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When There Is No Light
I have been on a journey for more than a decade and even to this day there are times that I turn to my girl friends to hold my light when all I can see is darkness. I am working to neutralize these incidents by taking back my power and not letting the anger, frustration, or whatever hold me and control me.  It is not always easy. 
While today I do see much “light” there were times in my journey when all I saw was blackness and despair. My friends saw otherwise and I am so grateful that they  just let me be knowing that this will change and is not the case.

Some of you may have those types of friendships where he or she can do this for you, “hold your light” in your darkest times. For those that do not please allow me, my site, to hold the intention for you. I send you love and light and just know that there will come a time that that light will shine for you – you will FEEL a sense of peace, joy, love and happiness.  TRUST.

I wanted to share an article by a friend, Allison Morin. I met her in one of my courses at Transformational Arts College. It was taught by the co-founder and was very interesting.  Allison is an amazing women who has found her light, her passion and she shares this in her article, Finding Your True Path.


Finding your true path
By: Allison Morin
Passion/Empowerment Coach 

                        Have you ever wondered what your true path is in life? Perhaps you have found it and are living it…Congratulations! But if you are like many people you are not sure what that may be or you may have a hint but haven’t pursued it full time.

                        Finding your true path in life can be very difficult given all the outside circumstances and influences we face. We get a great deal of advice and influence from friends, family and society on how we should live our lives and what it should look like. If it deviates from the norm, we may be ostracized from others and considered weird or living in a “dreamland”.

            Maybe this is why some of us are so afraid to follow our dreams! We are so deeply rooted to our relationships and what society thinks that we can’t bear the rejection. We would rather suffer in silence in a job/situation that is deemed “acceptable” by society than to go out and do what your heart desires, no matter what the cost. Other times, perhaps we just don’t know what our heart desires, and by just being an unsatisfactory situation will allow you to put more clarity to what you truly want or find you the help you need to uncover it. It may be closer than you think.

            The path you take in life will never be a straight road, there will always be twists and turns along the way, but that enables us to be open to discovering what we like and what we don’t like.

My own journey of discovering my true path, had led me through a variety of positions in different industries, all the way from the television industry to the financial industry. I was going from one role to the next, thinking that the next job will be more fulfilling, but they all left me missing something. I felt a deep need to discover what that was.

During this time I decided that I had enough of ignoring my innerself and decided to listen. Really listen. What did my true self really want? I knew I wanted to give something back of myself that others truly needed and that really made me feel good doing it. But what was that? 

What I discovered when I listened to that “quiet” answer from within, was right in front of me the entire time! My true talents and gifts were the ones that came really easy to me and didn’t think were exceptional. And that was the ability to help people discover their true path.

At work or wherever I was, I would really listen intently to people and would ask them specific questions about their lives and I would get really excited to see people “light” up inside when they started talking about the things they love to do. I would offer suggestions and/or help point them in the direction in order to start bringing more of their passions into their lives. This gave me the greatest satisfaction. Knowing that I helped someone become excited about their life and help consider the wonderful possibilities that may be in store for them.

So I decided to follow my heart and become a life coach and now I can help people discover their inner gifts and talents and bring them out to be experienced by themselves and others.

            When you are living from within and when your passions are being expressed you truly “light” up! Once it is lit, nothing else matters and you just know that you have to show and share it with others. To cover it up for the sake of others opinions/feelings is like putting a cloak over a Christmas tree after it has been decorated! So I encourage you to take some time to ask yourself what makes you “light” up? The answers may surprise you. You may just find them under your nose! Or “under your tree!”

Happy travels!

Much love, Allison Morin
Passion/Empowerment Coach


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