The Youth Are Speaking Out and We Need To Listen

Posted Friday, March 4th, 2011. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

This past week I have had 2 people contact me about my voices of youthwork. I am thrilled to expand on this; youth collectively coming together and creating an undercurrent or “belly up” force that is causing change in our world.

We are seeing this throughout the Middle East.

One incident where one youth has spoken her words is Natalie Portman. I have always been a big fan of hers and now even more. She has the strength and courage to challenge a dynasty: DIOR.

This past week we have been hearing these dictators from the Middle East speak words of illusion – they represent the people. However, the actions
of the people are not congruent with this. A leader needs to walk his/her talk and be a reflection of the desire and will of the people.

This week John Galliano was caught on “tape” spewing words of hatred. I read what he said and I also read comments from his close friends. People say this is not really him however I say otherwise. You cannot use alcohol as a defense that he was drunk. In fact, I will say that when you are in an altered state – drunk – it can at times unleash your TRUE self. You say things that are so buried deep within you. To speaks words of hatred toward another culture, colour or religion is something that is within you. To be of acceptance – there is no place for these words.

When the world heard his words some may have been shocked and others not, Dior, the couture that has hired him needed to react. He was put on probation I believe. To Natalie Portman, the “face” of their perfume, this was not good enough. She spoke her truth and challenged this dynasty, this system in place, and said that she will not be part of or align herself with a company that supports this. She is proud of her heritage and will not stand for any anti-Semitic talk.

John Galliano is fired. The youth have said ENOUGH.

This is the beginning of seeing the youth challenging systems out there.

In the democratic countries where freedom of speech is integral to this process, I feel we need to revisit and re-define what this means. In Canada we allow people to speak their words. And yes, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, an opinion that seeks to bring another group down and destroy them is beyond freedom of speech.

I read an article recently that talked about this. One place where freedom of speech is so revered is the university/college setting. I wanted to share a quote from Andrew Roberts, a non-jew, part of the Friends of Israel Initiative:

” Universities were meant to be the place where mankind (humankind) advanced through open discourse, progressing towards a genuine enlightenment of thought through debate and the interaction of ideas freely expressed. This is the crux of what we mean by civilization and anything that seeks to oppose such a vivifying and noble idea is perforce to be placed alongside the forces of ignorance and intolerance.”

Youth speak up, however, come together collectively realizing we are all human beings seeking the same thing. Acceptance for differences is good BUT not at the cost of destroying or bringing down another group or culture or religion.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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