There is no room for isolationism today.

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What you realize with the threats of ISIS, Ebola, Economic instability is that these things affect the entire world. They could not contain Ebola in West Africa and it has since spread to European countries and North America. We are a world connected.

As for ISIS while the majority of ‘action’ is happening in Middle East it really is affecting the world. Canada had an attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa where a soldier was killed. The guy who killed the soldier was not a terrorist however he did like what ISIS stood for.

Now there is a threat of deflation which will affect likely all of us. I know that the financial world is keeping a close eye on Germany. Spain is making moves in the right direction. Thank goodness Scotland did not separate. Every decision affects us all.

We are all connected. It is hard to turn a blind eye as a country or person and be in your own little world. Today this does not hold true for any of us. Now saying that I spent a few days last week with my mom and she loves listening to the news. It is all negative and depressing. I asked her at one point if we can turn it off. I was with her to rejuvenate myself, gain my strength so I can move forward in my life.

I am still aware of what is going on in the world. I am not isolating myself however I am focusing on my needs first. I know I am no good to anyone – me, my family, my children, my friends or the world when I am so depleted.

Today we must make choices that reflect our times and that is that we are all connected. We cannot just turn our back. What affects one person, one country affects another person, country. I am glad that Canada is joining the cause to deal with ISIS for this is a real threat for all of us. When Ebola ‘arrived’ in the USA in Texas the threat became a reality that this disease is not just African but worldwide.

Unfortunately some bad decisions were made around the disease and so it was able to travel. So be it. We cannot change that. What we can do is share information. How and why did the nurse treating the Ebola patient in Texas contract the disease? It turns out the safety measures were not up to par and there were exposed areas of her body. We have learned. In Toronto there are 10 hospitals in my province that are going under serious training of how to dress, undress and deal with a patient to reduce and hopefully eliminate the possibility of Ebola spreading.

We talk about the wonders of technology. This is where technology can link us, where experts can share their knowledge and expertise; where quick and important decisions can bring countries together to deliver an air strike against ISIS.

Unfortunately technology is also reaching out to potential terrorists – people who are lost perhaps or angry or just want to join the ISIS cause to hurt other people.

We always say NO MORE… killing, genocide, rapes and disease. Yet somehow it prevails. As much as we are connected we need to see our world as one and realize that a decision in one country affects us all. I haven’t even mentioned Russia and Ukraine. That has been pushed to the side but it is still a threat/concern for our world.

Going through my own personal issues and concerns I know that if I isolated myself and didn’t have a tremendous support system in place I don’t know where I’d be today.

2014 was a year that impacted many people and countries. We say we want to learn. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I myself am changing that. I know that the only way to change my circumstances is to break cycles and shift my thought and belief patterns. I am doing that every day. That is on an individual level. To change at a country or world level we need to shift the way we look at one another, address one another, and potentially let ‘history’ go so that we can move forward. I realize there are those that will not or do not want to change – that includes people, organizations and countries – do not be one of those people.

This weekend let’s decide the kind of world we want not just for you but for your children and grandchildren. I have asked you this question before.

While my efforts are going in-house to a company I will continue my work with the youth. I do not like what I see happening for our children. I am trusting that the shake up around the world is to bring forward issues that have been swept under the table and now must be addressed. I also know that truth will surface and we have to decide how we handle that truth and knowledge. One example being that terrorism is a world issue and are we going to sit back and allow the bullies to continue? No.

Countries need to take a hard look at their fiscal policies and governments need to stop being contributing factors (overspending, irresponsible spending and I don’t give a shit spending this is not my money) to the worldwide financial concern.

We need more than ever leaders in our world who will take the calculated risks and be responsible. We can also be leaders in our day-to-day lives knowing that each and every one of us are accountable and responsible for our world’s demise or growth. We are in it together. We are all connected.

For me, I choose the latter.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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