There is No Room for the word “BUT” or “HOWEVER”

Posted Thursday, October 15th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I met with Manny Maciel, Principal at Connected2Inspire –, today and it was an incredible pleasure. We talked about our visions, our passion, our beliefs, and how we both desire to empower and be of service.

I was telling Manny about my Teleclass last night, Belief and Trust in Yourself: Achieving a new Level of Success and Personal Fulfillment”. I covered the first half an hour and shared my story, walked them through an exercise on how to determine whether a core belief and/or value is serving you or not. I also talked about how we hold limiting beliefs and we need to rid of them. I also touched on learning to unconditionally love and honour ourself, speak our truth, set boundaries and determine our worth. When we do this, the growth within, is manifested in our external relationships: self, family, children, health and wellness, finance, etc.

This Woman Is On The Call last night
This woman is on the call last night and she tells me that she has heard what I am saying and gets it. She goes on tell me a little about her new business venture, which is working with children outside of the school system. I hear in her voice and by her word choice that she does not fully understand what I have been saying. There is doubt and fear.

LIKE THIS WOMAN, WE THEORETICALLY GET THINGS — WE NEED TO FEEL IT AND EXPERIENCE IT! When Tom (the other speaker – Tom Martin Media) and I begin to question her and give her our feedback, I share with her that I hear limiting beliefs coming out of her mouth:
She says, “I know but…”
“I really want to start my business BUT I know that it is not a great market”
” I am following my passion BUT I do need to make money now”.


This is true whether you are stating a firm intention or saying thank you for something.

I was just remarking that we have this bad habit of responding with a “BUT” statement.

If someone pays you a compliment, respond “thank you”.
If someone wants to take you for dinner and insist on paying, say “thank you”
If the news and everyone around you is negative – do not listen to it – focus, believe and trust and the unvierse will provide.

I have stricken BUT from my vocabulary – When I apologise I do not say “BUT”. I am working to make sure I provide a sincere apologyy. Initialy, I did replace it with HOWEVER , yet this also has a diminishing quality to it. It is baby steps as I say … I will do it! Be conscious of my word choice. YOU TOO!

Let’s see how you do this week. Another suggestion is to replace BUT and HOWEVER with AND.

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