The Story of the Box

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his is the story of “the box”

the story tells about a mother who punished her five year old daughter, who wasted a roll of a gold wrapping paper. At that time, money was a rare thing in their household. She got mad even more when she found out the daughter used the paper to wrap a box whe put under the Christmas tree. The next day the daughter brought the box to her mother and said mom, this is for you. The mother was embarrased about her earlier behavior, but got even madder when she opened the box and found out it was empty. Don’t you know young lady that when you give someone a gift, something has to be inside? and here you are giving an empty box? the child burst into tears and said – but mom, it’s not empty, I put a lot of kisses into the box until it was full… The mother bent on her knee, cried whole heartedly and hugged her little daughter and asked for her forgiveness. Time passed, the daughter grew up, got married and had her own home. The mother kept the box next to her bed until the day she died. Every time life got rough and she was having a hard time managing, she opened the box, picked up an imaginary kiss and remembered the love of her little girl.

Moral of the story you ask?

On some level, every one of us gets a golden box with unconditional love full of kisses inside: lovers, friends and family. No material possession is greater than that. Therefore, when we have hard moments in our lives, when it’s hard and we are sad and we think the world would be better without us, lets not forget that there are people who love us and for them we are the world and it’s not for sure that THEY will manage without us….. so remember the people who helped you when you were going through those hard times and celebrated with you when you were going through the good times

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