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I lead a Mastermind group of women. The group started with 9 women including me and has dwindled down to 5. It has been an interesting process. As a group we do not judge and we wished the original participants our best on their journey. Some left because they could not put in the time, some left for this did not fit with what they wanted and one I encouraged to leave for she was so scattered with things in her life it was not fair to her or the group. Whatever the reason was it was meant to be this way.

When you look at Napolean Hill’s idea of a mastermind group you think about setting goals. I have moved the group away from goal setting and we are focussing on THE INTENTION OF ME – who am I and what kind of life do I want to lead? I have talked in previous blogs about intention vs. goals. I feel that the goal is about the destination whereas the intention is about the journey and it is the goals along the way that help you fulfil your intention. The clearer you are about who you are and what you want, the faster you manifest this = the results.

We have also been working on BEING IN THE MOMENT. Learning to quiet our minds so that we can clear the clutter and really hear what it is we want. It has been an extremely interesting 5 weeks.

We meet twice a month on a Thursday for an hour and a half. The time flies so I ask that the women be on time and be prepared to dive right in. I want to make sure that everyone has their equal time to talk.

The exercise for this week was to create a circle with “ME” in the center and to write all about who you are – not your roles for those are the spokes of the wheel – rather who you are and want to be: kind, non judgemental, calm, peaceful, joyful, love, etc. It was the words that will describe THEM and who they are; what they resonate with.
Of the 5, three people wrote and two avoided this. One of the three had a real challenge doing this. I find that interesting in itself and we talked about that.

Before we shared I asked two women to share with the group the subtle changes that has been happening in their life and how “their journey was mirroring subtle changes in themselves – more towards who they are, their authentic self or want to be!

I will share one story. One of the woman who I am close with had called me and emailed me but I was out of town. I called her back and she was jogging. We started to talk and she told me what she was dealing with. It was about money and family. In past she said she would have let this thing control her and drive her crazy. Through our talk we discussed letting go of the money issue and accepting her family for who they are and where they are at. Within our 25 minute conversation she realized that she had an issue with letting go of money. This is due to how she was raised and the family’s belief around money. She realized, accepted and then handed it back to her family – this is not who she is/authentic to whom she is. Once she made the decision to let go all things changed. A weight was lifted from her shoulders. She called a family member and relayed her decision regarding some money. THe result is that she now can let money flow as it is meant to, she is open to receiving and believing that the universe will provide what she needs and more, and most important, she has broken a cycle in her family that she has allowed to hold her hostage. NO MORE. She is free of this. She was grateful to me for helping her. I told her it was really her and that she just needed to realize and be aware — and more important, be authentic to her.

I am so proud of her. This shift will shift everything – from within to external. She now approaches issues around money differently. She is also able to speak her truth to her family in a loving and compassionate way that allows for wonderful relationships.

When this woman shared her INTENTION of who she is the words came easily from her lips. She knows exactly who she is!

Enjoy this story. Take time to really get to know who you are.
Do the exercise of the circle – with you in the center and the spokes (like a wheel) are the external relationships. What you do not want any more that is not serving you – let go of and surrender it.

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