The Shift In Energy In the Middle East

Posted Thursday, February 24th, 2011. Filed Under Voices of youth

I was not happy that the price of gas is $1.21 a litre today. To fill my car costs $72.60. If I really look at what I am paying for it is the price of freedom and democracy for countries like Libya, Egypt, Yemen and so on. People are dying and I am worried about the price of gas? We are all affected somehow; Some more directly and others, like Canada, are really only feeling the superficial wounds.

I do not want to see people die however history has dictated that freedom/democracy has its cost — often the cost of human life. If you look at any revolution or coup life is almost always lost. It is sad, however, we must be grateful to those that give their lives so that others can live as free, democratic souls.

Egypt was the catalyst for change in the middle east. The people, mostly young, are saying ENOUGH — we want change. The domino effect has been tremendous and swift. The collective energy in this part of the world is vibrating so high — change is imminent.

What we can do for these countries is to send lots of love and light; Pray that change happens for the best interest of human kind and where the most basic of human rights is met. Let us hope that there is as little bloodshed as possible in order to bring about this tremendous change. We can sign petitions and make sure our voices are heard – that we care what happens to our brothers and sisters. Stop the bloodshed!

As for the dictators — they are so ego driven that losing their stature is more than they can bear. Yes, most have stolen enough money to live in a life of luxury. The truth is that they will be isolated and living in their own prison. I hope that those that deserve to be tried are and that justice prevails. The more important fact is that by deposing these dictators we are opening up room for new leadership.

First will come transition and it will likely not be easy however with patience and guidance these countries can begin to create a thriving environment full of jobs, creating infrastructure and more. The raw talent is already in these countries — they may just need our help in guiding them. Let’s empower them, teach and guide them so that they can take the reins for themselves!

So, for all those grumpy people who are unhappy about the price of gas… it is the least we can do to contribute to helping the countries of the Middle East create a democratic and free country where the most basic human rights are met.

Have an amazing weekend!

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