Today I am Part of A Group “Paying It Forward”

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Thurs. April 29th 2010 is the Official “Pay it Forward Day” Anywhere U are on the Planet~ Be the Change in the World~ start in your own Community… 1 Kind Act 4 the Planet, an Animal or Human Counts! Love+ Altruism + Action= Change. Please Share This~Ty

I joined this and we can make it on going. Kind acts are important to show we care and that we are all connected. We do not need to come together only for emergencies or natural disasters.

When I woke up today I thanked the universe for all that is in my life. I wanted to start with gratitude. I then called a number of my girlfriends to tell them how much they mean to me and that I am really grateful for their friendship. I did little things today – I opened the door for this man carrying a heavy load.

We are so consumed with bigger and better that we have forgotten about the little things. When you add these up they make a big difference for you, your family, your friends, your communities, country and world. I ask that you continue to do little things that make a difference.

I have combined efforts with two other families to do a local fundraiser — Our group is called Kidz2kidz and we are reaching out to our family, friends, colleagues and more to collect ‘gently used’ sports and leisure equipment that will be given to 2 agencies for their children and families as well as a summer camp for Native Children. We want to show our children that everything matter; that despite your colour, creed, religion, background, gender or socio-economic standing that everyone deserves the right to live well. Our children are very fortunate and we want them to know that not all children or families are so fortunate, so by learning to give back you can make a difference while empowering these kids and their families so they can begin to make changes in their life. We can be part of breaking cycles — one person, one child, one family at a time.

My motto is act local and think global – every action has a reaction and if more and more people begin to make a difference, even on the smallest scale, this will impact the energy of the world!

Go for it!

All my love,


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