow the many branches to be the many roads I will go down. I will also listen from within and chose the roads that I want to take. I stay open and bending in ALL my relationships and let the roads take me where they are meant to. The times I am feeling a storm coming on – brace myself and ask myself – is this really a storm or just a rain shower? I will NOT allow the storms to absorb me rather I will embrace and accept what is and work through it. I root myself every day or at least remind myself that I can root myself deep into the ground and NOTHING CAN BOWL ME OVER!

If you like this analogy please make it your own.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone.

All my love,


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