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I told you I have been watching The Voice and X Factor. I think what really draws me in is how inspiring the youth have been particularly between the ages of 10 – 21 years. I am astounded at the level of talent that is walking across the stage. Not only the talent but the level of confidence; their ability to communicate and express; their knowing that this is their destiny.

You have even heard the judges be surprised that “THAT VOICE IS COMING FROM SOMEONE SO YOUNG”. We can learn from these young kids. Not only do they know their worth, they are not afraid to say it. Of course, there are some that come from ego and tell you that they know they can sing, when clearly they cannot. I am talking about those that really draw on their music from the deepest place of their heart and soul.

This is a great inspiration for me, for I hear them being interviewed before their performance and they will tell the interviewer that they are going to put everything on the line when they go out there – they are going for it. This is a gentle reminder to me that I too need to get out on that “stage” and put everything out there and on the line – especially if I believe in my work, my cause. AND I DO. I feel that I have been taking baby steps towards that stage – I’ve contacted an editor with positive feedback. I am approaching the corporate world with my corporate culture branding and identity program. I don’t know if I watch the shows more to see how well these kids do I or to consistently remind myself, keep going: to get on that stage and put it all out there; fight for your life, dream, vision, Y and beliefs.

I want to thank all the kids who do go out there and fail. You really didn’t fail – you walked away hopefully learning something. If you do have a voice and need some work – do your work. We all have to do it to better ourselves. Come back next year and try again. From failure comes learning, wisdom and strength.

These remarkable acts are not just happening in the music field, young kids are coming up with amazing ideas and suggestions to really help change and shape our world. I love hearing stories of grand kids, children, cousins, or friends’ children who are embarking on journeys that many of us didn’t until our 30s or 40s and making a difference. Some as young as 15 years old.

Why I love the idea of coaching, guiding or mentoring, is that while these kids have the raw talent, wisdom or knowledge, we have the experience to share. You are helping that little chick to fly – when they are ready to soar you can push them out of the nest and then LET THEM GO.

Look around and see what awe inspiring things your children, your nieces and nephews, god-children, grandchildren, cousin’s children, neighbours and so on are doing. What change are they making in this world – even the slightest. Look and see their determination and then think about a dream you had — are you ready to bring it forward and go for it.

I say, DO IT!

I want to wish everyone an amazing weekend.

All my love,


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