The Power Of The Heart

Posted Thursday, August 6th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I am not sure people truly understand and know how powerful the heart is. I did a workshop on getting people to FEEL vs. THINK. This feeling is the one we get from our hearts, gut and intuition – it is a guide to tell us “yes, this feels good and works for me” or “no, this does not feel good and I want to move away from this”.   It can be referring to the job we are in, the relationship we are in, a dangerous situation and more.

I feel that people understand when they have a visual however there are some amazing facts about the heart that you may or may not know:

* the heart is the first organ developed in the body
* the heart is 5000x magnetically more powerful than the brain
* the heart is 100x  electrically more powerful than the brain
* there is a heart/brain communication which is important. The communication begins in the heart and then goes into the brain which sends a life chemistry to feed our emotion – anger, sadness, joy, happiness.  The “feeling” that we have is our thought plus our emotion.

The power of the heart is so vast that it shapes our world. While this is my belief, it is shared by many. What I mean by this is that we are in a time in our universe in which heart energy is impacting our world. Over the last two days and tomorrow there has been an email sent around asking each and every person to feel in your heart love energy — be grateful and happy for everything that is in your life.  Without going deep into the “spiritual energetic movement” going on right now, suffice it to say there are big shifts going on energetically in our planet.

As humans we have free will and choice. I choose to give love to this world; to visualize a world that the ecosystem is rebalancing itself; a world where we begin to show compassion to our fellow human beings and genuinely mean it – lose the What’s In It For Me attitude.  I visualize a world where creed, colour, gender, religion no longer matter – that we begin to see each other as equal and deserving.

If this is too much for you then start with baby steps – be kind to yourself and your family.  Smile at your neighbours and offer a helping hand when needed without expecting in return.  Be there for a friend. Begin to show love to your fellow human being.

The greatest awareness is that we can make different choices that will begin to reverse some of the damage we have done to our world particulalry in our environment.  I know that this world is one that we borrow from our children and I plan on leaving them their world in the best shape possible.

We can do this united — it begins, believe it or not, by loving ourself and treating ourself well and then we mirror that in our life by treating others good as well.

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