Time for the Seeds to Sprout

Posted Thursday, December 10th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

For those looking for jobs it may have been a tougher year as the economy went through some changes. When I graduated in 1990 we were in a very deep recession – my friend’s father got me a one month temp. job with CBC. I took it thinking no big deal and I realized that he really opened the door for me. THis one month temp. job turned into 4 years in different areas.

It is my feeling that this year was more about peeling away layers, discovering who we are and what want to do with our lives and planting the seeds. Some of you may be working in jobs or in an area that you do not love however I feel that this will change for 2010. Just as an aside, I realize now that every job that I did in my past has given me the awareness and knowledge to be where I am today.

2010 is about the seeds you planted days, weeks, months and maybe even years ago and they are about to spout. You can create ANYTHING that you want.

Myself and others are working on a youth development program that will shift your paradigms! We look forward to co-creating with you.

Enjoy the remaining days of 2009…

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