When coming up with a communications and marketing plan keep in mind that Canadians love their point programs. And they use them.

Air Miles, Aeroplan, and other consumer-directed plan programs like Shoppers’ Optima card are just some examples of the programs that are out there.

How about collecting enough Aeroplan miles to go rock climbing? Or travel points that allow you to put the earned money towards travel? There has been a rise in International travel, particularly European destinations as well as cruising.

Air Miles is a unique program in that you earn miles on your everyday purchases across a vast array of sponsoring locations in three ways: You earn base miles for your core purchases and, very often, sponsors have certain products in their stores offering bonus miles. Finally, if you use an affiliated credit card for your purchase, you can earn miles a third way. There are 10 million active Air Miles accounts – about 2/3s of the households in Canada.

This gives you something to ponder when creating loyalty programs around your product for your company.

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