In the latest December Oprah magazine I turned to a section called: The Question. I love this section. I often give you the advice from this section because I believe we can all help and learn from one another.

When thinking of gifts, it is often the real thought-provoking gifts that have the biggest impact and not necessarily the most expensive.

I wanted to share with you what moved these people as the most special gift they ever received and perhaps this will conjure up ideas for gifts for special ones.

Sereda White
“I was feeling down one day when I came across a birthday card my mother had given me before she died. It was the last hand written note I ever received from her. I framed it, and now it hangs on my bedroom wall. Whenever I’m low, I read it and always feel better.”

Rebecca Hill
Los Angeles
“On Valentine’s Day my husband, who’s a musician, and I were low on money and couldn’t afford to buy each other anything – so he wrote a beautiful song for me called “Come Through for You.” Best gift ever.”

Sherry Niebergall
Woodbridge, New Jersey
“When I was little, my mother’s best friend would pretend to sprinkle fairy dust on any cut or bruise I got to make me feel better. When I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at age 29, she found a small bottle of glitter labelled FAIRY DUST and gave it to me, along with comfy slippers, pyjamas, and a wig. I’ve been cancer-free for sevens years now, but the bottle still sits on my dresser.”

Lisa Blake
Dublin, Ohio
“I’ve always loved taking pictures of my two sons and have made each of them a scrapbook. Then, when I turned 50 this year, my older son’s girlfriend, Lauren, surprised me with a scrapbook she’d made of my life. I never knew there were so many photos of me because I was always the one behind the camera. The scrapbook is such a treasure, and so is she.”

I hope this gives you some great ideas.

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